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  1. NoXion

    Bethesda.net issues

    Yeah, they better be releasing Eternal on Steam, because I've already got that and Origin, and that's enough.
  2. NoXion

    "It's too cartoony"

    I think that's a bit harsh. I reckon that people have gotten used to being able to tailor their own game experience via modding, but the issue with this is that a lot of latter-day AAA games aren't as easily modded as they used to be. People just need to catch up with that.
  3. NoXion

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    I play both. I mostly play with mods, but when trying out a classic WAD I don't know, I'll give it a go straight with no mods to get the best idea of the mapper's intentions.
  4. NoXion

    Doom in the browser

    Of course copyright applies, duh. The question is whether the kind of scheme I mentioned could be in violation of it or not. I suspect that it would be, or at least that Zenimax's lawyers would argue such. I can't be sure however since IANAL. The details matter.
  5. NoXion

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I continue in my quest, and hopefully improve my commentary game in the process.
  6. NoXion

    Doom in the browser

    Well, you need a copy of either Freedoom or one of the copyrighted IWADS to play using GZDoom or any other source port. Why not emulate that? Require users to submit a copy or otherwise somehow show that they have the appropriate IWAD, and use the Freedoom version by default for those visitors who are lacking. I realise now that I just restated @UndeadRyker 's edit. So er, yeah, I agree with him. Actually thinking about it, I know books tend to have this phrase within their covers: "All rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the publisher." I'm not sure if video game assets are similarly covered. Something to consider.
  7. NoXion

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Speaking as someone who likes to experiment with this sort of thing, I say give it a go. You might need to alter the order in which the files are executed (ZDoom Launcher is a simple program that's great for this), depending the mod. For example, the negative imps and pinkies might get overwritten, depending on how the original WAD defines them. Somebody who knows how the back-end of this kind of stuff actually works might be able to give more details. Can't see the harm in fiddling around though.
  8. NoXion

    PSX DOOM: Fall Of Triton (OUT NOW)

    Crap. I get this when I try to run it in GZDoom: Execution could not continue. Script error, "triton.pk3:triton.wad:MAPINFO" line 497: Unexpected end of file in cluster definition
  9. NoXion

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    That's true, although they talk so much they can end up interrupting themselves. Also Brutal Doom is a mod for an older and simpler game engine running on a powerful modern source port. I'm not sure if the successes in one can be easily translated into successes in the other.
  10. NoXion

    Potato's Eternal Gameplay Analysis

    So not a reference to a character from Arthurian legend like I first thought it was. Shame.
  11. NoXion

    Doomslayer looks like the Predator?

    Mind you, if when modifying combat armour the designer wishes to give the wearer the ability to shoot flames or rockets while retaining the use of both hands for other, more standard weapons, then what locations would really make sense from a design and engineering perspective other than the shoulders?
  12. NoXion

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Here's me, on top of a mountain and wearing a funny hat.
  13. NoXion

    Thoughts on Human Allies?

    I wouldn't be averse to a few horror-type setpieces a la Doom 3. Helps to hammer home that the Doom Slayer isn't some mindless berserker, but is focusing his rage and violence in the direction of a very specific goal. The eradication of such evil.
  14. NoXion

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I've discovered the Export function on Twitch, which means that I can keep my videos for longer than 14 days. I talk a lot less in the latter video, when I was recording that one I ended up mostly concentrating on the game. I can't actually remember if I've got this far before in this WAD. One of the reasons I decided to start streaming was to give myself encouragement to actually finish WADs. Seems to be working! Also, YouTube Studio tells me that Stream #03 has a copyright claim on it, but it seems like I can't find out who made the claim. The content of that video is very similar to that of Stream #02, which doesn't have a copyright claim on it. Anyone know what might be going on?
  15. NoXion

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I decided to play Maps of Chaos (Overkill) instead of BTSXE1, and added a couple of other mods on top of Complex Doom. Re-watching this, it turns out that I swear a bit.