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  1. rebit

    My Voxel Test Map

    My voxel test map... (working in progress...) VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9E1zogbCJY
  2. but the 'duck' is 2.1 bytes only, i never get a voxel with this size with .kvx...
  3. Hello, Im studying voxels a lot of time, and i post here a lot of stuff of converted voxels to show how voxels can be a good option to rich graphic maps into Doom Engine. Im using the poly2vox tool to coverted this objects... First i found a problem with this voxels, the size of files is not so small, arround 230 kbytes with no high detail..( in /v256 poly2vox conversion mode), its consuming a lot of memory if we have many objects on the map... So, i found a cool project: https://research.nvidia.com/publication/efficient-sparse-voxel-octrees This project can put good high detail Voxels models into a smallest possible size, arround "2 bytes" only, yes 2 bytes ! Look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXSfeGYooD0 The source code of this project is here: https://code.google.com/p/efficient-sparse-voxel-octrees/ If you are a developer maybe you can do this work inside the ZDOOM or GZDOOM !
  4. rebit

    2 minutes Voxelized Stuff in v256 mode

    Z0k, Excelent appointmens. You righ the point you talk about the walls, roads. Im testing this methods and i will try start to develop my map/game soon as possible, so at this moment i dont have any information about how this stuff affect gameplay. ps: I like the theisland.wad, very nice effects and stuff.
  5. rebit

    2 minutes Voxelized Stuff in v256 mode

    I was very thoughtful tonight, and just looking for new alternatives to this work I'm trying to do. I will not convert pré-existent objects from 3D warehouse anymore, why ? 1 - Yes, Some people may find rather that convert pre-existing models can be an inconvenient thing when it comes to the authorship of the work. 2 - As i said in this thread (in Recommendations 'quick-howto' 08-09-2014), the conversion of a 3D model to a voxel works better if the model is fully texturized, the most of the 3D Warehouse Sketchup are just colorized, then the search for fully textured models which give a good result of conversion is quite time consuming, it ends up being quite frustrating whether to have the model you want. So, i have another idea ! There is a software called '123D Catch' from Autodesk (that have a 3D warehouse too), thats convert 2D photos into 3D objects. The generated models are perfect to be voxelized, because are fully native texturize ! My objective now is to convert real stuffs into voxels ... So stay tuned in this thread if you like this idea. The '123D Catch' can export the new model to .OBJ format, but not in .3ds format. So... On the workflow of this job, i will work with another software called 'MeshLAB', to reduce the number of polygons to make the object more soft (kbytes). Meshlab is perfect and very easy to do this task. It can read .OBJ and exports in .OBJ again. WORKFLOW: 1 - Take pictures of objects or places... 2 - Transform the pictures into a 3D object or SCENE with the '123D Catch' 3 - In 123D Catch Export the object to .OBJ format 4 - Import the .OJB into the MeashLAB, optmize the object (remeshing, simplification, reconstruction, delete the trash), export the cleanup to .obj again. 5 - Import the .OBJ into the Rhinoceros 5, adjust the size and centralize ( AXIS, pivot ) 6 - Export from Rhinoceros (Rhino 3D) to .3DS format 7 - Convert the .3DS with 'poly2vox' (v256 or /v512 or less ex. /v350 /v300) 8 - Run kvxoffset.exe to automatic adujst voxel pivots. 8 - Done... (I Learned how to use MeshLAB watching this video.) Let's see if it works... Take a look at what's to come:
  6. rebit

    2 minutes Voxelized Stuff in v256 mode

    I found this article in Sketchup FAQ too. http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000049 Its clarify all the questions. And here: "Access the world’s biggest repository of 3D models You don’t have to build everything you need from scratch. Hundreds of thousands of objects—from vehicles to furniture to people—are available for download from SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse. Use them as placeholders or as starting points for your own assets." from: http://www.sketchup.com/3Dfor/game-design So it's always good to be informed before taking certain positions. In the Architetural scene this is very natural, several manufacturers of furniture, chairs, tables etc, offers their catalogs in 3D just for architects to use in their projects of interior decoration. What is not different to the games when we develop a scene with 3D objects, we can instead use these objects catalogs if they are public in 3d warehouse. http://www.sketchup.com/case-study/sketchup-game-modding
  7. Hello Doomers, Are you a webdeveloper ? What do think in create a Page that you can search and select Musics from Groove Shark, or other big music site and after you selected all the musics that you want the site makes a respective package .wad for your MOD ! Or even going further, put a system inside the engine where you can create a playlist on a website and the ENGINE of the game reads this playlist and plays music according to the playlist you generated ONLINE. Or just create a plugin/code to engine that can connect to grooveshark or spoty, for example and play playlists inside the doom engine... :D GROOVESHARK:http://developers.grooveshark.com/ SPOTIFY:https://developer.spotify.com/ DEEZER:http://developers.deezer.com/login?redirect=/api SOUNDCLOUD:https://developers.soundcloud.com/ or others... Im not a developer but, XMBC development have a lot of pratical examples that can be easly understandble by developers. Look the ADDONS for XBMC project and you will understand how this work: example http://mirrors.xbmc.org/addons/frodo/plugin.audio.di.fm/
  8. rebit

    2 minutes Voxelized Stuff in v256 mode

    Thanks for the warning, I'll check the sink, but I really adding that it's okay to use the templates provided there is no profit. As for storing the Voxelizide model there needs to interpret deeper license.
  9. I love the job of SGtMarkIV with Brutal Doom ! I would like to share the idea to everybody start to trying create a effects with nice tools. I think to take a reference just open the Brutal Doom files to create yours like a template. On tool to create a nice effects for our Doom mods is VIDEOCOPILOT. https://www.videocopilot.net/products/ Nice kit 'Action Essentials' https://www.videocopilot.net/products/action2/ And nice kit is 'FLIGHT PACK' too.
  10. rebit

    2 minutes Voxelized Stuff in v256 mode

    My test map with all the stuff ! after read the description :)
  11. Hey guys, if you want to animate your voxel characters, do you know the "The Daz-friendly BVH release of CMU's motion capture database" ? The project is from Carneggie Mellon University. https://sites.google.com/a/cgspeed.com/cgspeed/motion-capture/daz-friendly-release Have a lot of animations in .BVH format. Im trying to do a animated voxels characters... If you know about it please share with us ! rebit
  12. rebit

    2 minutes Voxelized Stuff in v256 mode

    Yeah, i know about this behaviors, im testing the possibilites. Its a limitation about voxels in the engine. But its a cool way. I want to do a entire map in this form to view the final result... I think the method has advantages and disadvantage, i need more time to list all the disadvantage and advantages. But traditional edition is for people that have solid Editor/Doom knowledgment. I still do not fit in with this category ... I'll forward. :)