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  1. ZeroTheEro

    Would you?

    His website has the contact info, even decino's videos got his email address. Or you could DM him on twitter if needed.
  2. ZeroTheEro

    Would you?

    he still replies to his emails anyways, so I guess this is for PR-ish stuff?
  3. ZeroTheEro

    Next doom game won't have mick. Is doom, doomed!?

    despite the drama, Doom would be fine even without Mick Gordon. True, his works for 2016 and Eternal are great, but at the end of the day other people can fit the bill id was going for. Hulshult and Levy did a great job anyways, even they would be replaced one day, like Prince and Hodges did eventually.
  4. ZeroTheEro

    The Unity Port Thread - PS/Xbox/Switch/IOS/Android

    I guess those'll have to do for now. Many thanks.
  5. ZeroTheEro

    The Unity Port Thread - PS/Xbox/Switch/IOS/Android

    I'm well aware of the DMEMUPIC but I'm looking with the one with the logo and the bottom text included.
  6. ZeroTheEro

    The Unity Port Thread - PS/Xbox/Switch/IOS/Android

    So, back in 2019, this was the title screen for the game, and as we all know this got replaced when the big 2020 patch came in. My question is, does anyone has a screenshot of this titlescreen for Doom II (taken from the Switch version for consistency reasons) or does it still exist in the LUMPs in the current version?
  7. ZeroTheEro

    what weapon should i beat the spider mastermind with

    no ammo? use your fists. granted you won't last long, but you tried.
  8. ZeroTheEro

    When did you meet Doom?

    1995, when my dad bought a new family PC for the first time, it came with a couple of shareware CDs. One had Doom on the label, the other has Rise of the Triad. Those two and a few other games I played on the disc (God of Thunder, Zone 66 and many others) for considerable amount of time, but Doom is standout for me because so scary it is. Game runs smooth on my Pentium PC, but for some reason the music never worked despite having onboard sound at the time and the sound effects are only PC speakers. ROTT had voices and no music either, so to remedy the lack of music I had either Richard Clayderman or Kenny G CDs on the CD drives - remember when CD drives have play buttons on them instead of just eject? my 4-year old self tinkered with the setup but only that worked, so I played as much as I could (best I can remember is up to the exit of Toxin Refinery) on ITYTD. Other than that, I let the demo just run to the point the sequence of PC Speaker bloops is just ingrained to my head.
  9. ZeroTheEro

    Quake II Remastered

    I've seen worse and I know the pain of me being screwed over in a MP match because of ping, don't assume I don't.
  10. ZeroTheEro

    Quake II Remastered

    >isn't the worst thing in the world though ...right.
  11. ZeroTheEro

    Quake II Remastered

    not if you live in region with lots of people playing.
  12. ZeroTheEro

    Quake II Remastered

    I got around finishing the first set of maps and I gotta say I love it. When Quake2RTX came out I never got around on actually finishing the first level. Kudos to Nightdive for actually making it playable for me and giving me the motivation to start playing properly like the Quake Remaster, and maybe finishing it somewhere down the line. Too bad multiplayer is still shit for me since I can't even get my friends to play boomshoot with me, everyone else got 2-digit ping and I here I am hitting the 200s 😭
  13. ZeroTheEro

    Does the super shotgun have more or equal damage as a rocket launcher?

    Cybies and Spidermom are not immune to direct explosive damage. They are immune to splash damage. If they were immune to explosive damage, I'd say the E2M8 fight would be impossible.