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  1. What do you think the best fried chicken chain restaurant is? My vote is split between Lee's and Church's chicken.

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    2. geo


      I'm ignorant as to the best chicken place, but I've had a lot of horrible luck with Popeye's on several occasions.


      One was so bad I decided to write the corporate about. There was a 20+ minute wait. To be fair it was dinner rush hour in their Cracker Jack box of a location. People were giving up and walking out and that was after their food order was placed and they paid money. The manager was getting angry too. He'd ask who ordered this.... who ordered this? He'd even walk out into the parking lot to look for whoever ordered it. Someone got annoyed and told him get back in the kitchen we've been here 20 minutes.


      I bought chicken nuggets or something like that and each one was a little larger than a thumbnail and there was only 6. With a size and amount like that I was insulted for the wait so I wrote corporate. I don't even think corporate apologized for the portion or gave me anything, just sorry for the wait.

    3. Fonze


      Hold it up for Bojangles

    4. MrGlide


      KFC is ok. Their $5 fill ups are a great price when it comes to fast food. Their Zinger sandwitches are really good as well. I will say I like Lee's "spicey" recipe more than KFC's chicken though.