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  1. Nazgul9

    Whats the worst Doom WAD You have ever played?

    Should there not be a rule against publishing sub par wads under the name of a well known franchise?
  2. Nazgul9

    Plutonia 3 - Going to Surface

    The Plutonia name deserves more respect than this
  3. Nazgul9

    Ancient Aliens

    Not a fan of the pink/pastel thing Other than that, excellent
  4. Nazgul9

    Newgothic Movement 2

    The description says "Slaughter. Fun slaughter. With music. Enjoy." Delivers as promised. Great mapset of the "slaughter + eye candy" type. Recommend!
  5. Nazgul9


    Old school goodness... must play!
  6. Nazgul9

    Brigandine [RC2, updated 2017-05-13]

    Map is absolutely beautiful! Difficulty on UV could be jacked up a bit, IMO
    Beautifully crafted mapset for the most part, but the combat never quite warms up (until the last map, that is. Wish they had thrown in a few more like that). Difficulty comes mostly from scarcity of resources rather than the intensity of fights, and map layout can be sometimes confusing, which can make the game stall at times
  7. Nazgul9

    QZDoom - Now merged into GZDoom!

    I'm pretty eager to try out this port but i keep getting an error message when i try to extract the download into my destination folder (64 bit version). Running Windows 7 on my system. Any clue as to what is going on/how to get past this?
  8. Nazgul9

    Cacowards 2016 Nomination Thread

    Bloodstain and Ancient Aliens. And Skillsaw for mapper of the year
  9. Nazgul9

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Excellent news! Was aching for something worth playing and this looks really promising...
  10. Nazgul9


    I guess Sunlust had me spoiled, because this came off pretty much as a disappointment. Looks thrown together in haste, tbh; visuals and settings are nice but lower quality than we're used to from these authors. Gameplay insanely hard as expected.
  11. Nazgul9


    Not bad but i liked the vaccinated edition better
  12. Nazgul9

    GZDoom Speedmapping Session #4

    So these are the terrywads of the 2010's?
  13. Nazgul9

    Valiant: Vaccinated Edition

    Awesome! And thanks for making it mod compatible
  14. Nazgul9


    Some people here have said this may be the best wad ever made, and i agree. Brutally hard on UV (especially with a certain unnameable Doom mod lol), stunningly beautiful, and for the most part really clever layouts and situations. It's really nice to see Danne break down his maps into framerate friendly chunks, for the most part, though i was unable to play maps 25, 29 and 30 because of extreme lag. Great work... Keep them coming!