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  1. There is so much static and conflicting reports in both mainstream media and on the internet, are there sites that openly fact check with resources? How does one educate themselves on social matters and not get led around by the nose?

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    2. fraggle


      Phml said:

      Always ask yourself where does the speaker come from, what's his angle in this.

      Good advice. You forgot to add: beware of people who conceal their identity or hide behind anonymous pseudonyms so that you can't figure out who they are or what they represent. Often nowadays, anonymity is just used to promote bullying and prejudice by people who are too scared to face the consequences of their actions. Usually that kind of behavior comes from a place of personal insecurity and fear. Regardless, whatever political persuasion you hold, it's worth bearing in mind that you're not going to find many positive role models who hide in the shadows afraid to show their face.

    3. Ryzen


      Use a tennis racket of course.

    4. Saturn


      I recommend using a shield made of cast iron.