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  1. Definitely Doom64EX for me, Brutal Doom 64 changes things up here and there but I absolutely hate the tortured human decorations.
  2. Yoooooooo, I had that when my GTX480 died mid-game. Granted, it was a second-hand graphics card, but with the random flickering I expect that it will eventually died anyway. I got a ton of stories to tell but I'll put a list of the crazy ones: My first computer getting infected with a virus that initially take the form of a notepad with dog ears on it. I remember running it would show up a debugger of some kind. Windows would run normally but nothing is clickable at all. Ever since I stopped college, I relied on my usual laptop for work and gaming, that is until one day it decided to overheat and I can only use intermittently. I had to use an old computer we had, which doesn't run much games but I can work with. Cue THAT one too died due to one of its capacitors popping up, while I was only browsing Facebook and was chatting to a friend. Nice. Got a new desktop so I can continue doing some artwork thanks to my parents... which also have one horror story of its own. In my previous years of dealing with computers, I never had a lightning strike happen on me. So about earlier this year my parents decided that it's time to resubscribe to land cable broadband internet, a move that would saved money than me having to tether to my smartphone. So one day it was a bit rainy and I was off work, it was waiting for the internet line (I was using LAN cable to the modem) to reestablish and suddenly there was a strike. The modem was a complete goner, my motherboard is fried, so does my PSU, my Sidewinder X5 mouse, my printer and my GT 630 graphics card. Surprisingly (and thankfully) my drawing tablet. keyboard, RAM sticks, HDD (most importantly and processor is still working, though they have to be transferred to a new mobo which I am using right now. To this day, whenever I hear thunder I would shut the computer down and the modem as well, then going to bed and wait it out.
  3. I just realized that some triggers in Doom 64 needs you to pick up the item proper. While there's no problem with item secrets, but if you happen to have a full ammo stock (example, super shotgun secret and the first rocket launcher in MAP29: Outpost Omega) that weapon secret or monster spawn won't trigger.
  4. Endgadget said that this one will not have SnapMap.
  5. Also it appears that John Romero's account turned into Guest, while I was looking for his quotes.
  6. So rickacid's computer is currently having problems and he's sick, and he wanted me to post these map schematics on the site. So if there's any question about this, I'll forward this to him and reply back sporadically.
  7. Alright, second map. I don't really see much to point out, but there's this two that I will. a) the lamp box to the right of the first lift in the map is walkthroughable while the left one isn't. b) you can clip through the door you see (the one where you descend the stairs down to the streets). I think this was supposed to be opened instead of that? there is nice touches and a couple of surprises with monster closets, and I think the buildings are quite well done. GJ.
  8. For me I was having problems trying to clean out the room after the red door, but I just need to run over their heads and fight them off. Marble stone path before the exit could use a way back up if you fall down. Some area needs some work with the texture alignment. Other than that, nice one.
  9. it's more based on , and the video is its child.
  10. I regret my question.
  11. Would the Red Crescent is subjected to the same issue with the Red Cross by the by?
  12. So as most of us know, starting with some console ports of Doom has their red crosses on the stimpack, medikits and berserk packs changed into pills. What caught my eye however as I watched James and Mike play In The Shores of Hell on their Xbox 360's BFG Edition of Ultimate Doom, I noticed that the berserk packs retains their red cross. Now I am curious if this change is exclusive to the X360's BFG Edition.
  13. I remember when I was a kid, I get vivid imagery of E1M1 being played, sometimes various maps in the shareware pool up to E1M4 I think. Suffice to say that Doom sort of make me stuck in first person viewpoint during my dreams.
  14. Romero released the unfinished MIDI collection way back, it's possible he still have the originals.
  15. here's a tip. If you don't like the key prompt glory kills in your key bindings (Pretty sure they have that option), blank out the prompt for them, and disable the flashes.