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  1. cosmicsquish

    wth happened with oka****?

    Too true. Thx for understanding my man. Yeah but my lazy ass wants youtube videos. One click. Res is good enough to see what's happening. VGA has it right - there is a better way. I will make an effort to educate myself re prboom-plus. I somehow moved past my days as a motivated coder, but perhaps a second youth will come to me. Pirx - that calm is just unreal, right? Other players did the job, but there was just something about oka's game. He's either brilliant or a psycho. Likely both. ;)
  2. cosmicsquish

    wth happened with oka****?

    So it appears that I have nothing to do but grieve because okuplok is dead. I'm not expert enough to judge whether he was a cheater, and really I don't care. His demos were entertaining as hell and I wish I'd downloaded them while I could. His youtube existence has been erased, by himself or others I don't know. I don't have the time or tech to recreate his demos if they aren't easy posts to youtube, so it's lost to me. Damn, but the runs of the earlier Sunder levels: Cage and Metal Descendants and Hollow Icon and Hags Finger and the rest... All gone now? Holy Hell in one nonstop 3 hour run. Not that I 100% believed anyone could really do that with out a single break, because how is that possible? It was still some awesome viewing. All gone? Forever? So sad.
  3. cosmicsquish

    wth happened with oka****?

    I'm a rare visitor here and my all-out addiction to Doom is some years in the past. I had my main Doom 1 and 2 madness in the 90s, but I have been quite impressed by the wads created since then, and the players who master them. I was drawn back to the game in part through ogling of certain insane vids of Holy Hell and Sunder played with unholy and quite possibly unrealistic mastery by one particular player. It's been so long since I watched his stuff that I forget how to spell the name. Okaplok or somesuch. He and his work have now been washed from the net so entirely that it can't be an accident. Can anyone tell me what happened? Was he proven to be a cheater? I know that was an issue, though the threads debating that seem to be gone too. What happened? Has Doom too been taken over by Big Brother, so that I will never know the truth of Okaplok's fate?
  4. I'm not one of those crazy good skilled people, but I'll pitch in anyway. I say: both. What I am beginning to really love about this game, now that I'm seeing it through older eyes, and the reason I am liking slaughter maps so much, is that Doom is a puzzle with tons of geometrical elements. (Yeah, I'm a physicist.) Monster behavior and level design go together, and you have to calculate the limits of the architecture along with way the baddies move, attack, and interact in combination with the ammo and health you have available. It's completely complex and engrossing to keep track of all of that at once and make it work out. This may seem emotionless and cold to those who don't feel absolute joy at solving puzzles and frustration at failure the way I do. Killing monsters doesn't do it for me. Solving the problem does. I'm still scared of getting killed, and I have a love of Gothic architecture and big voluminous spaces that is satisfied by many doom pwads. (Sunder, daaamn! Pale Monument is awesome, but Furnace will always be my favorite. Deus Vult too.) Phml - I like how your brain works. Everything you post makes sense.
  5. cosmicsquish

    So, how old are you ?

    I'm fortunate that the majority of kids I teach are like this, and that's what makes my job fun. My days may be long and tiring, but they are never boring. There is a separation though. Just like teenagers have a different personality during class than they do hanging out with their friends, teachers have to filter. A co-teacher who's also a dancer once said: teaching is really a form of performance art. You kind of put on a character and play a role. I know what you mean about those teachers who don't seem to like kids. I had them when I was in school and know some of them now. Some teachers think that students learn better if they are constantly in fear. I have little patience for that. /please forgive the tangent!
  6. cosmicsquish

    The "new" generation and Doom

    As they say in the Latin: "Adulescens stultus idiota" or the better known: "Noobus dumbass ignoramus"... ;) Hey, not to get complicated, but I ken that noob is like boob which is like idiot (which I don't really like because IMHO breasts != stupid**) while newb just means new. Seems pretty simple. ** != means does not equal
  7. cosmicsquish

    So, how old are you ?

    Chalk up another for the older crowd. 42 here. Healthier and happier than my 20s and 30s, believe it or not. Re the nervous possible English teacher in Romania: don't sweat it. Us teachers have to play square in front of the kids, but we're still cool on our own time. ;)
  8. cosmicsquish

    The "new" generation and Doom

    Hunh. I have been using noob/newb all wrong. I've always been ok with calling other people noobs because I'm fine with calling myself a noob when I first start something. I get the distinction though. Makes sense. I will use "noob" more carefully, and proudly own up to being a "newb". Edit - oops, forgot to add my point regarding the younger generation: part of the longevity of the game for me, by which I mean the thing that's drawn me back into it, is all the "bugs" that the programmers didn't plan on (SR40, clips, etc) and the fact that it's open source. It's like an old VW Beetle from the 70s vs a new sports car. Sure, the new sports car is sexier and faster, but you won't be propping up the hood and saucing up the engine by yourself. With Doom there's so much to discover. Somehow I doubt that newer games will have a community of programmers getting into them the way Doom does. Maybe I'm wrong. But that could explain why the interest for the younger gen is not through the roof. It helps to appreciate the programming, and that tends to come later in one's education. Even with all that, I am impressed by how many young gamers are regulars here. I would expect to be less, since new games are so much more shiny.
  9. cosmicsquish

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Oh no! Big clarification - I beat one *zone* meaning one room's horde of monsters. I'm far far from finishing a whole level of Sunder, but absurdly proud that I managed to circle and kill any kind of horde without totally panicking and dying. (Reference my history vs a handful of arachnos in dead simple.) It helps to be older and less afraid. :) ETA: the horde I mean is at 9:45 of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4sNKqhu6b8 I've gotten through the first big cavern too, though with many saves and redos and a complete absence of Okuplok's calm and elegance. Yes, I confess that I find this game, at times, elegant. How weird is that? ;)
  10. cosmicsquish

    Is Doom still relevant?

    I just really got back into the game this summer, so I haven't had the chance yet, but in a few weeks when school is back on I'm going to follow up on this. I teach high school physics to overachievers, the kinds of kids who love gaming. I have never asked them if they know about and properly respect doom. I'll get back to this thread about what they say. I haven't looked at a single thing about doom 4 yet, but IMHO, if ID had any sense, they'd base it off the incredible wads that you passionate fans have been designing. That's what got me back to the game. No offense to the iwads, which I also love and they will never die, but what the fans have done with this game - in your leisure time no less - beats the original levels, both in the gameplay and in the artistry of design. I really hope ID is paying attention to what you're doing.
  11. cosmicsquish

    Doomguy's haircut

    FTW ^^^^^^^ The bottom two levels of health looking to our left/his right doom guy looks like Nathan Fillion. Maybe I've seen too much Firefly. Maes - I like your obsession.
  12. cosmicsquish

    I have a small Dark Ambient piece for you guys

    OK, I may offend, but here I go... I LOVE the visual design of the following level, and I appreciate the irony of the cheery music set against the DOOM-HELL design. Really, it's funny. But if I was a serious gamer trying to record this level I would go to great lengths to never ever have this horrible music reach my ears while I figured out my run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19K9750nJFw I may be a noob, but my lord, who choose such music? I would love to see a play of this beautiful map with this talented player set to non-annoying music. Completely different thing. Sorry, I may have highjacked your thread. I hope no one holds my opinions against you. But I would love to see this awesome map played with your music rather then the "Price is Right" stuff it got stuck with. ETA: watching that CC level with your music, I think that's not the right thing either. Too far to the other extreme for all those neon colors. There must be something in between. I find the music to Sunder's Furnace has the right balance of ambient and... whatever non-ambient is. But that's just me.
  13. cosmicsquish

    I have a small Dark Ambient piece for you guys

    I have always been one to mute the game music (sorry, doom purists) and play my own tunes. I find that any music with a "hook" becomes annoying when heard over and over while I figure out a game. Cute, bright music is fine with a short level, but anything that's going to take up my time needs something that won't make me want to drive stakes into my ears. Which is to say: I like this track. It sets a mood, a pretty serious hellish mood, but doesn't interfere with my focus. I'm a not a wad designer but I hope that those who are make use of this kind of track, rather than bright and annoyingly invasive music. I could provide examples but I'm a noob and don't want to offend anyone. ;) Kind of curious how you came up with the sounds.
  14. cosmicsquish

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    When I played back in the 90s, I could never beat Dead Simple. It frustrated the hell out of me. And I don't have the excuse of being a young'un. I was in college for heaven's sake. The spiders just scared me and I ran like crazy until they killed me, every time. (I'm going through it all again with chocolate doom on a PC now, almost finished Doom 1 E3, and I'm set on getting through Doom 1 and 2 on UV without cheats. Except maybe the Icon of Sin. Not counting on that one.) Never tried Plutonia. Probably will eventually. Frankly, I don't find it very pretty, but I hear the play is good so it's worth a try. About the time I was giving up on Dead Simple I learned the cheats. Played through Doom 2 with those to help, but funny how this made the game so much less interesting that I soon quit playing. Not an admission, an explanation: I got nostalgic and bought the DOOM 1 app on my ipad about a year ago. The controls suck, but how cool is it to be able to play DOOM anywhere? After getting stuck on E4M2 (Perfect Hatred) on the ipad, I discovered the Doom Wiki and the many Doom videos on Youtube. Which leads to the admission: I loooooove slaughter maps. Holy Hell and Sunder are two of my favorites. I understand that herding and BFG-ing mobs may be somewhat... um... lowbrow... to some of the Doom crowd. But I can watch slaughters all day. I hope to be able to play them someday. (Beat my first slaughter zone in Sunder last week. Weeeeee!)
  15. cosmicsquish

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Stuff like this is why this game is so interesting. You can *see* the code in action, and understand why stuff happens. I made it through E1 without saving today (because I have a bug where I can't save E1). E2 is more interesting. E2M4 has this fun thing: I lured the first baron, the one guarding the lift to the blue key, back to the crusher trap to the right of the main hall. Took lots of patience and wasted time and lost health, but fun to see him getting all squished. (The "squish" in my screen name refers to me getting killed as I often do. Someday it'll be all about monsters going out that way rather than me.)