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  1. Doom II UV-Speed D2ALL in 18:40
  2. Thanks AdamW! I noticed my movement improved significantly as well when I switched to crispy doom from cndoom, I'm quite sure the uncapped framerate is the reason for that. Glides are slightly easier to do with sourceports that has the same mouse movement as chocolate doom, because it's easier to do TL1 and TR1 with the mouse so you can quickly get the right angle. However, this can also be a problem since you can do TL1/TR1 by accident more easily when you are already at the right angle. I think for something like east/north direction and guideless I'd rather prefer dosbox/prboom mouse settings, but west/south is most common so chocolate/crispy/cndoom works better. At least I'm able to hit 3 keys at once in dosbox, so that's on your end Looper :)
  3. Paradox (master levels) UV-Pacifist in 10 seconds. Don't watch this garbage, I just run past 3-4 monsters and look at a wall for 6-7 seconds before exiting the map.
  4. Doom E3M1 coop uv-pacifist in 13 seconds
  5. Plutonia map 22 coop uv-pacifist in 10 seconds. who needs doors when you all you need is a friend to get you through the walls :)
  6. Doom E1M6 coop uv-pacfist in 19.97 void glide + going back in from the void, this time without turbo unlike lv28.
  7. plutonia ep1 nm100s in 17:26
  8. Now over 5000 demos/videos! uploaded earlier since last post: combat shock uv-max combat shock 2 uv-max stardate 20x7 uv-max sawdust uv-max disjunction uv-max frog uv-max whitemare 2 uv-max uploaded the last 2 weeks: ultimate doom nomonsters plutonia uv-respawn,nomonsters tnt uv-respawn,nomonsters NewDoom Community Project uv-max NewDoom Community Project II uv-max Ancient Aliens uv-max Cybercontrol uv-max Double Impact uv-max Epic uv-max Epic 2 uv-max Hell Revealed nm-speed,uv-fast Icarus 2015 uv-max New Gothic Movement 2 uv-max Killing Adventure uv-max Master Levels for Doom II uv-max Perdition's Gate uv-speed[reality],uv-tyson,nomonsters Alien Vendetta uv-fast Arch-Vile Jump uv-speed Scythe uv-fast Time of maps Part 1 uv-max Dark resolution 2008 uv-max Shai'tan's luck uv-max Realm of Domonology uv-max Hell To Pay uv-max Disciples of darkness uv-max and some other smaller wads uv-max: crfe_p1, cybersky, distrbia, e1m4b, e1m8b, frozent, grime, nd, nochance, vg as well as updated the demos from the last weeks (might have missed some). replaced Misc/notable/requested playlist with Miscellaneous Episode/D2All demos and Miscellaneous Demos playlist. total: approximately 5000 videos at 425 hours with 74500 views at 201 000 minutes (140 days) or an average of 2:49 per view. there might be wrong times, random freezes, desyncs, default demo, only 360p quality option etc, just comment on the video if you can so I can delete and replace it. I just hope I haven't written down the wrong playername, but that can also happen. I might also have missed some demos that have been improved. I will switch to 720p or 1080p (from 540p) before upscaling to 2160p for newer demos. I'll try to update the list of missing demos later, see my post above. number of videos by category (checked at 4950, where almost 100 of them are old records). uv-speed - 651 uv-max - 2622 nm-speed - 293 nm100s - 221 uv-fast - 283 respawn - 130 pacifist - 378 tyson - 168 nomo - 202
  9. The gap is 16 units and then the key is 16 more units north, the key is 40x40 units so it extends 4 units into the gap. So to grab it you need at a speed of at least 12 units per tic, but you don't want to go over 15 units per tic. I managed to get it by moving a small distance from the opposite wall and just running straight forward without any wallrun. You need a wall at a certain angle next to a fence to be able to get through, so won't be much you can do about yellow key.
  10. E4M6 (Against Thee Wickedly) was the last remaining undone pacifist for ultimate doom, so this is the first IWAD to have its pacifist table filled. Youtube: Not a single shot fired, this is important because it wakes up 3 additional cacodemons which makes this almost impossible. At around 15 minutes I got the cyberdemon stuck and I was hoping that the baron would be able to hit more frequently. I didn't care about the time since completing the level is the only thing that is important, but at 54:50 I finally decided to just risk everything and do it the faster way because I was looking at maybe 5 hours instead of 2 hours. It seems simple enough, but there's a good chance the baron hits the cyberdemon quickly which will very likely get me killed. Unintentional telefrags are allowed for pacifist, in this case it's almost impossible to avoid. If one of the first 6 cacodemons don't get stuck, then the 1 by the red key area will. This happens because there's not enough space for the cacodemon and he gets placed inside the wall. All Ultimate Doom pacifist IL's can be seen in this youtube playlist: Other missing pacifists Doom II: Map 30 Plutonia: Map 07 TNT Evilution: Map 05, 09 and 26 I would consider it very likely that none of these will ever be done without TAS. D2 Map 30 might be possible with TAS using several arch-viles that all time their attack almost perfectly, afaik no other suggestion seem possible. It's possible to go into the void, I've looked into potentially using tele-scratch from lost souls, but I think due to the height differences at the edge and at the Icon of Sin that this is impossible. All ghost glitch was another suggestion, but again the height difference probably makes it impossible. PL Map 07 has a few zombieguys, a baron that you can wake up and a chaingunner. The zombieguys are useless, the baron is mostly useless and the chaingunner might be able to take out 1 or even 2 mancs, but he nor you would be able to survive long enough to kill all 5. EV Map 05 is a 96 unit wide corridor with 5 shotgunners and at least 6 imps at the start. I can't imagine this being possible, but in theory infighting could clear the way. The luck needed with the shotgunners would be absurd and far beyond reasonable without TAS. EV Map 09 is nothing but monster filled corridors. Like map 05 this might be possible with infighting, but there's such a ridiculous amount of monsters and so little health that it would probably require far more luck than Map 05. EV Map 26 should be impossible with the normal route because of the spectres on the elevators. There is however a skip at the start of this level, and as vita has already shown you can do this in coop. So in theory the revenant projectiles could perhaps give you enough of a boost to reach the window and the exit. I doubt you can make the jump to the exit with a single revenant rocket, but I've never tried. Even if it works it is also far beyond reasonable to do without TAS. Of course I would love to be wrong and see any of them done.
  11. TNT map 08 uv-pacifist in 6:11 Another undone iwad IL pacifist completed, this might just be the least entertaining demo of the year as I spend several minutes setting up for the most precise trick ever done without TAS, which is why I include a video so you can skip through it :) Only e4m6, lv30, pl07, ev05, ev09, ev26 remain and I've already routed e4m6 and done a few attempts, 1 of them was very close, so hopefully I'll have that done soon. As for the others I see no hope at all without tas. This trick can also be used for nightmare since you can actually block the demon respawn, but it would require a different setup. This means that an ep1\d2all nm100s demo of tnt is actually not completely unresonable, but still an enourmous challenge. yt (at 0:40 you can skip to 4:30):
  12. from my table I have these values: facing north: 56 (16*) units facing west: 56 (41*) units Fava beans e1m1 (facing north through a wall of thickness 16), which you've already confirmed to work, should be possible since the gap2 (or wall thickness) value is 16* Mayberry's perdgate map 05 is facing west with a distance of 56 units, but unfortunately also 56* units from the switch to the outer wall. So I'm quite sure it won't work, at least with TAS it hasn't worked yet so without TAS I'd imagine it could be very time consumming if it should work somehow. Of course I haven't checked every possible position with TAS so who knows if there is some exact spot where it could work. There's also blockmap for maps like pl28 which prevent something that should otherwise work, not sure if that is also the case here even if it was close enough.
  13. I don't think so, because it's the wrong direction. I also did some testing with -longtics to see if they were possible that way and I can't remember that working at all.
  14. TNT evilution uv-speed d2all in 38:58 Don't mind me, just exposing yet another one of my 2 year old lies which was that I would never do this category again. With some effort this could probably be at least 2 minutes faster. youtube (will be up in about 2 hours):
  15. most competed (and 30nm only), again feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.