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  1. I miss Doom so much. So many other games are lacking the intelligent combat that is in doom. I kinda doomed myself out for awhile and tried some new games, mainly overwatch and ark, still playing ark co-op with the wife, as she really enjoys playing it with me, but today, I cleaned the house and just felt like playing doom.


    So I booted up Alien vendetta, which I'v not played in years, and hot damn I forgot how much I love this megawad. I'm a bit rusty but warming up quite quickly. It's so funny how rewarding Doom's gameplay, It just feels so good.


    Still have been mapping on and off though, and after revisiting AV I feel my mapping ideas are getting stagnant and my maps geometry is getting quite redundent in my levels. I need to revisit some of my favorite megawads and try some new things, I don't like the direction my mapping is going.



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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Intelligent combat?

      The only reason why I play Doom is that its combat is stupid, simple, plain. Shoot, dodge, shoot, dodge, die, rinse and repeat. I lack the brain capacity for doing anything more than that. :]

    3. 40oz


      if you're talking about using mountains as boundaries for your map, I think the hardest part is getting the mountains to look like naturally formed rocky mountains that aren't all the same uniform height.


      A very powerful and complementing skill that will help with getting the look you're after is experimenting with the sky. Wherever the ceiling is using a sky texture, the sky is drawn as the background. if you have multiple sky sectors at different ceiling heights adjacent to each other, the walls where the upper textures are drawn are also shown as sky. You can use this to control the visible heights of the outermost borders of your outdoor area so you can get those rolling mountain ranges you're after.


      hopefully that makes sense. It will take some practice of course.

    4. MrGlide


      @bzzrak, when you add infighting and proper ammo managment, along with the different monsters spacial reasoning, plus a nice hard map, It's kinda like chess. Do I take down this pack of revenents to give myself a bit more breathing room, or do I use their rockets to kite into the barons and mancubi in order to save ammo for that possible archville or cyber?


      I'm not saying you've got to be a rocket scientist in order to play the game, But well designed encounters give you options to reason with, and at a level comically far more then most games anymore. Not to mention the way randomness can change the same encounter in many different ways making it so you need to think on the fly more. I personally feel Doom has more intelligent gameplay then by a large margin of other games.


      @40oz Actually I've been playing with sky stuff a lot as of late, after learning from Ribbiks and his maps I've learn many cool things. I'll be examining his ground work closer till I feel I got it right. I also need to finish my textures I was working on. I hope to show you and some others this map I'm about to finish soon.