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  1. Cheesewheel

    NaNoWADMo 2022 - The month-long mapping challenge!

    Let's do it, sign me up!
  2. Cheesewheel

    Malevolence Episode 1 (9 maps Boom Compatible)

    Thanks for playing everyone. I have implemented changes based on feedback. -Pistol sprite lowered. -SSG reverted to normal. -Rocket Imps and Cyberbarons have larger projectile sprites. -Various map fixes. -New status bar (tried my best!) You can get the download from the original post link.
  3. Cheesewheel

    Malevolence Episode 1 (9 maps Boom Compatible)

    Thanks, I've released a hotfix and changed the download link - MAP09 was really busted. Flamethrower actually functions a bit like the chainsaw as it alternates between two frames causing the movement to slow - don't know how it can be fixed. SSG never really bothered me. I can take a look if it's a dealbreaker for some people. Supermedkit is transparent due to settings in PrBoom might change it anyway.
  4. Can you shut down Malevolence before its too late? download<=== Make sure you have UMAPINFO support in your port of choice (recommend PrBoom+). What is Malevolence: Episode 1? Malevolence is a 9 map single player Boom Compatible episode tested in PrBoom+. It features extensive dehacked changes to enemies and weapons. It pits you against an evil SuperAI and its cyborg army as you try to shut down Malevolence before Earth gets converted into cyborg central. Screenshots Monsters Weapons Known Bugs This is my first attempt to get into mapping in the BOOM format so my implementation of common BOOM features may be slipshod or inefficent. In particular, MAP07 is a house of cards and your mileage may vary on anything that is not PrBoom+.
  5. Cheesewheel

    Share Your Sprites!

    Holographic lost soul, all rotations in DL link. Easy to recolour into whatever you want. Download
  6. Cheesewheel

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Having a great time learning to map in Boom format.
  7. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    MAP12 - Bunker Bust Fast paced and carries on the narrative. The drone is introduced and I think not abused too much, they are very noisy and slow with only 50hp. MAP13 - Sci-labs This one almost went in the bin but the midi saves it. The gamplay isn't particulary challenging and I think many areas are too small to really convey the lab aesthetic I was going for. Map14 - Lockdown The tonal shift of the megawad - fights will be larger and tougher from here on out. I really enjoy the open areas of this map and the appearance of the Cacobot - expect to see a lot more of these guys. The cybergunner is also here but less noteworthy. Originally the prison cells had marines in them with the plan to free them. Then maps moving forward would involve these marines off in the distance showing how they were helping you - instead these marines got scrapped and turned into something evil... Map15 - Communications This one is bonkers and I love it, I rush the rocket launcher switch and just let chaos unleash itself. The blue key fight is brutal with prefiring and the yellow key fight is dramatic as all hell. I only wish the red key and backpack were easier to notice. I'll leave the secret maps for a more in depth post.
  8. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    MAP11 - Shipping Zone At the time of creation I was really happy with this one. I hadn't created a three key open non-linear map before so my first serious attempt at it came out reasonably well. It looks great and feels quite realistic. Gameplay is the afterthought for this though - I think I was much more focused on creating the look and setting of the map and populated as an afterthought. Again, this map is quite old. However there is one deep philsophical question everyone has missed. How did the boat even get there if it's completely surrounded by walls and fences?
  9. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    MAP08 - I enjoy the atmosphere and exploration aspects of this. My intention was an improved version of MAP22 of CPD "Ghost Town". Aesthetically, yes, needed more things like health bonuses and bright lights to guide the player however - lesson learned moving on. MAP09 - Interrupt a board meeting by telefraggin the boss archvile - then show off the power of the new plasma rifle. This is action packed and I replay this a lot. I'll address the elephant in the room, the RL fight - several times I considering removing it and making the map plasma only - maybe that was the right choice (or possibly optional secret fight - a missed opportunity). As it stands the fight is optional and you can beat the map with plasma only as there are plenty of cells. I'll say no more on the matter, moving on! MAP10 - A break map for me, the run up to MAP09 spent a lot of creative energy and I needed to fall back on something simple, hence it kind of being forgettable and bland... On replays you can spice this up by rushing the SSG, you can get to it straight away.
  10. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    MAP07 - Human Processing Each key fight is great fun and the premise of entering a literal human processing factory made by the demons is fantastically morbid. I never like the action between the big fights though, the space isn't open enough and there isn't enough to do between fights. I think the dead simple arena is more than just a gimmick, it's a 2 wave arena fight with extra enemies beyond mancubi and arachnotrons. Map08 should be entertaining for those wanting to do a bit more exploring after the cramped conditions of map07.
  11. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    Map06 - Sewer Rat This starts off great, a mad dash for weapons dodging lots of fodder until you get armoured up. I like to rush the rocket launcher then start disposing of them. The yellow key trap makes you move fast and I like the SSG trap not only because it loops nicely back but also the cheeky cacodemon behind you can get you off guard. The reveal of the ruined city shows that we are out of the wastelands and in the thick of it now. Good stuff and the first map I am really content with; I still like to regulary replay the start of this one.
  12. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    MAP05 - Trainyard It's always important to remind myself that these maps were made over a year ago and that design decisions made then do not reflect my current skill and philosophy. Still, the essential items are unnecessarily hidden and dampen the experience. I always felt this map was too short but the introduction of bigger monsters alongside bigger guns is welcome. Bring on map06 where things start opening up.
  13. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    Map04 - Remnants It's meant to be the remains of an old manor house occupied by demons, hence the chapel outside and kitchens in the basement. Original plans included a shootout in a painting gallery and a much more developed manor layout - again ambition higher than skill in this instance. It's nice to get the SSG here but with big guns come big enemies. The hedge maze fight is really fun, chaos knights are montrous infighters.
  14. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    Map03 - House of Hate A hellish installation in the wasteland, meant to show again the impact made on the landscape by the invaders. I enjoy the cacodemon lift ambush with plasmaguys behind you. Beserk should be used to punch out revenants. I've never known about the BSK skip until it's been pointed out to me now - sometimes when you test a map you play the same intended way again and again rather than look for different approaches. Oh well, I quite like leaving tricks like that in maps.
  15. Cheesewheel

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Uprising

    Thanks to everyone giving Uprising a go, you've got a real journey ahead of you if you stick around for the whole month! Uprising was my 2nd megawad after CPD, made in a mad dash after the birth of my daughter and during the UK's third lockdown, there were many sleepless nights and empty days that I used to plan and map. Every map you play is made in chronological order, with MAP01 being the earliest and MAP30 being the most recent, hence why you will see a shift in detail, design and scope as the megawad progresses. Following CPD, I set out to create something with greater atmosphere in comparison to the brightly lit techbases of CPD. Uprising was originally called 'dissent' as in 'political dissent' and involved doomguy defeating a demonic evil empire that had conquered earth and freeing the human race from servitude - this became too ambitious for my skills at the time and instead was reduced to what you play today. I must admit that the dehacked changes have very little reasoning behind them other than I did it because I can - hence why I now think the Chaos Knight (Baron Replacement) is unecessary, though some people seem to like it. However, the faster shotgun and plasma changes are for the better and the expanded fodder enemies help make the shotgun and chaingun much more valueable. Map01 - Emergence The first map made for the project starts you in the hovel doomguy has been calling home, planning his uprising. Cute details include the fact that doomguy has been eating and cooking demons (see the imp and knife behind you), his fireside reading and collecting corrupted rainwater from a hole in the roof (all the water is black in uprising to represent the demonic corruption of earth). There were other easter eggs planned for this room including a copy of the communist manifesto on the bookcase and a hidden portrait of Karl Marx - a reference to revolutionary ideas of the wad but I sided against it as it felt needlessly political and polarising. The map opens after collecting the green armor (keen players can see a foreboding reference on the ground next to the armour). The outdoor wasteland looks unappealing to me, I would add more colour variation. Combat is so-so, you have to be careful about introducing new monsters, so I felt it better to make sure the player encounters them in simple scenarios first. I know some people dislike early revenants - my counterpoint is that with the upgraded shotgun, revenants become less problematic. Overall, this map sets the tone effectively and sets off your epic adventure. Fun fact: this map was actually even shorter, the 2nd key area was a late addition to pad out playtime. MAP02 - Swamped Stong contender for worst map in the megawad for me, swamped was meant to be set in a swamp area with submereged buildings and winding vegetation - at this point in my mapping skill, ambition was much further ahead than my ability. It is far too short although the red key pit fight can be quite fun. The secret chaingun can make mincemeat of all the encounters here. The dark atmosphere is also effectively continued here - narratively this is meant to be evidence of how the demons were building there own structures on earth and corrupting the landscape. Fun fact: The warehouse area was a late addition too, the map was even shorter in first revisions!