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  1. It's a crazy experience watching your children learn and adapt to vidoegames, They pick up on things so fast, My Eldest son is a really big fan of doom and he's working on beating Doom 2 on UV. It's crazy to see as he's picked up stratigys from watching me, and it's just this super wild thing for me to watch because he's 7. When I was 7 I had a hard time on itytd. It's so strange to see them adapt sooo fast.

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    2. durian


      My 7 month old is very interested when she sees me playing games. And she's fascinated by controllers; I've a plan to turn an old Gamecube controller into a toy for her, removing the main pcb and cable, but keeping all pressable buttons and stickboxes, so she can still interact with it (I might even put a rattle/bell inside).

    3. Voros


      If you say he is great at Doom, then have you introduced mapping to him?

    4. MrGlide


      He want's to, funny you ask that because I was going to try and do a small map with him tonight before I go to work.

      he made his first map, it was a tone of fun. It was really great seeing his excitment, here it is if anyone want's to see it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gqaiiyqen86cbf7/faust01.wad?dl=0

      Where working on more maps, lol maybie I'll help him make a mega wad. He's really digging it so far. Just will make little map by little map and force him to learn all the necessities.