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  1. ZeroMaster010

    Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    The key is 40x40 units placed in the center of a 64x64 unit platform, so you need to be moving at least 32-20=12 units per tic, higher speed increases your chances because it also depends on your position (for example if you are just under 2 units away from colliding with the platform then 14 units per tic would work). The reason why north doesn't work as easily is because the speed gets split into 2 or something (as explained in linguica's movement bible) when going north or east and when you are moving 15 units per tic or more. So it is possible to do it when going north if you are either moving between 12-15 units per tic (which gives little room for error in position and makes it quite difficult), or of course a wallrun which in this case is even more difficult.
  2. ZeroMaster010

    Nomonster speedrunning

    It's impossible to get the map 26 megasphere secret because doomguys centre cannot be on the ground and within the secret area next to the teleporter (like doom 2 map 15), but you can do both map 26 and episode 3 as 75% is valid.
  3. ZeroMaster010

    Doom II NM-Speed in 21:14 - 30nm2114

    Thanks! It's not too much burning out, I've always enjoyed working on different routes and practicing and I'd still enjoy doing that (for something that isn't doom 2). Even doing nightmare attempts recently were still fun (30pl and 30uv were mostly misreable though), so I probably wouldn't mind doing either plutonia or TNT nightmare again. It's mostly because it takes so much time, and I'd rather do more constructive things these days :) Of course I could just spend less time on it, but the hours go by so quickly that it's just best to give it up completely. As for my frequent "this will never happen" comments, anything is possible and I don't think a single one of my demos are incredibly difficult too improve, heh. Hopefully I can enjoy watching someone else do nightmare runs (especially final doom) in the future. eLim will probably beat my 30nm time at some point, and maybe I'll consider a comeback 5 years later kind of like henning did with 30nm2939 :)
  4. ZeroMaster010

    Recording TAS in PrBoom+

    -recordfromto Demo1 Demo2 where Demo1 is the demo you've recorded so far and Demo2 will be created when end demo recording.
  5. Doom II NM-Speed in 21:14, a 40 second improvement! Youtube: Not quite under 21 minutes, but it's so incredibly hard to do. It's certainly not impossible, but I'm going to take the luck I was given here and leave with my sanity intact. I've made a fairly long failed attempts video this time, it's continuous in the sense that it shows the whole game, but it's made of 135 segments: Every time I complete one demo I've been working on there's 2 more that I want to do. It never ends so it's time to stop, at least for now. 30av, 30pl in under 20 minutes and finally a decent 30nm demo have been the last demos I needed to finish. There are several others I would like to have done, Plutonia/TNT NM100S are both possible in my opinion, but it could take an eternity to do something as ridiculous as that. My 30uv time is also not very good, but I don't enjoy playing it, so I'll leave that for someone else. Another demo I'd really like to improve is my doom 1 ep1 time, I'm sure someone will come around eventually and improve it, so I'd like to make it a bit more difficult, but oh well. At least I can be happy with 30pn,30tn,pa02 because even if the time is shit it doesn't matter :) I won't say I'm done forever, but I can't see myself recording anything in the near future. It's been fun though (well, mostly), unlike other games I have something to show for the countless hours I've put into it :) 30nm2114.zip
  6. ZeroMaster010

    Rare kills

    3 shotgunners killed 1 in shotgun blast, all of them full health. Of course it's probably not that difficult to line up 3 shotgunners and kill them, but believe me when I say I've played underhalls quite a few times and I've never seen anything like this. Happens about 12 seconds into the second map, though the screenshot shows what happened. 3-sg.zip
  7. ZeroMaster010

    DOOM II demos [-complevel 2]

    Doom II UV-Speed D2ALL in 18:40 30uv1840.zip
  8. ZeroMaster010

    pa02-2057, Underhalls done Pacifist!

    Thanks AdamW! I noticed my movement improved significantly as well when I switched to crispy doom from cndoom, I'm quite sure the uncapped framerate is the reason for that. Glides are slightly easier to do with sourceports that has the same mouse movement as chocolate doom, because it's easier to do TL1 and TR1 with the mouse so you can quickly get the right angle. However, this can also be a problem since you can do TL1/TR1 by accident more easily when you are already at the right angle. I think for something like east/north direction and guideless I'd rather prefer dosbox/prboom mouse settings, but west/south is most common so chocolate/crispy/cndoom works better. At least I'm able to hit 3 keys at once in dosbox, so that's on your end Looper :)
  9. ZeroMaster010

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Paradox (master levels) UV-Pacifist in 10 seconds. Don't watch this garbage, I just run past 3-4 monsters and look at a wall for 6-7 seconds before exiting the map. parp010.zip
  10. ZeroMaster010

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Doom E3M1 coop uv-pacifist in 13 seconds c3m1xp013.zip
  11. ZeroMaster010

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Plutonia map 22 coop uv-pacifist in 10 seconds. who needs doors when you all you need is a friend to get you through the walls :) pp22cx010.zip
  12. ZeroMaster010

    TAS (tool-assisted) demos: part 2

    Doom E1M6 coop uv-pacfist in 19.97 void glide + going back in from the void, this time without turbo unlike lv28. c1m6xp019.zip
  13. ZeroMaster010

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    plutonia ep1 nm100s in 17:26 01ps1726.zip
  14. ZeroMaster010

    DSDA on YouTube

    Now over 5000 demos/videos! uploaded earlier since last post: combat shock uv-max combat shock 2 uv-max stardate 20x7 uv-max sawdust uv-max disjunction uv-max frog uv-max whitemare 2 uv-max uploaded the last 2 weeks: ultimate doom nomonsters plutonia uv-respawn,nomonsters tnt uv-respawn,nomonsters NewDoom Community Project uv-max NewDoom Community Project II uv-max Ancient Aliens uv-max Cybercontrol uv-max Double Impact uv-max Epic uv-max Epic 2 uv-max Hell Revealed nm-speed,uv-fast Icarus 2015 uv-max New Gothic Movement 2 uv-max Killing Adventure uv-max Master Levels for Doom II uv-max Perdition's Gate uv-speed[reality],uv-tyson,nomonsters Alien Vendetta uv-fast Arch-Vile Jump uv-speed Scythe uv-fast Time of maps Part 1 uv-max Dark resolution 2008 uv-max Shai'tan's luck uv-max Realm of Domonology uv-max Hell To Pay uv-max Disciples of darkness uv-max and some other smaller wads uv-max: crfe_p1, cybersky, distrbia, e1m4b, e1m8b, frozent, grime, nd, nochance, vg as well as updated the demos from the last weeks (might have missed some). replaced Misc/notable/requested playlist with Miscellaneous Episode/D2All demos and Miscellaneous Demos playlist. total: approximately 5000 videos at 425 hours with 74500 views at 201 000 minutes (140 days) or an average of 2:49 per view. there might be wrong times, random freezes, desyncs, default demo, only 360p quality option etc, just comment on the video if you can so I can delete and replace it. I just hope I haven't written down the wrong playername, but that can also happen. I might also have missed some demos that have been improved. I will switch to 720p or 1080p (from 540p) before upscaling to 2160p for newer demos. I'll try to update the list of missing demos later, see my post above. number of videos by category (checked at 4950, where almost 100 of them are old records). uv-speed - 651 uv-max - 2622 nm-speed - 293 nm100s - 221 uv-fast - 283 respawn - 130 pacifist - 378 tyson - 168 nomo - 202
  15. ZeroMaster010

    Nomonster speedrunning

    The gap is 16 units and then the key is 16 more units north, the key is 40x40 units so it extends 4 units into the gap. So to grab it you need at a speed of at least 12 units per tic, but you don't want to go over 15 units per tic. I managed to get it by moving a small distance from the opposite wall and just running straight forward without any wallrun. You need a wall at a certain angle next to a fence to be able to get through, so won't be much you can do about yellow key.