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  1. So AntiFa is going to be considered officially a terror group. That sounds like adding magnesium to the fire, but fuck it right?

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    2. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Though I should say that those weren't done by Antifa, but by anarchists and other people acting on their own volition.

    3. MrGlide


          One of my big issues with this, is that they've done nothing terror"istic", There have been no bombings, hostages, aggressive and militant things of that nature. Just seems to me like an actual terror group would have done something a bit more extreme by now. 

          There were no Bombs going off at charlottesville, No AR15's with drum mags. I personally think it's very dumb to address the group the same way that we address Terrorism, especially since it hasn't acted as such. I'm also worried that pressing that kind of label on to the group could cause a shift of certain people to shift to more aggressive tactics, such as the horror shows listed above.

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      That's what I worry about as well, not to mention that such a labeling also gives an already shitty administration ammunition to further crack down on the populace.