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  1. NoXion

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Hopefully Dr Richardson has gotten over her crisis of faith by then, otherwise it could be awkward.
  2. Microsoft have more competition now. After browsing some websites for a laptop, I keep getting ads for bloody Chromebooks. I fucking hate the very idea of them, but they exist.
  3. NoXion

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    Apparently there are microbreweries in the US that make decent stuff. It's a shame that hardly any of it makes it over the Atlantic, and of the precious little stuff that does, 4 out of 5 times it will be an India Pale Ale. I'm tired of IPAs. I know for a fact that there are some decent porters and stouts made by US microbreweries. And where are all the brown and red ales?
  4. NoXion

    Will doom be an Xbox an dlc exclusive

    Microsoft aren't like Sony or Nintendo. I saw a Let's Play of God of War 2018 and liked it enough that I wanted to buy it. Only to discover that it was a PS4 exclusive. Oh I'm sorry Sony, I guess my money isn't good enough unless I spend enough of it on an entire system that is unsuited to my requirements.
  5. NoXion

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    Honestly looks better than I thought. Like the cream cheese formed a nice crust, which I didn't expect. I'll have to give it a try if I ever find myself in that part of the world.
  6. NoXion

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    Cream cheese is nice, but on pizza? I'm skeptical that it wouldn't become minging after being in the oven for at least ten minutes.
  7. NoXion

    Alarming Shower Thought

    I'm convinced that we wouldn't have gotten anything like the Doom 2016 we ended up with, if not for the Doom community and it's consistent output of quality user-generated content over the decades. As well as the fact that they've put out at least two blockbuster games with their current approach, I think the embrace of custom content with the Unity port also confirms this. They clearly don't want to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
  8. I think the ambiguity helps to smooth things over socially. It shows engagement without necessarily being explicit as to why.
  9. NoXion

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    The problem I think with anchovies is that they have such a strong flavour, that they overwhelm everything else on the pizza.
  10. NoXion

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    Maybe I'll dip the crusts in garlic mayonnaise if I'm really hungry, since that's literally just bread. But actually putting it anywhere on the pizza with the topping on it? Prepare to burn, heretic.
  11. Why? I had no expectations of this game until I first read this thread. DNF ended up being a dog's breakfast because of its perpetually delayed development. Is there some story about the development of this Serious Sam game that I've missed out on?
  12. NoXion

    Why is it that....

    This dude:
  13. NoXion

    Mouselook or autoaim?

    My preference is to have mouselook with autoaim completely switched off. I dislike the idea of a computer choosing my firing vectors for me. When a monster closet suddenly opens up behind me on an elevated position, and I whip round and instantly blast them all away with the super shotgun, I get to feel smug about having done all that myself.
  14. NoXion

    Strong language?

    According to PEGI, Doom has "frequent strong graphic violence" (duh!) and "infrequent strong language" (huh?). How infrequent is that, really? Maybe I was distracted by all the demon guts all over the place, but I don't remember anyone properly swearing at all. The Slayer never says a word and Hayden is too reserved to dirty his speakers so, not even when the Slayer is smashing up his life's work, the stone-cold bastard. Maybe it was Olivia Pearce? Perhaps during one of her gloating sessions? Silly topic I know, but anyone know for sure?
  15. Is that why mobile gaming is such a massive steaming pile of ad-laden, monetisation-stuffed bullshit? Ugh.
  16. At least they weren't bought by Ubisoft.
  17. NoXion

    Does anybody really value Cacowards?

    The people doing the judging for the Cacowards have probably finished more WADs than I have ever started. I've played Cacoward WADs which I personally didn't think were all that great, but that was because I ended up not liking the play style or the atmosphere the author(s) were going for. The quality has otherwise been consistently decent.
  18. *adds to creakingly massive pile of "Watch Later" videos*
  19. NoXion

    Doom 1 and 2 are ugly?

    There are ways to make Doom look prettier, although Hunter's Moon is the only mod that I've seen which has animated 3D models that look better than lipstick on a pig. Voxel models can look pretty damn good though, shame I haven't seen a finished mod that adds them. I thought with the huge success of retro-styled games like Minecraft, we were past the days when people would dismiss a game merely on the basis of graphical fidelity?
  20. I'm a not any kind of military expert and I have never served, so the following constitutes conjecture on my part. Anyone with relevant experience is more than welcome to comment. Among many endeavours that the UAC is shown to engage in across multiple games, a consistent one is that of weapons research. While I reckon it can be assumed that the plasma rifle is just a futuristic pew-pew assault rifle, the BFG is an odd weapon indeed. The classic version has a wind-up time and emits tracers from the weapon after firing. I'm not sure how the Doom 3 version works. The BFG in the new games fires a massive ball of energetic plasma that shoots out lightning-like tendrils at various targets before impact. Would any of these incarnations of one of Doom's signature weapons be useful on a realistic battlefield? I would say... maybe? The wind-up time on the classic version could perhaps make it impractical, but maybe there are real-life weapons with a firing delay, I don't know. the newest version of the BFG seems like it might be more useful in that respect. But in either case the firepower is unmistakable. What do others think? Was the UAC onto something, or were they so fixated on the question of whether they could, that they never once asked whether they should?
  21. NoXion

    Why is it that....

    I'm guessing that whoever was responsible for the sound design thought that the shotgun sound more accurately conveyed the sense of being ripped apart by their gunfire. The chaingunners can kill you pretty quickly. The little popping pistol sound probably doesn't do it justice.
  22. NoXion

    Why is it that....

    Why is it that there's this radioactive sludge everywhere? What kind of future are we leaving for our children, and our children's children? Oh, the humanity!
  23. I'll make sure to reserve a high chair when I get there, so that you can sit next to me while Satan's minions force-feed you sugar and fake tomatoes for the rest of eternity. Maybe it's not too late for us to repent and go to BBQ sauce heaven.
  24. NoXion

    The First Song Of Each Metal Genre

    There might be some debate over this, but I think Godflesh have it for industrial metal: