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  1. Batandy

    [v 0 .9] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    You know, i'd love to see Wolf 3d's 64x64 wall textures upscaled to 128x128 and then compared to Doom 2's upscaled textures in MAP31 and MAP32. Just to see how they'd compare to a manual edit.
  2. I haven't mapped much these days, but i've worked on some general improvements and new weaponry. Here's a preview of the Sawed Off Shotgun and Bats Animus, along with the new blood particles!
  3. You can now enable shadowmaps, requires a beefy pc but you'll get accurate lights around the world, if there's a corner, the light will stop there, not pass through it. Regarding the controls, i mean, i don't really see the issue, it's very obvious that playing with the arrow keys is not the optimal choice and the game is made for a modern control setup. But yeah i'll consider packing gzdoom with an existing config. Once i set up some custom particles, knife slashing will feel more satisfying :P Yeah rotten food is supposed to give you health (and in the future it might also give you a poison status effect if you consume too many of these at once). I'll check to make sure there are no issues. I'm experimenting at the moment, if it's possible i'll add fading fog. Bauul currently passed me a nice script which gives the fog a cool fading effect, but i've got a major performance loss from that so i'll have to see if i can come up with something a bit more optimized.
  4. Happy Halloween! Surprise! Here's a brand new playable beta of the first level of The Crimson Deed! Please, let me know what you think, and have fun! Requires the latest version of Gzdoom (GZDoom v3.6.0) At the moment, it requires Doom 2 but the final release will be standalone! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s8om55h77mc5mzv/Crimson_Beta.ipk3
  5. Batandy

    Spram's Metroid Doom (released)

    Yeah you should definitely make your own stuff in decorate instead of reskinning existing actors, not only for compatibility, but you could also do so much more that way
  6. Batandy

    Spram's Metroid Doom (released)

    Hey I just wanted to say, i've tried it and think it's really impressive, especially the map's layout. When i first opened it i wasn't sure of the 16x16 tiles from Super Metroid being used as textures, but in the end they work fine, giving it a retro artstyle. I like how huge the map is and generally does feel like a 3D rendition of Zebes (albeit a bit smaller scaled given how fast you travel through the areas). Gameplay is fine, i was expecting it to be a bit more metroid like while it's more on the doom side for now. The monster sprites are good, especially those which have rotations. Now here's my thoughts/suggestion on things to tweak, and things you could improve Some rooms feel too crowded, and some enemies are tank-ish (the zoomer in the first area is a good example given how many zoomers are around), i'd balance things out a bit and make some rooms a bit bigger personally, especially in the Norfair area. I'd personally take this a step further by coding some more metroid accurate mechanics kinda like in Metroid Dreadnought, it would really shine that way (Especially if you get a working morphball going instead of faking it with the default crouch). I'd also rework some enemies that acted more like vanilla doom's monsters, such as the security robot being a mancubus. If you disable the weapon lower/weapon raise it will look like you're switching between beams, if you have the patience you could go a step further and even draw transition animations between one beam and another. Also there's a small bug: I've noticed that some of the vegetation actors in crateria are solid and can actually block you and your shots. Solid work, keep it up!
  7. Here's a bunch of great news! Selection Wheel You can now manage your powers with a wheel selection (Powered by DrPyspy's Pywheel) It's also possible to bind specific powers to the keyboard for quick power swapping! Soundtrack The talented musician and fellow Doomer Primeval is now making an amazing soundtrack for this game! Here's a sneak peek of the main theme!
  8. These days i've been working on improving the performance of the game. The results are pretty good, game looks great and plays smooth as butter (I have an amd FX and a GTX 760, and I get an average of 60-140 fps at 1080p). I've also worked on some new props, these are from Warchild's model packs but edited with new textures and normal/specular maps. I had to manually place every candle's fire on the chandelier, it was tedious but worth it in the end :)
  9. Batandy

    Level design tropes you use

    I tend to work less with complex level geometry and more with custom tailored textures for each specific scene. I also tend to place Cacodemons in pairs for some reason (Everyone needs a friend am I right?)
  10. Sneak peek at a new magic power (very WIP)! You'll be able to temporarily summon bat familiars to attack your enemies, it's pretty useful as a crowd control magic attack. Speaking of which, magic is called Animus, and it's a major plot point of the story, i'm not gonna reveal it, so you'll have to find out by yourself!
  11. Batandy

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    Other than all the other examples posted, i'm also gonna give you mine. Personally i love working with standard res textures + PBR, they still have that retro look and don't clash with the geometry of the maps, while also being a bit more fancy and improving the atmosphere i'm going for. Every wall in this screen uses normal and specular maps, including the grate, and the water uses normals, speculars plus a bit of parallax mapping. The water's specular map is specifically made so i could simulate water reflections with no performance loss, parallax also gives it a "fluid" feeling with the texture slightly going up and down with the waves.
  12. Golf x The Crimson Deed Guess what? Vesper occasionally likes to golf! You'll be able to play as her in @TerminusEst13's fantastic golf mod! (Yeah that portrait is a placeholder, don't worry!)
  13. The enchanted seal shall protect this crypt until our deed becomes just a mere myth... The Crimson Deed is an immersive exploration based first person shooter starring Vesper, a vampire that has emerged from a long slumber into a world she no longer recognizes. Explore the ruins of a fallen kingdom, and uncover the truth behind its downfall as you fend off vicious foes with powerful weapons and abilities! Old Teaser Trailer Soundtrack Beta Version Requires the latest version of Gzdoom (GZDoom v3.6.0) At the moment, it requires Doom 2 but the final release will be standalone! Don't forget to bind the required keys Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q8nce9h51u87qi5/Crimson_Beta_V2.ipk3 FAQ Credits
  14. Batandy

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Maybe, but it's not necessary. I'm planning to have some inventory items, but they'll be probably showed on hud. If i end up having a big enough number of things you can keep and collect, then i'll consider it.