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  1. LockeRequiem

    [RELEASE] Plutonia 1024

    Right, sorry. Back to Plutinya...
  2. LockeRequiem

    [RELEASE] Plutonia 1024

    He's on the ZDoom forums, maybe you can chat with him there?
  3. LockeRequiem

    [RELEASE] Plutonia 1024

    You should email him to see his story. And maybe he is a child? I dunno.
  4. "Locke" is the thief treasure hunter from Final Fantasy 6 "Requiem" is the name of a doom megawad... So, I guess my name means Treasure Hunter of Doom =D
  5. LockeRequiem

    [RELEASE] Plutonia 1024

    He has been losered. Now, he is making a map and will probably will make another account to release his bland red slopes and rooms. he also has to think before he posts. Have you tried emailing him?
  6. LockeRequiem

    Wolf SS

    Why not use J.B as commander Keen?
  7. LockeRequiem

    IWAD deathmatch maps

    Doom E1M2 Is boring with bots. They just litterally stand next to each other, humping walls.
  8. LockeRequiem

    Do you ever use automap marks?

    I type in IDDT twice, if that's what you mean... Also, does anyone use the Grid?
  9. LockeRequiem

    Ice bucket challenge WAD

    You need an FTP Client. Log into ftp.gamers.org. the username is Anonymous and the password is your email address. Once in, go to pub/idgames/incoming and upload your file there. And if a guy named Geoff asks, tell him you need gold... :D
  10. LockeRequiem

    The Doom chainsaw

    Doom Dentist is real...! Brush your teeth, with chainsaw! (Now with 100% more gnarly demon breath paste!)
  11. LockeRequiem

    Doom in 8-Bit?

    Here: http://www.mediafire.com/?6nd5uuxntyi8ncv Here... http://www.mediafire.com/?6q96q81ldnl7qsw ...and of course, here. http://www.mediafire.com/?8aeyjpsmkn03mu7 You can find more. Just google snes soundfonts or nes soundfonts.
  12. LockeRequiem

    Doomworld Mega Project 2014 - final versions up

    Can I listen to it? Consider me joined!
  13. LockeRequiem

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    *facepalm* I had to squint to see these. About that switch, yeah, I thought I put COMPBLUE and aligned it before releasing. Whoops. So...make it a sector and darken it a bit? (Its just a linedef now.) Thanks! I get the feeling you played this on UV? xD (the 41% health xD :P)
  14. LockeRequiem

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    I think I'm making some decent progress! I will release the small bit I have unless its not allowed (?). Has very temporary exit, I plan for everything to be connected by stairs or lifts. Name: Crushing End http://www.mediafire.com/?cstc66vgf28qds2
  15. LockeRequiem

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    Oh, so I can't put the crusher that's in The Crusher?