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  1. Penguin

    KB & mouse issues in ZDoom

    This happens to me, but it seems to only happen when i directly warp into a game using the commandline and/or run Winamp. I thought it was a Winamp plugin conflict, but my hotkeys are disabled and I'm apparently not the only one experiencing it. The keys don't stop responding, they get stuck instead.
  2. Penguin

    Doom Builder's ACS Editor

    edit: nevermind :D
  3. Penguin

    How do I get started with some basic scripting?

    Thanks, I got that sorted out. Now I'm sure this is a stupid question but where is the Scripts menu?
  4. I'd like to start with ZDoom scripting, but I don't see any place to add or edit them. I get this when I try to make a new Map w/ ZDoom: WARNING: You have no IWAD file set for this configuration! WARNING: Could not find required lump PLAYPAL WARNING: Could not find required lump PLAYPAL The most recent version of ZDoom doesn't come with a zdoom.wad file, so what should I use?
  5. Penguin

    New pic of the Pinky "demon"

    Damn, that movie looked cool until I saw the rock's ugly mug. I don't think I can watch a movie starring that half-wit. This pisses me off.
  6. Penguin

    Presidental Poll (Doomers)

    Lieberman is a conservative-leaning moderate democrat. To say one party "loves censorship" is ridiculous. There are democrats and republicans who believe in that BS videogame censorship
  7. Penguin

    Presidental Poll (Doomers)

    I'll also enjoy voting for Barack Obama for US Senator... The fact that Alan Keyes invaded my state and tried to run disgusts me. I have no problem with Republicans, I'll actually vote for a few. Keyes, on the other hand, is an extremist, self-righteous ass. Kerry, his beliefs stack up much better to mine. Bush has done nothing to earn my trust or respect and I think Kerry can do better... if not... he can't do any worse.
  8. Penguin

    Free Antivirus Software?

    for the linux users: http://www.f-prot.com
  9. Penguin

    Alien vs Predator (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)

    That's exactly what I was expecting... good thing I didn't waste my money on it =) I'll wait for this one and RENT it (if that's even worth it)
  10. Penguin

    A Skinny Puppy vid.

    I just saw it at some other site, I must say that's some pretty cool dancing but it's rather cheesey nonetheless. (especially in comparison to their old videos) It's still a great song, at least they're expanding their horizons scroll down to sick's post for a link to it: http://www.supplicant.org/discus/messages/1972/7283.html?1092601464
  11. Penguin

    A Skinny Puppy vid.

    Where's the video? :(
  12. Penguin

    Bush is dum, lolz

    The laughter in the background was the icing on the cake!
  13. Penguin

    Windows Feature Request (heh)

    I'd like to see a firewall included (like Linux's iptables) Then again, I'd be skeptical of a Microsoft firewall for good reasons lol Also, this may be more on ATI's end than Windows... but I'd like to see an option to enable/disable AF and AA in programs when you right-click on the shortcut. Like how you can change the compatibility mode, there should also be graphics options. I use AA in some games and not in others so it'd be convenient
  14. Penguin

    Maggots [Slipknot]

    listen to Skinny Puppy instead... God's Gift (Maggot) =)
  15. Penguin

    Another Source Leak

    Let the critical updates roll in!!!