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  1. RendermaN

    Doom featured in Family Guy

    Yes I saw the doom play on tonight as well. I am glad it was "real" footage and that they didn't try to "Draw" the game.
  2. RendermaN

    Doomers by Location

    Universe [**]Milky Way [***]Sol [****]Terran [Earth] [*****]North America [******]United States [of] [*******]Wisconsin [member state] [********]Eau Claire county [*********]City of Eau Claire [**********]547[01] Though I was manufactured in Lakenheath, Suffolk (England) As I understand it saying England/Suffolk/Lakenheath is equivalent to State/County/City in the US. See originaly each state was actually considered a separate country, hence the extra level of government, and the term ?United? states, not the ?Holy Roman Federal Government of Earth? as it is now becoming. But by the end of the civil war State rights were irrevocably destroyed, now governors practically have less power than a Walmart store manager.
  3. RendermaN

    The 3 Vollintears!....Okay maybe just one.

    I volunteer to not volunteer, so lets just agree to disagree.
  4. RendermaN

    home networking

    I have just 2 computers on my network, but I will soon have my firewall/server back in place.
  5. RendermaN

    Time Travel

    Enstine described a 4 dimensional universe, 3 spatial (like the X,Y,Z in 3d graphics) and a 4th diminion that is time. You are allways traveling, and can only travel, at the speed of light according to relativity. Never fatster, never slower, but four us it is allmost all in the 4th dimension of time. As you you go faster in one of the 3 spatial dimensions this speed must be subtracted from the fourth dimension, this the faster to the speed of light you go the less speed you have left for time, wich translates to the apperance of time slowing down. Beacuse of this you can never go back in time, only bring it to a stop. (this is why a photon can last forever and travel across the universe, it is traveling at the speed of light and so has no time factor, no time factor means no decay, thus eternal exsistance, which is techncally what heat death of the usinverse really is, all enrrgy in matter slowing becoming photons/light untill all time grids to a halt).
  6. RendermaN

    BEFORE you release your wad...

    Who even listens to the MIDI sound any more (well I cant because im to lazy to get my synth working under slack). But my point is I allways listen to Comercial music cds or MODs/MP3s when playing doom and I just crank the sound effects and turn off midi. I would prefer no one included midi sound in wads. If its a must, have a link to mp3s of good quality sound and let me burn them to cd or play them in a seperate process in the background.
  7. RendermaN

    Die, Phobos Lab, Die!

    Someone will need to write a utility to convert doom 2 maps to doom 3 automaticly.
  8. RendermaN

    Multiplayer or Single player?

    I like doom Co-op, but not DM, that is why I am dissapointed to hear DooM III will not have Co-op. I only like quake DM, but back in the day for Unreal there were alot of co-op games online, that was fun. Nothing like finishing the castel level in 2 minits with 6 players online, the monsters never had a chance!!!
  9. RendermaN

    Doom on IRIX

    Slack baby, slack!!!
  10. RendermaN

    When did you first play doom?

    I remember the first time I heard this question on the forums. It was a warm fall day and I had just created my accout on Doomworld. I thought well this Is a cool question, It will give me a feeling for how long people on here have been playing doom. It was one of my first posts and I will remember it fondly.
  11. RendermaN

    Unreal2 too short - will Doom3 be longer?

    Whats most important is that it have a good feeling ending. Half life and theif were awsome because it was a good feeling when done, but System shock 2 took 4ever to finish, and had a gay ending I didnt understand cus I never played SS1, not to even mension my dissapointment at the end of Quake II. At the time I first played Doom 1 it had the coolest endeng I ever saw, but the doom II ending was horible, forshadowing the worthless endings in all future ID games (Excluding Hexen, but that was made by raven anyway).
  12. RendermaN

    New take on an old overdone question.

    Nothing is better than offing an imp with one shot from a single shot shotgun!!
  13. RendermaN

    Realism or Surrealism?

    Um, I beleve its allready been done as Doom episode 1, 2 & 3. :)
  14. RendermaN

    Who are you outside the forum?

    Mechanical Designer going back to school for industrial engineering. When you think, if it was in real life, who would actually design all these UAC panels and mechanical doors for manufacture, think of me!!!!. Oh, and im very humble. When ever I get sick of work I just pretend that the electric panels im drawing are actualy for a mars base, and it all seems fun again. :)
  15. RendermaN

    Best Wad Editing Program?

    Yadex, baby, yadex!!!