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  1. TNT map 10 uv-speed in 19.34, 38 seconds faster than the previous record.
  2. tnt map 10 in 14.80
  3. blockmap prevents pl28 from being activated when you are facing east... however that does not happen facing west, so ev10 works :) hopefully someone can do a proper run too. Also I will just edit the first post with all stuff I have, there's a list there that shows when it could potentially be useful. I have also tested pressing switches the are facing the other direction with -longtics, and the opposite seems to happen where the distance is shortened, though I am not 100% sure. However, it's still possible to activate through walls, so maybe 8-16 unit wide gaps could work if you punch something to change your direction when recording demos (somewhat explained in the av20 demo I made).
  4. Looks like rq25 was a case of using the wrong name, and not the wrong demo. I probably grabbed the name at the top quickly without noticing it said TAS, this might have occured on some of the earlier playlists I made so I'll have to check if I did it anywhere else. I was wondering if icarus uv-speed was worth the upload when I saw stroller being the fastest for some of them :) Uploaded since last week: Deus Vult 2 uv-max Icarus uv-speed Plutonia Revisited uv-max Kama Sutra uv-max 1994 Tune-Up Community Project uv-max Phmlspd uv-max The Rebirth uv-max Rush uv-max One Bloody Night uv-max Hadephobia uv-max Doom 2 Reloaded uv-max Demonfear uv-speed Swift Death uv-max Memento Mori nm-speed Reverie uv-max 10 Sectors uv-max Scythe 2 uv-max Dimensions of time uv-speed 2002 A doom odyssey uv-max total: approximately 3100 videos at 268 hours with 30174 views at 75407 minutes (52.3 days) or an average of 2:29 per view.
  5. thanks sp00kyfox! I'll have a look at it, also, if it wasn't for your videos I probably wouldn't have known I could get a better bitrate (I spent several hours trying to find out why my quality was shit compared to yours) so thanks again :) Ah yes, hopefully that hasn't happened anywhere else. hmm, I suppose you're right, but I'm 3000+ videos in now, so at this point I think I'll just keep it so it's consistent, heh.
  6. Well I just managed to activate a switch facing east while being 69 units away, so lv11 should work, but for some reason the wall infront blocks it. If the distance from the wall in front to the linedef switch is 33 units or less it works, at 34+ it fails while it's 40 units for lv11. I also tried pl28, but blockmap is in the way, but facing east and hitting a switch through a wall with a gap of 32 units should work if there are no blockmaps preventing it. edit: I've edited the first post with what I've got.
  7. Not sure if I've forgotten any, but assuming not, we got these so far: Ultimate Doom E4M2 (facing west, 40 unit gap, through the wall) Doom 2 Map 07 (facing south, 64 unit gap) Doom 2 Map 15 (facing west, 48 unit gap) Doom 2 Map 17 (facing west, 16 unit gap, through the wall) Doom 2 Map 19 (facing west, 8 unit gap, through the wall) Doom 2 Map 32 (facing west, 32 unit gap, through the wall) Plutonia Map 04 (facing south, works upto 69 units) Alien Vendetta Map 20 (facing west, 40 unit gap, through the wall) Doom 2 The Way id Did Map 03 (facing west, 16 unit gap, through the wall) Scythe Map 03 (facing west, 48 unit gap) Facing direction means you walk forwards in that direction and gap is from edge of linedef to edge of doomguy, add 16 units to get distance to center. In all cases the switch is to the left of the player. So far I've seen no cases of pressing the switch while it is to your right (even with the use of -longtics) and no cases of facing north or east. Of course that doesn't mean they don't work, so I should do some further testing to at least determine if they are even possible non-TAS. Not sure if you can hit through wall facing south, or if you can extend as far as 69 units facing west. Also In almost all cases you need to be facing as straight forward as possible, except lv15 (and probably sc03) where you can turn at most twice (TL2), though I am not 100% sure of this. Edit: And according to 4shockblast there's 1 on Rebirth map 06 and they work east and north, I'll see if I can confirm it for myself. Edit2: I got east to work, unfortunately I can't get it to work with a 32 unit or larger gap which limits its use.
  8. Personally I find demos recorded in dos to be more impressive, and IWAD activity is just as dead for competn\cndoom as it is for any other sourceport. Obviously prboom+ is going to be dominant when it comes to newer wads.
  9. I used to use cndoom for my demos before, so I assume he means he would have preffered if it was done in that sourceport and not that there's anything wrong with crispy :)
  10. I checked through the subtitles real quick, the only correction is the first time I get under the safe spot. While the barrels did go down, there's a chance something survived or wandered off in the upper area, in this case there was only 1 shotgunner and 1 zombieguy. So here I just want infighting until there's 1 hitscanner alive, but I need to wait for a while to be sure nothing wandered off, and it can be hard to tell if there's just 1 alive sometimes. It doesn't matter if the barrels are destroyed before I enter the blue key room, and once I was there I didn't really have a plan for safely checking if the barrels were down (you take damage so quickly if you're not careful). So this is were I wait for them to go down, which could take 2-10 minutes, but instead got lucky and had him hit the barrel below.
  11. yes, that's the correct sergeant.
  12. Thanks for the explanations! Another good example I have of monsters waking up through walls would be on map 10\refuling base. If you just go into the room straight ahead with the spectres\chaingun, then you wake up 4 imps in the large blue key room.
  13. I really needed that shotgunner to die as he will probably kill me when I try to clear the last 4 monsters by blue key + lure the other imps into the blue key room, and so my plan was for him to shoot the barrel in the upper area which should 100% kill him. Since the barrels rarely blew up early I didn't really listen for them going down, and I was afraid to check if they were still up since putting my head out there could mean 30 damage. I didn't have a plan for killing him in this case they were already destroyed, so him hitting the lower barrel and getting killed by an imp was just pure luck. Monsters getting stuck in the door was however part of the plan, and I had a lot of different plans depending on how many imps survived :) Also why monsters sometimes get stuck in doors like that + waking up monsters through the wall (1 of the shotgunners) works I have no idea.
  14. thanks everyone! I just need that uncapped framerate these days, heh At around 6:15 when I was standing in the safe spot in the blue key room I was waiting for the shotgunner to shot the barrels in the upper area (which were already down), but instead he shot the barrel below, which I had no idea he could do. I assume it's because the barrels was down in the upper area which allowed him to position himself to do that, and thankfully he only hit it once! So when I am left with the 2 imps at blue key room and a shotgunner above + 2 imps in the other room I'd say I should die probably 99% of the time. However, because he hit the barrel and later the imp hits it with a fireball, destroys it, and kills himself it also means the second imp (which was just barely within the explosion range) will target the shotgunner who hit the barrel first! not only that, the shotgunner was damaged enough from before so the imp easily won the fight (which would be unlikely if the shotgunner survives the fireball). The amount of luck I got there was unreal, not to mention they could have easily destroyed the barrels at blue key when I tried to dodge the imps.
  15. Uploaded since last week: requiem nm-speed memento mori 2 uv-max whispers of satan uv-max alien vendetta nm-speed requiem uv-max deus vult uv-max vile flesh uv-max unholy realms uv-speed doom the way id did uv-max zone300 uv-max 2002 a doom odyssey uv-speed total: approximately 2620 videos at 227 hours with 24646 views at 60997 minutes (42 days) or an average of 2:28 per view. Also here's several tables that aren't filled incase anyone is up for it (some of them might be impossible): scythe 2 uv-speed: 24,25,27 speed of doom uv-speed: 17,24,25,27,32,33 sunlust uv-speed: 15,16,26,27,29,30 valiant uv-max: 31 congestion 1024 uv-max: 30 d2twid uv-max: 8,9,10,13,15,16,18,20,25,27,28 ultimate doom pacifist: e4m6 ;) alien vendetta nm-speed: 13,14,16,27,28 tnt pacifist: 05,08,09,26 (yeah probably not going to happen) sf2012 uv-max: 15, 20(20 exists but older wad) hell revealed uv-speed: 20,22,23,29 going down uv-max: 2,14,15,17,21,22,23,25,29 plutonia 2 uv-max: 25 plutonia tyson: 30 tnt tyson: 30 resurgence uv-max: 9,20,29,30 cchest 4 uv-max: 32 memento mori 2 uv-speed: 28 unholy realms uv-speed: 8,27,28,31 whispers of satan uv-max: 12,16 (only zdoom demos exists) zone300 uv-max: 22,31 dimensions of time uv-speed: 7 icarus uv-speed: 11,16,20,29,30 1994 tune up uv-max: 22,23,25 10 sectors uv-max: 16 2002 ado uv-speed: e1m4,e2m4,e2m7,e2m5,e3m4,e3m5,e3m6s,e3m7,e3m8,e4m2,e4m2s,e4m3,e4m5,e4m7,e4m8, of course uv-max is also uv-speed, but I don't mix them in the playlists unless uv-max beats a uv-speed entry (and I don't mix uv-fast with uv-max either). updated the first post and changed the link to the channel at the top to link directly to the playlists instead.