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  1. The growth of a hercules beetle. I love watching stuff like this.


    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I like this stuff too at times. In my case it's mostly because of how fascinating it is to see how life can develop so vastly different from how it's in our case. In case you're interest in ants, you might want to check out "Ants canada" on YouTube. Some pretty interesting stuff there too.

    2. Dragonfly


      While fascinating, seeing certain bugs in their squirmy stages makes me feel itchy for some reason, heh.

    3. MrGlide


      Ya, it's crazy to see, especially when it's in it's larva stage and it has that black head wiggeling about. I Love watching bugs, but don't really like touching them. When I was younger, I would let wasps crawl all over my arm XD. For some weird reason it didn't bother me back then, But not to fond of bugs being on me now that I'm older.