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  1. I'm putting a little more story than usual compared to GS1 and 2, which is a new direction for me to explore. That said it will always be story built around gameplay and not the other way around.
  2. Brand new story trailer! I've been keeping the story beats a secret ever since I started working on this, I'm really excited to reveal them now!
  3. Batandy

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    Ahahah, just noticed this thread now, quite the oddball top 25! Thanks for the nominations there, Doom needs more maps featuring boats and ships!
  4. GZ PT is a standalone non-profit GZDOOM based remake of Hideo Kojima's Playable Teaser. While not a 1:1 remake, every sequence has been recreated as close as possible to the original, with low res assets and textures in true retro fashion. Will you manage to escape the haunted corridor? This game is completely standalone, only GZDOOM is required to play! Download: https://batandy.itch.io/gz-pt Here's a full playthrough, don't watch it if you don't wanna get spoiled! HOW TO PLAY
  5. The new demo is finally here! More maps, more weapons, more fun. Are you ready? Get it on itch.io : https://batandy.itch.io/goldensouls3
  6. New featurette! This time it's all about the new Trumpetbuss!
  7. For the UI, I forgot to duplicate it for the non-fullscreen version, just toggle the fullscreen hud and you'll see it. 3D models get cached only once per model, they have almost no performance impact, try using Vulkan to play.
  8. In a desperate world, only one man can make a difference...
  9. This is an updated version of the Demo I've released previously, with new additions and improvements to the gameplay from the main branch, including the long jump tutorial finally explained properly! Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/j8b4rn1ygvc1am6/GoldenSouls3_Demo_V2.zip Golden Souls Demo V2 *Merged with changes from the main branch, this includes: GENERAL *After obtaining a Golden Soul, you will know if it's still possible to collect other souls in the mission you're playing. *Slayer Coins' general location is now on the automap *Gibbed enemies drop armor *Every pickup is now a 3D model *Several new extreme death animations for the monsters *Doomguys sprites and animations completed *Custom fanfare for when you obtain a Golden Soul WEAPONS *Added bullet casings *Added wall decals *Added screen shake when firing (can be disabled in the options) *Consistent weapon behaviors *Raygun Alt Fire is now fully functional *Over And Under Shotgun is not hitscan anymore, but fires bullet tracers *Fixed Over and Under's firing animations not displaying correctly *Extra smoke particles after ejecting shells LEVEL *Tutorial section now has a more correct explanation of how the Long Jump works (sorry!) *Windmill Acres now has several extra ambient sound effects *Doubled the resolution of Windmill Acres' sky *Fixed certain pit areas in Windmill Acres not teleporting the player back (or killing him on hard) I might have missed something, but that's because the mod has gone through a lot of changes since the first demo. Have fun!
  10. Brand new video showing all the features of this mod, enjoy!
  11. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I've streamed a bit of this mapset with the new GMOTA today! I really like the flow of your maps, they are huge but they are not overwhelming, in fact they're quite easy and pleasant to navigate through! Keep up the good work!
  12. Hi, can you please post your PC specs?
  13. Keys can only be found in Key palaces, so you need to explore the world map a bit more before being able to complete that level. I'm aware of that, i'll probably try to fix it for GS3.
  14. -Download- http://www.mediafire.com/file/gzp1odf9953pxch/GoldenSouls3_Demo1.zip The first demo is finally out! You can finally try this new collect-a-thon/sandbox experience, with the whole first map of the game! Please let me know what you think, and most importantly, have fun! GZDoom v4.1.3 or newer only! Fully tested with both OpenGL and Vulkan. I recommend using Vulkan for a more consistent framerate, especially on AMD-based PCs! (Credits list not available yet since it's being worked on! Don't worry, a text file will be included in future releases and also in the first post, along with the ingame credits!)