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  1. Jayman

    MIDI issues under Linux

    I've become really frustrated trying to get MIDI to sound right under Linux. VLC plays MIDI files fine, but every game I've tried (Doom ports, DXX-Rebirth, OpenTTD, you name it) seems to produce different results despite my efforts to make their configurations identical. For a comparison, take a listen to the audio in the attached archive. More info about how I recorded the two audio files see the spoiler below. Is there something I'm missing? If I use the same synthesizer, and the same SoundFont, shouldn't I get pretty much the same results? I know that it might seem small, but I genuinely think that it hinders my ability to enjoy certain songs. Flee Compatison.zip
  2. Died on MAP01 :( RIP (Cat 2).lmp.zip
  3. Jayman

    Exomoon Megawad [Director's Cut Release 3]

    Looks awesome! Before I started playing, I noticed some flaws with the included text file (they're all nit picks). I know what you mean by "-cl 11", but someone new to the Doom modding scene wouldn't. I would recommend changing it to "-complevel 11", or just "CL11" to make it clear that "-cl" is not a valid command line parameter. Should be "Exomoon". For consistency, you should change "zdoom" to "ZDoom", and "prboom" to "PrBoom". It should also be noted that the final version of PrBoom was 2.5.0. I believe that you were referring to PrBoom+ (which does have a version "emergencial" should just be "emergency". Two issues here. The first one I mentioned before, PrBoom should be PrBoom+. The second is a formatting inconsistency. You use a space to separate ZDoom from its version number, but then use a hyphen to separate PrBoom from its version number. I recommend replacing the hyphen with a space, but, no matter how you do it, the most important part is that you stay consistent. Pick one.
  4. Jayman


    The fighting was fun. Finding the lift that was unmarked (even in the automap!), was not.
  5. Jayman

    The Monastary of Korax ver1.0

    It's fine, but why did you put the rusted key in a secret? It wasn't worth the trouble to find it.