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  1. No thanks. Just "Save Map As" in Doom Builder fixed the WAD and kept all maps. I successfully used both tools with it. regards rebmoZ
  2. Thanks for the reply, you made me think, so i just opened MM.WAD, Map 01 in Doom Builder, clicked "Save Map As" "01.WAD". And big Surprise: using the flash tool on "01.WAD" shows the Level Directory in correct order. Even better, "01.WAD" seems to contain all 32 maps. ([Edit:]Exactly the same filesize as MM.WAD[/Edit]) Tomorrow i try the python tool on it. thanks, rebmoZ
  3. So i did, using both tools, creating excel-tables, comparing with the existing wiki(a) tables, making corrections or creating things tables on both wiki sites. The tools work fine for [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/The_Ultimate_Doom']Ultimate Doom[/url], [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_II']Doom 2[/url], [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/TNT:_Evilution']TNT: Evilution[/url], [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/The_Plutonia_Experiment']The Plutonia Experiment[/url], [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Plutonia_2']Plutonia 2[/url], [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Plutonia:_Revisited_Community_Project']Plutonia Revisited[/url] and [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/No_Rest_for_the_Living']No Rest for the Living[/url]. Now it is time to play [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Memento_Mori']Memento Mori 1[/url] again. On my last attempt i stopped playing it after [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAP17:_House_of_Thorn_(Memento_Mori)']Map 17[/url] since http://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAP18:_A_Dead_Man's_Town_(Memento_Mori) and the rest are missing/have empty things tables what caused me to post this thread. But... Neither tool works on MM.WAD: jmickle66666666's flash based tool DoomWikiThingInfo.swf shows the maps in reversed order (strange orders happened before, but each map could be analyzed) and an "S" after each mapname: Clicking each map entry does nothing but lets vanish the Level Directory. (Usually it shows the map infos in a black font on a blue background.) Ribbiks' python based tool Things.py outputs an empty text file, missing any error message. I guess MM.WAD uses a format neither tool can handle, but [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doomsday']Doomsday[/url], [url='http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_Builder']Doom Builder[/url] can. Could you please have a look at it? regards remboZ
  4. Done. Both tools work fine, identical output data for uDoom 1 and Doom 2. Found an error in wiki things tables, so i removed the "Pain Elementals" from Doom 2 Map 16 :-) Great work from you, guys! I copied the links to both tools into the opening thread. regards rebmoZ
  5. You don't need to be sorry (but i do for nagging). Playing from map 32 to map 30 took some time and if you did respond instantly to add Commander Keen i anyway nagged again to please you to add the Monster Spawner. So it was better to update all at once :-D Since i finished playing Doom 2 i discovered that some things were missing in both tools. So i pm'd both authors and asked them for an update that they quickly made: Ribbiks's Tool, that he pm'd me: Since there are no version numbers, i saved it as "2014-10-27_05-39_FGMT_Things.py" (message timestamp the forum shows me as GMT*). Added:Thing 88: Boss Brain (aka Romero's Head) Thing 89: Spawn Shooter (aka Monsters Spawner) Since there are no version numbers, I saved it as "2014-10-27_16-10_FGMT_DoomWikiThingInfo.swf" (that posting's timestamp the forum shows me as GMT*). Added:Support for ExMy level names Thing 72: Commander Keen Thing 89: Monster Spawner Thing 2035: Exploding barrelAgain, i have to thank both of you. I will recompare both tools* outputs to each other and again with the existing wiki tables of Doom 1 and 2 for good. I will post the result in this thread. Next time i encounter something unexpected i better finish playing the game first before asking you again ;-) cheers rebmoZ OT: *GMT: Well... 12:40 is also the time my PC's clock showed me when i sent this Posting. But i know it shows CET.
  6. I really don't want to nag aorund, but ... i am about to play Doom 2 Map 32 and there are four Commander Keens on it. Those are not listed by your tool. Could you please...? regards rebmoZ
  7. Yes, just finsihed Map 2 and was starting to look at Map 3 data and saw four instead of two blue armors. Thank you very much for the fast reaction. regards rebmoZ
  8. I found a bug in your tool. I started playing Doom 2, using Ribbiks' and jmickle66666666's Tools, comparing the output data and comparing the existing tables in the wikis. In Doom 2 Map 02 there is only one blue armor (i checked in Doombuilder) , but jmickle66666666's Tool's output data shows two blue armors? regards remboZ
  9. This sounds pretty useful. (Although I don't remember having played a map that was not written an wiki article about yet. But this is probably since I only played addons mentioned on (the other) doomwiki. So for now I restrict my activities to check thing table contents and secrets descriptions.) For sure any wiki author would be happy (like i am) having such a tool. It does save a lot of time and is more reliable than counting/typing manually. So go on and make people happy :-) regards rebmoZ
  10. Great! Looking for thing amounts will be a child's play using this! Thank you all so much! You helped me really quick!
  11. Well, thanks a lot! This is really a Great job! I was able to do a test run: It works fine with (Miniconda) Python 2.7 (as i found out the usual hard way) and Doom2. I guess Doom 2 compatible WADs should smoothly work too. But trying Ultimate Doom using the batch file "UDoom1ShowWadThings.bat"python ShowWadThings.py "D:\Zeugs\Installer\Spiele\Doom 1+2\OriginalWAD\DOOM.WAD" pause resulted in error messages:D:\Python\2.7\Miniconda>python ShowWadThings.py "D:\Zeugs\Installer\Spiele\Doom1+2\OriginalWAD\DOOM.WAD" Traceback (most recent call last): File "ShowWadThings.py", line 98, in <module> main() File "ShowWadThings.py", line 54, in main things = readThingsLumps(sys.argv[1]) File "ShowWadThings.py", line 27, in readThingsLumps outDict[currentMap] = f.read(n[2]) UnboundLocalError: local variable 'currentMap' referenced before assignment D:\Python\2.7\Miniconda>pause Drücken Sie eine beliebige Taste . . . (I renamed "blahhhhhhThings.py" to "ShowWadThings.py". Re-renaming to the original file name resulted in correspondent error messages.) So it will not list multiplayer flagged things, that is great, since: So i will only verify/edit single player columns in tables (- I have seen tables that have a UV Multiplayer column that i wouldn't mess with). As for the barrels: Using Ribbiks's great tool it should be easy to enter the barrels line when creating a new table. It will be easy also to delete the lines if someone decides that those aren't needed. But it would be a needless work for the same person creating a lot of tables without barrel entries and adding those entries later all at once... Again, thanks for your replies rebmoZ Edit 1: Awesome. Using this one it is even more easy to create tables! You are promoting my laziness :-) It doesn't like Doom 1 too, so i will start looking at things in Doom 1 (if needed) the old fashioned way: tables on both wiki sites for E1M1 differ by one (1) set of shotgun shells since there are three at all, but one of them is multiplayer only as i looked yet in doombuilder. So i will mess with Doom 1 map article thing tables only when there is a difference between both wikis or if i encouter mistakes. Edit 2: After just checking E1M1 because of a difference: I can say: "It IS time consuming."
  12. Awesome! That is precisely what i was looking for (for personal use)! I dont't want to seem greedy, but in wiki tables (almost) always keycards/skull keys are listed, sometimes (for unknown reasons) exploding barrels too. Personally i don't mind about keycard/skull key and exploding barrel amounts, so if you wouldn't add this feature i wouldn't be sorry. But for completeness's sake i'd please you to add at least a keycard/skull key "counter". Now i am neither a programer nor a scripter due to the lack of knowledge about the syntaxes of any most program/scripting languages, but i claim do know how (at least) "simple" things may work. (I don't want to depreciate your help and work, please don't misunderstand me, but:) As i learned while reading those tables and playing the maps, sometimes things are listed that only appear in multiplayer mode. If your tool just reads the skill flags, the output data, put in tables and posted in an article, may confuse wiki readers. Aren't those tables supposed to show only singleplayer things? Or is those's purpose to show multiplayer things too? Anyone knows? Maybe it'd better to create two tables per map article if the things counter differ from singleplayer to multiplayer only things? BTW: Errrrr... how to use your fine script? Do i have to compile it?
  13. Thanky you for the answers Yes, i found it using the forums searchs and tested it before i opened this thread. The first edits i made i did without an wiki account, but i roughly know what i did (i used to correct descriptions about secrets and how to find those). Too bad i don't remember in which map articles. So i will create an account on doomwiki.org and try to correct entries. Of course, not all at one time, but time by time as i play through the games and check each map article on both wikis while playing. Edit 1: This would be a great help and safe up a lot of time. Edit 2: Just created my Account on doomwiki.org. I'd better read the completely before filling out anything (including the complete CAPTCHA code) and clicking the "create" button over and over again. Hr hr hr. I guess i will start replaying all my wads (once) again and do some edits (if needed) soon.
  14. Two great tools that show things linke monsters, weapons and ammo inside WADs! jmickle66666666's flash based tool "DoomWikiThingInfo.swf" - examines one selected map inside a WAD - outputs the source code of a wiki "prettytable", ready to copy and paste into wiki articles. Version 2014-10-27_16-10_FGMT: Ribbiks' python based tool (he pm'd me the latest version) "Things.py" - needs Python 2.7 - numpy (a python module) - examines a whole WAD - usage: Command line or Batch file that contains:python Things.py "D:\Your\Path\To\WAD\File\DOOM2.WAD" > DOOM2things.txt pause- outputs a list of all maps in WAD and things contained in each map. Version 2014-10-27_05-39_FGMT Original posting: