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  1. Why do so many games suck? I'm looking at my steam library and everything seems boring as hell. =/.

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    2. Ahmed


      Good Luck Glide! Hope everything goes well for you ;)

    3. Nevander


      Game devs forgot how to make good games since the late 2000s.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I suppose I can consider myself fortunate to be unaffected by the progressively more casualized games that the AAA studios release, since none of that is of any interest to me personally, and exceptions merely confirm the rule in my case.


      Good shmups like "DoDonPachi resurrection" are where it's at. They usually cost you no more than 20$, have a nice difficulty curve, look flashy because they flood your screen with bullets, and if you ever get into scoring they can keep you busy for years, if you wanna "roll deep", that is.


      AAA Games are made for the masses, and when dealing with "the masses" you have lots of weak links in there, and your only escape would be competitive gaming (provided you have some people to play with/against long-term).


      Doom'16's ultra nightmare would be one of the most difficult (relatively speaking) experiences in terms of recent AAA games, I'd argue, and chances are it'll stay that way for the most part.