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  1. Pokemon tcg, so it begins. my son is getting into the game so i decided to get a starter pack for us to learn how to play. it was pretty fun. I looked around online and the game seems fairly cheap in comparison to magic. any of you play? any tips or lowdowns to the game as a newb to this but not tcg's in general?

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    2. MrGlide


      Some of the begining decks are ok. the Ai gets bonkers when you get close to 4staring all of them in all the leagues, they start using ex pokemon and such. There are way better theme decks then the ones they give you as of currently, but then again, there are far worse (I'm looking at you xy pikachu deck, amd the deck with kygore and the other one with groudon). The best beginer deck out of the three imo is the water one still, fire is a close second and the electric one can be finnicky.


      as for non begginer decks I got battle ruler today and it's damn good for a theme deck. Mental mayhem is okish, xy mewtwo can be really good, but it's trainer cards don't allow for consistancy. I got night ruler today as well, haven't played it yet. I'v been sticking exclusivelly to theme decks for online as I'm not mising anything for it. I'm thinking of buying the panda deck and giving it a spin since many consider it one of the best decks for the format (along with battle breaker).


      as for altering the theme decks, I don't feel I'v the proper cards to make a consistant and decent deck for any of the formats (I'm getting way closer). making multicolor decks seems riske to me, there would have to be some hellacious synergy with the cards for me to consider that, or just some splash.

    3. Dragonfly


      @MrGlide if you're looking to get all of the 'staple cards' such as Professor Sycamore, N, Ultra Ball, VS Seeker, Switch, Lysandre, Fisherman, etc, then you NEED to invest in the "Rayquaza vs Keldeo" set. If you're looking to play with real cards, then just buy a real box of it. If you're sticking to online only, you can get a code for this set for a decent price on ebay, as linked below.



      So you can see exactly what you get in this set, here's a link:



      Hope this helps you get into deckbuilding! :D

    4. MrGlide


      Luckely I have all the trainer cards on that list minus karen (she looks cool, hadn't seen her before) in that set. I might still buy it though (physically)+1 online code or at least two online codes, as I would like to beef up the theme decks I'v been buying a tad to allow for more intelligent play, for when my son gets better, and these decks look to be close to how I want to ramp them up. If I go that route I'll be leaving battle ruler alone as it's already very good. I'll get the digital codes so I can have a playset of karen just in case I need it, since the price will go up eventually.


      I need to see if the card packs that come with ex codes are tradible or not, if they are, then I can get around buying packs from people and just stock up on ex codes to get an advantage in the trade market.