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  1. Hello everybody, I am Joseph Bergmann (friends call me Joe), I am a 48 year old resident of Moscow, Russia (I'm on a field trip to Romania right now, though). My primary occupation is that of a plant biologist, though I sometimes expand on this with other undertakings as well, such as field trips where I like to experiment with plants of foreign countries (like the one I'm on right now) and various hobbies (I mantain an underground hardcore rock act called Shadows of Crucifix, along with several of my friends, we sell our vinyls in the flea market here and split profits). I like to see myself as an open-minded individual, not afraid to try new things at the cost of inhibition, despite my age.

    Of course, I am huge fan of the ubiquitous Doom series (just like many here, I suspect), which is the primary reason of my coming here. I hope to contribute to these forums as much as I can, and perhaps share some of my thoughts and insights as well if the occasion calls for it.

    I'd like to get to know you people too, so tell me something about yourself too!

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    2. scifista42


      Hello, I'm 20yo student of IT who has moderate knowledge about the Doom engine, scripting, mapping and modding, though I'm by far not very talented at the creative modding.

      I really hope that you're familiar with source ports and custom Doom maps and mods, and if not, that you'll familiarize with them soon. Doom's easy moddability and excessive amount of archived user-made content (some of it really quality) keeps this community alive. New maps and mods are being made and played every day.

      By the way, making "Hello" threads is prohibited on the forums (besides "blogs"), you should better read F.A.Q. first.

    3. Canofbacon


      I make Doom wads that no one likes.

    4. Obsidian


      Hi, I'm a lump of shiny volcanic rock.