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  1. A video of mine... I've got lots of things that doesn't show as well..
  2. Here's some screenies. The items are not put out well, I'm redoing some stuff and re-implementing them and so forth. And at the same time as I am mapping I also put out things so that I can see how they look ingame. The project is not aimed for opengl but software instead. Even though textures aren't 128x128ish I still comply with 1 pixel 1 unit doom standard. The maps will not be using 3d floors or slopes even though I'm perfectly capable of doing them. Why? because I wanted to stick more to doom limits except linedefs amount and resolution of textures etc (for the sake of less repeats when being tiled.) Infact forced software mode would be nice.. I'm on the verge of changing map editor because Doom Builder 2 and Gzdoom builder freaks out after a while when having 20-30k+ linedefs (not just for this tiny area ofc) ;) Seems like Slade is more stable but I'll have to learn it better. Seems much less capable though http://imgur.com/sFZ7Yf8 http://imgur.com/1VrEsGu http://imgur.com/ZG3RcqB http://imgur.com/DVTSGqI http://imgur.com/7SZhMOn http://imgur.com/AvB4ju6 http://imgur.com/PYxdL4G http://imgur.com/mIo08i7
  3. I know all that already, but couldnt be bothered. :P Thanks anyway! Anyhow, Just cause I'm here with a new user doesn't mean I'm a newcomer, cause I'm not. I just didn't want to use my old name. Hehe :)
  4. Yeah noticed.. really ridiculous how bad they've gone.. Will fix them now
  5. http://i.imgur.com/3WQYfQH.png http://i.imgur.com/SLMQfCI.jpg http://i.imgur.com/PCNMcEI.png
  6. Hi! Been searching everywhere but didn't find. How do i make detail-texturing in gzdoom?
  7. XYH

    Detail-texturing in Gzdoom

    Ahh, wasn't sure about it. Detail texturing is good when used right. And especially for older engines considering that using too high res for any doom engine port is kind of overkill. As for JPEG, it should almost be a crime to use it unless ofc the compression artifact is extremely small.