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  1.    I turned 29 today, completely normal day. Won't be doing anything really different than normal. Work. Speaking of work, I got a new job about 6 months ago, and got the job bid for one of the best positions in the plant (they like me). Training has been going very well, as oddly running this automotive plastics line is a lot like machining. I'v been hearing through many people that the job is "complex" and "a lot to remember". It's been super fucking easy to learn so far, I'm on my second day and have a huge amount of the content learned already, but to be fair, my last job was kinda similar.


        The only thing that is fucking with me so far is using the micrometer on sample sheets for density checks, since it's plastic, the results you get very on hand strength. It's annoying as it's not even close to exact as using one on steel. Hopefully I don't step on anyones toes, but I need to look into Micrometers with a set resistance, I strongly feel this process should be better standardized. It's an old line, with people that have been working with the company for close or over 20 years. The more I learn and understand everything, the better idea I'll get on recommendations to improve the process. For the most part, job is cake as fuck.