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  1. I'm checking out Quake: scourge of armagon for the first time, and oh boy is it bad ass. Pretty tough as well. I'm on the third or fourth map now and am having to force infighting to stay alive, this is exciting. 

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    2. silentzorah


      Move slowly and use quicksave.  There's a path you have to follow.  I think it's marked with light in the software renderer, but if you're using advanced lighting, you'll have to be careful.  Path bends to the left and circles around before reaching the switch.

    3. MrGlide


      I got it figured out, I'm two or three levels ahead of that now, you have to shoot a brick sticking out to see it. I still think its a lame Trap/puzzle to put at the end of a kinda long level like that. I got so sick or replaying it I started rocket jumpumg to cut sections out of the level to make it faster.


      These guys really like to pack many high tier enemies around literally every corner. And then every other room they refill enemies by just teleporting them in. Many mapping sins in my opinion but still am having mostly a good time.

    4. silentzorah


      I don't blame you.  Once I get through that room, I generally strafe jump to the exit, myself.  Ain't nobody got time for that.