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  1. ZeroTheEro

    Quake Remastered

    By default it should be F12 with Steam. You can then use "Show on Disk" button in the Screenshot Uploader window. If you're out of the game, at the Steam Library, select View at the top left and then go to Screenshots from the dropdown window.
  2. ZeroTheEro

    It's Cirno Day

    Touhou Project is a bullet hell STG in the vein of Dodonpachi, Battle Garegga et.al. As for why Cirno Day is a thing, think it like an inside joke among fans of the series like how...
  3. ZeroTheEro

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    It's hungry ghost festival yesterday.
  4. ZeroTheEro

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

    my bad.
  5. ZeroTheEro

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases Petition

  6. ZeroTheEro

    What weapon is that?!

    Pretty sure they added bot support in one of the patches, I forgot which one.
  7. ZeroTheEro

    Brainstorming Name Ideas for My Next Project

    Eyes of the World
  8. ZeroTheEro

    Quake Remastered

    Is it me or the status bar face isn't animated at all? Like Ranger glancing left and right on idle.
  9. ZeroTheEro

    Quake Remastered

  10. ZeroTheEro

    Should I get an air fryer?

    yes, you should. It's a very good timesaver.
  11. ZeroTheEro

    A hypothetical question involving costumes

    yeah that's close enough for the top.
  12. ZeroTheEro

    Arrow keys or WASD for movement?

    WASD because it's the norm for me now
  13. ZeroTheEro

    Quake Remastered

    Oh yeah, this is amazing. I just got up to LGR's blerb about the game, and I downloaded the thing instantly I think I like it so far, though for some reason Q64 hurt my eyes at first, don't know why.
  14. ZeroTheEro

    Opinions on getwad wad program for zdaemon

    what, you mean something like Doomseeker?