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  1. ShockaPop


    This is pretty much how my maps look when I'm just blocking out the geometry for the basic layout. :)
  2. ShockaPop

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    Here's small hotfix to the MAP19: *Fixed duplicate player 2 spawn. Is now player 4 spawn. Download [RC3]: @nxGangGirl @Tracer
  3. ShockaPop

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    How's the Beta 2 coming together?
  4. ShockaPop

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    Maybe this info and updated versions of maps should appear in this project's development thread? Just so it's consistent.
  5. ShockaPop

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    I think that kind of stuff could be bit too much in such confined space with monsters you need to fight and no additional custom content to explain things a bit more.
  6. Update for MAP19 - The Citadel! As I got some feedback in release-thread, I decided to work on some changes to the map that should address the problems, at least a little bit. I played the beta-release and got ~28min on an "average" playthrough (few secrets, not killing all, not collecting all items/weapons, etc.). After the changes I made, the playthrough was ~20min. I consider that an improvement. Changelog: *Significantly reduced the amount of monsters, especially on easy and medium skills. *Reworked "Pinky pit" room to be bit more simple. *Tweaked the "rightmost arena" (the one with 2 switches: one for door, one for bridge). It's not fully symmetrical any more. *Removed "Imp cages" in library. Also tweaked the flow how things are unlocked. Also lowered "Revenant cages" so it's easier to kill those Revenants. *Reworked the room where player exits after "Red key path" is done. It's not fully symmetrical any more, one side is darker and has collapsed wall. *Tweaked the size of the "Imp and Cacodemon cages" in the entrance-hallways of the main building: No more can monsters hide behind small corners (faster to kill them). *Tweaked main buildings stairs in "Main hall" so, that the Pinkies can travel up/down on them. *Simplified geometry in few areas (mostly the exterior walls around the main building's moat). *Replaced few textures that were changed to something else and not fitting because of the Gothic Textures -pack. *Reworked the "Entrance building" to have more simple gameplay: Only one switch is needed now, other side has extra items/gear only for player to grab. *Tweaked ammo counts in few areas, mostly replacing small packs with bigger ones. *Replaced some Baron of Hells with Hell Knights for easy/medium skills. *And probably few other very small tweaks.. Download [Release Candidate 2]:
  7. ShockaPop

    Doom 2 Redux NOW ON IDGAMES!!!

    Thanks for the feedback, it's what I've been waiting for! :) Now I have at least few opinions about the level and I already have few ideas on how I might go about streamlining it a bit and making it less of a grind. What switches are you talking about? Some of them are doors, which I kept as "lit", so player wouldn't mix them up with the wall-details. Then again, I have switches too using the same graphic. Have to think if there's something I could do about it. I agree the music is not the best, perhaps it needs to be rethought (I didn't have any opinion of it before). I guess something bit less intense could fit better. I was usually in favor of more ambient tracks in original Doom.
  8. Alright, cool. I'm not planning to make any changes for the first Beta of the whole MegaWad, yours is the "final" for now. Once you've packed the whole thing, I could have the latest version of MAP31, so I can make some visual additions and gameplay changes I've had in mind for it and to optimize the map a bit for the Final version of the MegaWad.
  9. Wait, for realz? 'cuz I thought the Mandatory Murder is 31 and I made super-secret thingie leading to 32.
  10. I'm planning to still make "final pass" for it in near future, both gameplay and art wise, so remember to share the latest version with me eventually. :)
  11. You what time it is? It's high noo.. nah, actually it's update time for MAP31 - The Mandatory Murder! Alrighty so, MAP31 is now fully playable for the first time! It may be fair, or it may be very unfair, but it has monsters to shoot, items to collect and toxic pits to melt yourself in. There are no difficulty levels, so everyone gets to shoot equal amount of bad guys. This will be worked on later. Map is quite "slaughter-y", so be prepared to wear out your MOUSE1/CTRL from shooting a lot. Map is large and open, no keys, just go and find exit.. or, figure out the secret exit. ;) --- Screenshots: Album: http://imgur.com/a/jrxPF --- What I want, is that people would try this map. I already know there are tons of things wrong and not balanced or missing, when it comes to items/monsters, but it's better to have fresh eyes on this to get a bit different kind of view on things. Feedback, is what I want. At least some, so I'm not balancing it for myself only. --- Download [Beta 1]:Enjoy!
  12. Anyone got the latest MAP32 so I can re-create the secret-exit for MAP31 that leads to MAP32?
  13. For example, the bars/cage keeping the teleport inaccessible, has all the bars as separate sectors with same tag. It's not that big of a deal, but it also makes editing easier when similar stuff can be edited at the same time (lightness, height, floor/ceiling textures, etc.).
  14. I played through this on UV, here are some thoughts on things that could be improved: *The elevator-intro was a bit slow, as there was no scenery or anything cool to see, just silver walls. *Health packs at the beginning of the level are maybe too scarce, had to play quite carefully. *Amount of ammo was maybe bit too low throughout the map, even though I'm quite "smart" with using weapons efficiently. *Dark maze was confusing, as it didn't really give me clear instructions or hints on how I should go about solving it. I had to resort to the "try opening every wall" -tactic. *Outdoors area, after getting rid of enemies, was confusing also. The requirement of player needing to collect shotgun ammo/jump on the crate that's quite hidden from player's view once on top of the building, is maybe bit "too much" when it comes to basic playthrough of the level. *Teleport-trap was bit unexpected this soon in the whole MegaWad, but I'm glad you provided the chaingun to get rid of the bad guys. *Blue key felt kinda unnecessary item to pick up, as I basically carried it only for few meters to open the door nearby. It could've been a switch instead. I didn't notice there was blue-key behind the red bars, the texture behind it kind of camouflages it. *Chaingunner behind the waterfall was quite brutal thing to throw at, when as a player you're really not holding any ground yet in the area filled with even more chaingunners. *You should go to bathroom, it's good for your health. :) --- I checked the map in editor, and noticed some walls and pillars are there as sectors, even though they're raised against the ceiling and their positions are never changed. Any reason for this? I also found quite many sectors that are or act the same, yet they're separate. It's a small map and all, but I think it'd be good practice (for all of us) to merge sectors like that to keep map as nicely running as possible and to reduce filesize.
  15. Update for MAP31, right here right now! Been working on the "connecting hallways with exit" and turned into a cave like area. Very different from original design. I also re-made top-right corner's area to something way nicer than what I had there before, I actually like it now. Map is now playable (like, you can exit it normally), but secret exit is not functional yet. Overview screenshot: Download (Alpha 3): Next in to-do: -Big cavern by the toxic pool -Red/green maze in low-right corner of the map -Secret end -The other stuff (gameplay)..