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  1. Camaxide

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    what's the name the wad/mod?
  2. Camaxide

    Doomguy face sprite with RTX

    I'd sugest bringing it into MetaHuman (unreal engine 5 tech). Look it up :)
  3. What about performance? In most other engines I’ve done level design in leaving surfaces blank means they are not rendered, and thus improves performance (as the engine will render many surfaced even if you don’t currently see them) Doom might not render in this way, or might not different textured vs untextured surfaces.. Graf likely can answer this with ease :)
  4. I hope it's OK to wake up this old thread, as I'm sure I'm just one of many wondering if there is any news on Episode 3 :) Is it still in healthy development?
  5. As a final notice - GzDoom builder R2610 released today now solves this behaviour and should no longer get confused by //'ed entries with /$ inside it
  6. I'm resurrecting this thread rather than starting a brand new one with the exact same topic and question. I got tons of monsters and other items in my mega-wad and has been adding things for a couple years - but today I suddenly come over a case where I can't seem to make the monster appear in the editor.. This is the stone-demon from 667, and I've only added the cathegory monster-line and a number to it - else its the same as in the code.. I've tried renaming it, and changing number - but it wont show. I've successfully summoned it ingame so it works in there.. Did anyone ever find out what might cause this? After trying lots of things and loading the file from 667 standalone (which works) I tried again placing the exact code from that wad into mine - and it still would not work. However - I realized after some trial that there are some lines farther up my Decorate that caused the thing to not work... I had //'ed several lines in a row - and one of those lines were a line with //$Category "Dynamic Lights" Somehow Doom Builder freaks out if a //Cathegory line appears inside code that all of it is //'ed - seing as it does not understand what exactly to place in that cathegory since everything is not loaded.. just removing the //$Category line from the //'ed code solved it for me. Strange thing is that monsters or other items coming even later in the code would appear just fine (like the stonedemonstatue - but the first thing to be defined after a //'ed code would not appear in Doom Builder
  7. Camaxide

    Where to release big wad's?

    Ouch - at least it says it's worse than 97% of GB meaning it should be far from the standard there. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/4550341995 This is how mine shows - dunno why I get poor result for upload now - its usually the same as my DL. But in context to your result I don't really feel like complaining about that. And about the 50 a month.. that's what I pay for mine.. isn't that a regular price for a fiber?? I know I'd gladly pay it any day for a good reliable fiber connection.
  8. Camaxide

    Where to release big wad's?

    And about the Fiber - at least where I live I'm on the cheapest (slowest fiber) with 25, the others are 50 and 100 up/down. How does online gaming work for those on the slow lines? Does it hurt latency as well, or just bandwidth?
  9. Camaxide

    Where to release big wad's?

    Thanks for all the constructive feedback :) I actually lived in Sydney myself for 6 months, and had to pay for a set amount of Mb - but I thought that was because I lived in a student house with 24 people sharing the internet. I will hear you all out and highly consider a version of the music wad with compressed music. But for those who want a small as possible version that would be without custom music, which would still play well. Either way the high quality file will anyway be available for download for those who wants that. Norway is a difficult country for infra structure with lots of mountains and fjords - so I imagined more populated areas would have better lines, but then again we are few people here to share bandwidth - so I guess it goes both ways :) Thanks again for the feedback both on size, and on possible web-sites to upload to. :)
  10. Camaxide

    Where to release big wad's?

    Whoah - that's a lot of response in short time. I see many people say they are on low bandwidth - so I guess I will consider a lossy format as an alternative for those who cant get the full thing. I thought Norway was lagging behind in the broadband thing, but seem I was wrong on that. It's good to get the response here - as I can plan ahead for that. For the record, no I did not compose my own music as I'm not a musician, but a level designer. Some is from fan-based material for instance (many making Doom-tracks) as well as some royalty free tracks etc. It's a mix of tracks fitting the levels. Music is made in such a way that the tracks loop, meaning they wont be having an 'ending' like the old mid music tend to do in the old games. For textures, actors, graphics etc. there's things taken from various Doom-fan pages like Realm 667, used as a base. Some actors are as they were from the source, some are heavily modified. I also make graphics, sprites, sounds and textures myself when I miss something I need. The pack is made for use with ZDoom, and I use UDMF for Doom for the maps.
  11. Camaxide

    Where to release big wad's?

    Anyone who likes good sound-quality will appreciate the lossless music :) However, all music is in a separate wad and don't have to be downloaded or loaded to run the chapters, fitting default doom-music will play instead for each map if the music wad isn't loaded.. :) So for those who either are still stuck on a 56k modem, have filled all their gigs, or are on a per-mb deal (I really hope no one is by 2015) there is always the chance to just skip that part altogether, but not recommended :) 1Gb Is a 5min download on a 25Mb broadband.. and flac is well worth the quality improvement over lossy mp3-files. with most people also sitting on a few TB of disk-space I don't see how it could be much of a problem with size.. counting 0.1% of a single Tb.
  12. Camaxide

    Where to release big wad's?

    Thanks EarthQuake, I'll look into Google Drive when I'm closing to completion :) I thought those were mostly for personal use and small shares - and not if many may end up downloading - but then again it may not be that many :) Fuzz: It has new monsters, weapons, maps, graphics, and most notably size-wise - high quality Flac music. Jmickle: The games I use to play has patches larger than this, I don't see how on today's broadband's this is even close to ridiculous.. :) Thanks for all the feedback =)
  13. It's still "early" in the process as I'm only halfway in completing the second chapter - but I'm creating fairly huge project for Doom2 and wonder what might be a good place to release it? I was thinking the easiest might be to find a file-server and simply provide a link to that? Or is there better ways? The whole project weights about 750mb today, and I expect it to land somewhere close to but likely not exceeding 1Gb, so I'm not aiming to release it with files located on any of the usual Doom-file providers..
  14. Camaxide

    Thing_Spawn Custom Actor

    Hm, but the Arg1 is used for 'MapSpot Tag' .. Or am I mistaken what you mean by arg1str? I tried also to make a new property with that name and define but crashed DB2 this way - so seem not right. What you suggest seem like the perfect solution if I should solve it without a script - but I somehow get it wrong :)
  15. Camaxide

    Thing_Spawn Custom Actor

    Thanks a lot. I know many of the things can be done with some neat scripts. But I didnt want to wrap my head into all the code as I already have spent weeks on all the lines of code in my Decorate, SBAR and other files. But it seem it's the way I have to go with some things. I made it work now using the linedef to execute the Spawnspot you mentioned earlier. And it went a lot smoother than I'd expect it to.. Thanks a lot for the help - you should get a medal for all the effort on the forum ^^ I see you answer questions in lots of posts, its apreciated :)