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  1. I'm interested in a speed mapping contest for making a basic megawad for classic doom (any iwad). It would work like this : everybody has to upload one map per day and the wad has to be finished with in ~40 days.

    1. abashi76


      I think I would actually complete maps had I done a speed mapping wad for practice. I would do even better with boom tricks, as well as map info and dehacked files. Strobe lights are good also.

  2. abashi76

    How do i upload doom wads?

    Ty, for the info. My link below is to hand out my shell capacity wad. It doubles the amount of shells that can be stored, making it possible to hold more shells than rockets which makes sense for both gameplay and realism. It's a perfect mod both for the original iwads and most pwads other than major mods. http://www.mediafire.com/file/hj1mkrzd8nclcu9/DOUBLESHELLS.WAD/file Unfortunately, the site eventually deletes files. They deleted all most oblige wads that i uploaded last year, at least i think they did. How do i upload a file here? I am working on a wad right now, along with an RPG as well.