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  1. I miss Doom so much. So many other games are lacking the intelligent combat that is in doom. I kinda doomed myself out for awhile and tried some new games, mainly overwatch and ark, still playing ark co-op with the wife, as she really enjoys playing it with me, but today, I cleaned the house and just felt like playing doom.


    So I booted up Alien vendetta, which I'v not played in years, and hot damn I forgot how much I love this megawad. I'm a bit rusty but warming up quite quickly. It's so funny how rewarding Doom's gameplay, It just feels so good.


    Still have been mapping on and off though, and after revisiting AV I feel my mapping ideas are getting stagnant and my maps geometry is getting quite redundent in my levels. I need to revisit some of my favorite megawads and try some new things, I don't like the direction my mapping is going.



    1. 40oz


      What direction do you want to see your mapping go in?

    2. MrGlide


      More variance in my aesthetics. I need to practice outdoor areas to try and mix up my maps, they're too 'basey' I suppose. I'd like to mix up the tech and castley themes with outdoor areas so that look and play better. I'm noticing in all my maps, the outdoor areas are fenced off by a wall or fence or such. I need to practice rock formations and hills and such.


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