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  1. Don't you hate it when it feels like your brain is shivering, I sure do.

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    2. Linguica


      "Brain zaps" are a common side effect from withdrawals from SSRIs so I am gonna assume this is something similar?

    3. MrGlide


      Ya, I'v read about it, and whats weird to me is most of the articles I've seen talk about it, they treat "Brain zaps" and "brain shivers" as the exact same thing, But I can personally attest they feel very different, and have other effects that differentiate them from each other, But they're generally in the same location-ish.

    4. MrGlide


      Also what is strange to me, is Latuda isn't an SSRI. This happends to me the most when I forget to take it, quit taking it, and so on.