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  1. Cacodreams

    The /newstuff Chronicles #211

    Personally, I use Yonatan Donner´s Secret Locator which is included in the DMTHA zip file. It´s a program which runs under DOS and tells you the numbers of the secret sectors in a map. With the numbers in hand, all you have to do next is to load the map in an editor and search for these secret sectors (in Wadauthor, the editor I use, simply press F2, select Sectors and enter the number of it. It will be then highlighted). Then, as you know which is the secret sector, just select it and the tag number, relating the secret sector and the linedef which activates it, will be displayed. Enter the linedef properties and check the action required to activate the secret sector.
  2. Cacodreams

    Doomers by Location

    No, it´s incorrect! The correct is: | |- Brazil | | | |- Pernambuco | | >> Gilgamesh | | | |- Rio Grande do Sul | | |- Porto Alegre | | >> FragMan | | | |- São Paulo | |- São Paulo | | >> The_doomguy | | | |- Piracicaba | >> Cacodreams So The_doomguy is in the city of São Paulo, capital of the state of São Paulo.
  3. IMO it´s the automap in dal02.wad map18 ;)
  4. Cacodreams

    Favorite Wad Of 2004 So Far

    New World 1 New World 2 ;)
  5. Cacodreams

    Why? [Shotgun Guy / Sergeant]

    Sometimes people call the arachnotron a "baby spider".
  6. Cacodreams

    The /newstuff Chronicles #198

    No re-release this week, Grazza?
  7. Cacodreams

    Everyone Is Doomed August 2005

    WTF??? How can they make the movie without id being aware beforehand?
  8. Cacodreams

    The /newstuff Chronicles #187

    Let me add that I´ve tested this bug with PrBoom and it doesn´t happen when you play with that port, which apparently confirms what I said about sprites being larger in ZDoom. To fix that, just place the spiders a bit farther one from each other.
  9. Cacodreams

    Pablo's Heretic Happenings

    Heh. I guess you meant "River of Fire" :p
  10. Cacodreams

    The /newstuff Chronicles #187

    It´s not only map12 that has problems due to nodebuilder. Map16 also does. When I played that map, even if I shot a lost soul or a barrel several times, I couldn´t kill the LS or explode the barrel. Very strange! o_O In that same map there´s one mancubus stuck to the wall of one building (it´s pratically all inside the wall, not just glued). And in map15 those 3 Spider Masterminds (in that reservatory room, just waiting to be teleported in the actual map) haven´t teleported because 2 of them were stuck to each other, blocking the way of the one which was not stuck (again I don´t know how you could have had tested the maps and not seen these bugs but this may be due to me playing the wad with ZDoom since in this port - if I´m not mistaken - sprites are larger in their diameter). If you want I can continue reporting bugs as I play the levels, through PM or e-mail instead of posting in this thread. Just let me know.
  11. Cacodreams

    The /newstuff Chronicles #187

    Yeah, I was playing that map yesterday and couldn´t find the blue key anywhere either. Do you know why? Because in the map it is placed in that little room with the Cyberdemon but its flag is marked to the key to appear only in multiplayer mode :/ Take a look in an editor and see for yourself. I had to type in ZDoom´s console "give bluecard" to be able to finish the map. And this map has another flaw: the teleporter in that staircase which should lead you to that area below (that hall with the other rooms) is not working. In that case I have no idea why; maybe an issue with the node-building? Again I took a look in an editor and that linedef is "WRe: teleport" type so it´s alright. I thought it was ZDoom so I tried using PRBoom but it didn´t work either. Remedy? IDCLIP! All that said, I´d like to ask Daniel: are you sure this map was fully tested? :p Maybe in a coop game, but what about the teleporter not working?
  12. Cacodreams

    On a Rampage

    I think you missed the link in BlackFish´s post in the 2nd page: http://max2.tradingsystems.net/BlackFish/rampsmall.zip
  13. Cacodreams

    The /newstuff Chronicles #187

    Daniel Level Serie 01 seems to require the jump key (at least I couldn´t find another way to pass map01), although the author claims in the txt file that the wad doesn´t need a source port.
  14. Cacodreams

    Wads in progress

    Oh, yeah! That Slige Modification Megawad looks very promising. I can´t wait to play it!