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Everything posted by MrGlide

  1. MrGlide

    Bethesda.net issues

    I would actually give 76 a shot if on steam. God I hope they don't start making the id side of things bethesda launcher exclusive.
  2. MrGlide

    Epic Games stops development of Unreal Tournament

    I was talking about ut4, mainly commenting on the very dead userbase, but people are up in arms that epic is dropping development on a dead game. Fortnight is bleh imo, I agree with Flesh420 that pubg is better.
  3. MrGlide

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Yay Mileena is back, perhaps other characters will come back as well. The anouncment and release seem very oddly close together though.
  4. MrGlide

    Epic Games stops development of Unreal Tournament

    It's interesting to me how many seem to care about this in contrast to how many people played it.
  5. MrGlide

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    If you where to separate voiceless characters from the game, then in a way they are just you. So I don't really see a difference from 90's doom guy to 90's Gordon Freeman. So in that aspect I don't have one that I prefer due to their own accord. All fps characters from the 90's that talk annoy the hell out of me now, and don't actually feel relatable to me. I guess if I had to choose one, I would have to pick doomguy due to his expressions on the hud giving him his own identity (even if slightly) and his lack of annoying dialog make him the winner.
  6. Splash damage made brink btw. Bethesdas core studio isnt working on 76 either. Cant remember the teams name working on it, its the same guys who were working on that team based fps that got cancled.
  7. back when it started, I watched bootleg spongebob square pants and animal attack videos. I had to look it up, but google had bought them only a year after they started, I for some reason thought youtube was around longer than that buy went down.
  8. MrGlide

    Does anyone else find Doom 3 mediocre?

    I thought, and still think quake 4 is quite terrible due to how abysmally slow it is. I actually like the gunplay a lot more in hl2. more interesting combat scenarios to me as well.
  9. MrGlide

    Does anyone else find Doom 3 mediocre?

    compaired to now, ya, doom 3 is pretty mediocre. When it came out it was pretty wonderful. It has not aged well, in design.
  10. Haven't been paying attention to it honestly. If it was on steam I would prolly own it, but another launcher to bother with and all that, I got better things to do.
  11. MrGlide

    420 blaze it [weed][marihuana][thc][legalized it]

    Schizophrenia isnt caused by pot, but pot can make people who are schizophrenic go into psychosis. Its why i dont smoke weed.
  12. MrGlide

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    It greatly changes the dynamic of said maps and creates intersting interactions, thus increasing replayability. I would like to see more maps built with Nightmare compatibiity in mind.
  13. MrGlide

    What are your favourite 'Hidden Gems' Games?

  14. MrGlide

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    I would rather more monsters to shoot at then having allies.
  15. MrGlide

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    Gauss cannon was fun for gauss jumping. I hope to see some weapons with that similar utility in the game. I'm sure they both will kill things so there is that.
  16. MrGlide

    Doomslayer looks like the Predator?

    You know the shoulder cannon sure does remind me of brutal Doom, what do you guys think?
  17. MrGlide

    Doom Alpha blades.

    thats pretty damn similar. could be a easter egg/ insperation. only id will know for now.
  18. I would assume id noticed the frequency of survival style maps in snap map. I think most people would love to see a hoard style game mode. Whether or not we'll see one is anyones guess though.
  19. MrGlide

    Share a random fact about yourself

    What country are you from @Gaia74?
  20. MrGlide

    โ€œDoom: The Fake Outrageโ€

    Wheres the fun in that?
  21. MrGlide

    โ€œDoom: The Fake Outrageโ€

    Boogey man poking. When it comes to anything political it's everywhere.
  22. MrGlide

    Where's VEGA?

    I'm sure with the new "lore" id's now going with, he'll make an apparence I'd bet. maybe he will become a personal A.I. to doomguy, it wouldn't bother me to be honest. I'm not really worried about the lore, I'm just here to shoot shit.
  23. MrGlide

    What is/was a meme you hate/hated?

    Ya most memes suck, doesn't help how most of them are way over shared. I was going to post a video of this chick licking a possum but cant find a decent source.
  24. MrGlide

    Future technology

    I'm excited about the prospects of nano technology in terms of medical services. if done right doctors and scientists will be able to observe things like our brains accurately and safely then ever before.
  25. MrGlide

    Serious Sam Vs Doomguy

    Thats a great avatar btw. Ya doom guy wins with easy. other than big guns, there is nothing special about Sam.