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  1. While digging through the vast detritus deposits clogging up my file server, I've found a full snapshot of the Modelyard I once maintained. So I just slapped a new virtual host onto my web server replacing whatever dead links to the Fourwinds ftp server I could with links to a subfolder. https://modelyard2003.chebmaster.com/ I have no idea what would modern antivirusi(es?) think of all those EXE files (self-extracting archives, 7-Zip easily opens them). ESET seems chill. The usefulness of this is very debatable as my models of the time rely on a *specific* Doomsday engine version and its particle effects (later reworked by its author into a different, incompatible mechanism -- the main reason I lost interest in the project) If you want a working sample with all my painstakingly tuned particle effects working, grab the 208 Mb snapshot bloated with unrelated garbage from here: https://gamedev.ru/projects/forum/?id=270051 -- it includes the last JDoom version that worked. May need to switch KickStart2 from Russian to your language. Also, when it whines about DOOM2.WAD answer "No" - that means it will ask you to point to it via file dialog. Answering "Yes" leads to it trying to scan through all your drives. And likely crashing. (Windows 98 I coded it on did not have such a thing as access restrictions) My current opinion on those 19-year old works of mine? TRAVESTY. Go Brutal Doom instead. 2 staff: remove or move to another subforum if you must. To be honest, I only found I have an account here by looking through my password archives for a doom-themed board. P.S. if someone ever wants it, KickStart2 could probably be ported to Lazarus - with effort, due to string handling changes and so on - as the source code is available https://modelyard2003.chebmaster.com/fourwinds/kickstart2_06_src.zip (it was Delphi 2, 3 or 4, can't remember exactly)
  2. chebmaster

    Vanilla Quake 2: OpenGL vs Software

    Please note that that pic is leeched from my old, abandoned home page. My Lanczos renderer page has English version since forever: http://chebmaster.com/q2facelift/index.html Please not that it is abandoned, as I compiled the renderer using Turbo Delphi, which is tied to one of my derelict desktops I am not using (because I lost the eternal key so I am limited to one already installed copy of that product). I also fixed a major bug in Quake II for Delphi project, but no one cares :( It *does* work with the Steam version of Q2, though. Except a few annoying bugs, like corrupt sky at the space station. The main feature of my renderer is using lanczos filtering to pre-upsample textures. That is the best filtering method for low-res images. P.S. I had tried registering here years ago, but the forums were refusing my email address at the time. Very aggravating. I also couldn't present my work to the community because of that.