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  1. NoXion

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    The classic skin doesn't have visible black electrical tape and doesn't look like it's been crudely fashioned out of foam rubber?
  2. NoXion

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    I'm sure they'll make the skins available again at some point.
  3. That looks pretty damn good! I would never expect a one-to-one conversion, but that looks worth downloading when it gets released.
  4. I've got a PC good enough to run Doom Eternal, but I've always wanted to play a classic Doom mod that backports some of that newer game's features. There are plenty of Doom 2016 mods to choose from, but I haven't seen an Eternal one yet.
  5. NoXion

    Call of Doom info?

    It's certainly an interesting chapter in Doom's history, but you know what they say about interesting times.
  6. NoXion

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    I think he's talking about the XIII remake, not Doom Eternal which is more of a soft reboot.
  7. NoXion

    Invasoin Mode mod

    It would be grimly hilarious if modders ended up beating the actual developers to the punch in the implementation of Invasion mode.
  8. This is all true and good, except that Doom Eternal doesn't force you into a particular play-style (I believe UnderTheMayo also says this, in a different video I think). There are multiple ways to neutralise weak points. Having watched footage of people playing, I notice that some of them make heavy use of the Blood Punch, while others do not. The extra movement options and more vertical combat make for more choices in terms of approach. Hell, there are even points in the game when you can do a bit of sniping with the Heavy Cannon before wading straight in, if that's your choice. What the game does do is make you think about every move you make, and on the higher difficulties being able to think a couple of steps ahead becomes even more important. It's one of the reasons why I usually have to play the game one mission at a time, as I find it quite demanding.
  9. NoXion

    Sentinels and Humans

    I don't remember if it is the case in the lore, but I really hope that humans aren't descended from the Argenta or anything like that. It's been proven beyond all reasonable doubt by now that humans evolved on Earth from earlier life forms, that were also entirely native to the planet. If we were transplanted from somewhere else, it would be blindingly obvious to anyone with the ability to undertake more than a cursory study of the human genome. It's one of those tropes that I just have to ignore if it turns up in any media I enjoy. I like the way they did it in Stargate SG-1, in which humans were transplanted from Earth to other planets by the Goa'uld. But then they had to go and ruin it by having Earth humans descended from humanoid Ancients.
  10. NoXion

    DOOM Eternal -- *still* no ray tracing?!?

    TBH I haven't run anything with ray-tracing using my card yet. I was more expressing incredulity at the notion of RTX GPUs being mid-range. Wasn't there a Steam hardware survey that showed most people still used GTX series GPUs?
  11. NoXion

    DOOM Eternal -- *still* no ray tracing?!?

    Huh? Doom Eternal doesn't have ray-tracing.
  12. NoXion

    DOOM Eternal -- *still* no ray tracing?!?

    Is an RTX 2070 Super really considered a mid-range GPU nowadays? *Disappointed RTX 2060 Super noises*
  13. NoXion

    iD please fix this mess

    Is it still the case that bugs can be produced/magnified/whatever by one's particular hardware setup?
  14. NoXion

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    They're both great games. Very atmospheric and pitch-perfect gunplay. I'd say that HL1 just about beats HL2, with the massive selection of mods being the tie-breaker. HL2's modding scene never felt as big or as rich as the previous instalment.