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Status Updates posted by Fonze

  1. AtTUqDK.jpg


    Made a couple cheesecakes for my coworker who is retiring after tomorrow; I cut my finger while making the stencils for this and also wound up destroying said stencils while the cakes were baking, but without enough time to make new ones, so I freehanded the designs. They didn't turn out particularly well, heh; I'm only as good as my stencils, but I guess it's not too bad for freehanding. Still, half of foods reception is in its presentation, so I'll definitely lose points there, however they turned out well otherwise and taste awesome; I made the standard 1:8oz:1/4cup:1/2+tsp egg:cream cheese:sugar:vanilla mixture for the base layer, took the leftover from that and added in more sugar, more vanilla, and sour cream to make a top layer. I baked the bottom layer for about 25-30 minutes before adding the second layer on top and baking for another 35 at 325F. Cheesecakes are really quick, easy, and impressive treats to make, but they are also really easy to muck up; these wound up with about 1 fair-sized clump per 1-2 big spoonfuls of batter, most likely because I didn't warm the eggs beforehand and added them perhaps a bit too fast for how cold they were, as that can cause slight clumping the same as not warming the cream cheese can. I leave cream cheese on the counter for several hours to warm it up; 30 minutes and even an hour has never proven enough to rid my cakes of lumps. The eggs in this case I stuck in the fridge and forgot to pull out 30-to-an-hour beforehand.


    Keeping in mind they are related to retirement, can anyone tell what they are or are they too messy to tell?

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    2. Lüt


      Best thing an art teacher ever told me: nobody knows what never leaves the drawing board.


      If you hadn't said what you originally wanted to do with them, I would have assumed they ended up the way you wanted and said they looked nice. Just call the bottom one "Salvadore Dali does a clock" and you're good to go.

    3. Fonze


      Lol, that's true, and good advice I'll have to remember, but I like the discussion and sharing the story. Sometimes it is fun to read about others making silly human mistakes and trying to overcome them and sharing stories where I do stupid things hopefully will make some people chuckle once or thrice. I was also kinda nervous upon making them, given how the entire event played/turned out and before bringing them in; I wanted to know basically how bad they looked. Funny that we tend to unconciously phrase things to reflect what we want to find, but I guess it wasn't so bad, which is nice. And thanks :)


      Memfis actually was right on the money with both; I went for a destroyed/melting clock with the numbers falling off because as he said, no need for it anymore, heh. It actually did turn out very close to how I originally wanted it, which was basically decided when they came out of the oven because I spent too long screwing with too-good-a-quality paper plate and a razor blade making and destroying the stencil, as well as cutting up apparently 3 of my fingers, though only one bled, for the other one. I'm admittedly not always the sharpest apple in the race, but I figured my calluses would handle the blade better than that? Also that it wouldn't take so long or require such force and tight grip to cut through that thick plate, heh. Famous last words: "oh this'll be quick!"


      The other one was originally supposed to be an rv in the woods camping by a fire with 2 logs to sit on and a couple trees under the moon; aside from the details being a bit borked, the drawing is similar to what I was gonna make with the stencil. I drew the rv too small on the cheesecake though; it was bigger on the stencil, which itself was already too small for the size of the cheesecake. I also shouldn't have tried to cut the details into the stencil given how small and tightly packed they were, heh; would have been smarter to use another part of the plate for details and just leave outlines on the main part for stability while cutting; I eventually ripped all 4 corners of the rv that I left uncut while I cut even the outline, let alone the details.

    4. kb1


      I was going to say wacky clock and RV before I scrolled down and read further. Another (perhaps not as cool) way to go is a standard clock face without any hands.


      And, this is the second time I've read about you bleeding all over the food in the kitchen! (not really, but close, huh?) Dude, instead of chopping food, imagine your shooting rockets at lost souls, and you'll be set :)


      Actually a thoughtful gift and caring effort: You go, man!

  2. My girlfriend's 22 month old daughter wouldn't let me play some tdm alone... she got her first frag tonight ^^


    Don't tell her mother

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    2. Alfonzo


      Oh, so that's why your marine was jumping up and down on the spot. A fine performance, under the circumstances.

    3. Fonze


      Loool yes, she found the space bar, I jumped over so many ssg's in the match I spectated out of, but major props to either dk or 42% (I think it was 42%, heh) for that frag... I'll never forget it haha (even though I've kinda already forgotten which specific one it was, but it was in the first game on d5m1). Will likely record the demo later for incriminating evidence.

    4. Fonze


      Just got home and saw this note, so I drew up a quick, stupid response to summarize my feelings of getting back so late:



  3. Finally got tired of cleaning the messes of others unnecessarily left for me, so a gift for my esteemed co-worker:



    Christmas came early 


    Stop skipping parts of cleaning and leaving them for me you lazy slob.

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    2. Fonze


      Lol yes. Also an update; I added a happy face :D



    3. Delete


      Top notch texture alignment!

    4. Slimz


      Thats most fucked up status I have seen on my life.

  4. I baked a couple double-layer sour cream cheesecakes today. Taking one over to my girl'shouse; she likes irises so I made a stencil and put in a design with some powdered chocolate :)



    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Fonze, you Casanova... ;-)

      Have a nice evening together.

    2. geo


      I ate 2 doughnuts today. Good work on the love pie.

  5. Nothing like seeing Dume in-action every time I turn on my phone :)


    Here are a couple valiant efforts from our beloved Doomguy: apologies on quality; phone comes with a gif recorder but it's only 15 secs max, and it takes a few secs to save and get the next one set up, so some parts are to be left to the imagination, heh.


    Round 1:









    Round 2:




    (Assume death; you can see Doomguy has no evasion here, heh, and that cybie up close always weks him)


    It's a major shame that the author of this wallpaper didn't take the time to make it legal by requiring iwads to be run, as it is not only constantly entertaining, it also is rediculously light on battery use, to the point where I see no difference between having it and having a static one; it is by far way more conservative on battery use than any other live wallpaper that struck my fancy, though the shake em up one was hilarious with the right settings, heh. Still, I nabbed it from the play store when it was up there and I refuse to get rid of it or not redownload to new phones, lol.

    1. Xyzzy01


      That was my first ever wallpaper when I figured out how to get to the app store. I used to play this all the time in school (it's not only interactive, but it's also its own game!) Thanks for bringing back nostalgic memories, Fonze! :D

    2. 40oz


      lol this is awesome

  6. I made cucumber salsa yesterday; cut up 4 bell peppers, 4 jalapenos, and 4 generic (maybe serano?) hot peppers, plus a bunch of other stuff which prolly didn't help the situation, but ever since then my right hand has been on fire lol. Everything I touch feels great at first, then it begins to feel like it's 150 degrees F. It's not too painful, but this is the first time I've cut peppers (and I've cut lots of peppers) where the burn was still there in close-to full force the next day. I wonder if the avocados helped spread it around and rub it in real good or something, or maybe the limes i squeezed, or the garlic. Maybe the amount of pepper oil on my hands caused the hot stuff to seep in better? I don't think it works like that but who knows.


    I was joking with my new gf as I was making it that I had considered buying a very hot pepper, eating it, then kissing her but I didn't know if she did hot stuff or not so I didn't do it because that would totally also suck for me. She does so that would have been a backfire; a good call Fonze. Maybe this is karma for forgone evil plans... Idk; I thought it was kinda funny though and some people may get a kick out of my self-induced and not-regretted pain. The salsa is so worth it :)

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    2. GarrettChan


      Usually first a couple of days, you need cold water to stop the wound from being worse. When it's OK, warm water helps blood running through the wound and help it recover quicker. Well, this is the theory, but not always apply though. Hope you get better soon.

    3. Fonze


      Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, like the philosophy behind icy-hot patches, heh. There is no wound here though, the skin all looks normal; it's just pepper oil deeply saturated in my skin apparently. Ironically I gave my left thumb a close shave, barely not deep enough of a filet to bleed, and somehow no oil got in on that section of thin skin, lol.

    4. Albertoni


      Washing with alcohol and / or nail polish remover could help the situation, if it was done when the burning started... Probably too late now though.

  7. Progressive Duels with Decay and Doomkid; join for fun times!


    Doomshack.org Progduel

    1. Decay


      Absolutely was good times except for doomkid's bad routing :(


      Some really great and intense matches tonight though! Maybe someone should make a vid of some of the matches sometime.

    2. Alfonzo


      Woah, I'm doing an excellent job of missing these sessions. What is that, three, four in a row now?

      Just throw a brick at my window with a note wrapped around it next time.

  8. This made my day :)



    1. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      heh, weak censors there, you can see through them!

    2. Fonze



      Shit, they looked so dark on my phone... hang on, I can fix this!



    3. GarrettChan


      This is an advanced reading test in TOEFL ;P

  9. I don't understand why they can't make up their minds...



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    2. Eris Falling
    3. geo


      A pancake is both round and flat. Just as you are both fish and Homer.

    4. Doomkid


      Round flats are not possible, try resizing to a 64x64 square

  10. Might as well share some screenies of my JoM submission this time around... (would also love to see more shots of others' maps; so many I've seen so far have looked fantastic!) Map submitted by the skin of my teeth, heh. I felt pretty uninspired all week and after squandering away most of my time on failed layouts, this map had me in panic-mode. I wound up spending about 10-11 hours on it, though I feel like it looks like I spent 3. Having been in an uninspired rush, I don't feel confident in this map; we'll see how it turns out, heh.


    Note: Difficulty settings are implemented









    1. Josuke


      Should the user known as AborbedHatch on Doomworld.com take notes from user Fonze?



    2. bzzrak


      ^ y


      That's really n0ice, good job Fonze!

    3. Fonze


      Thanks :)

  11. Decay's back and it's Progressive Duel for Progressive People, come join in!


    Zand 3.0
    [TSPG] Painkiller: Progressive Duel

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    2. Decay


      Fun games my friends


      Some screenshots of results, practice makes perfect!



    3. Doomkid


      Tomorrow Decay, I'm comin for YOUUUUU

    4. Decay


      8) come at me, bro

  12. 1 2 3 4 (above qwerty, not numberpad) and backslash keys all stopped working on my laptop today... gonna be some rough DM matches for the days to come until I can figure this out, heh.


    On-screen keyboard and external keyboards have no problems, drivers updated, uninstalled, and reinstalled, last windows 10 update was 5 days ago... I think it's a hardware issue, but from what/how is a head-scratcher... I didn't drop it, didn't get it wet, and I don't abuse my keyboard.


    Here's to hoping Dell's customer support will do me right; very glad I dished out the extra money and sprung for good coverage.

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    2. Dragonfly


      Conflicting issue here, heh. I wanted to 'acknowledge I've read this and feel bad for you' without really saying anything, as everyone's said everything there is to say, but I don't "Like" the fact your keyboard's broke, so liking it would be... wrong? :P


      I guess as a temporary solution pick up a cheap 'n cheerful USB keyboard somewhere?

    3. silentzorah


      Oh no, not Dell... Their customer service is total garbage.  You'd be better off buying and installing a new keyboard.  Bastards screwed over my brother on his extended warranty - Even though he didn't damage his computer, they refused to cover it.


      Next computer you buy, consider not giving Dell your money.  :(

    4. Dragonfly


      +1, in fact, consider building your next machine, however many years down the line that may be. :)

  13. Mad Fonze: Fury Road


    People are interesting creatures and combined with the stress of driving 2-ton death machines with giant, glass price tags on their bumpers, you never know what behavior you will find on the road any time you go out. This is a short story of how my day began today immediately after leaving the house.


    I left my house on my way to work; plenty of time to get there, but I was speeding a bit out of frustration from an argument I just had. Not like I was going 50 mph in the neighborhood, but I was prolly going 35 in a 25. 2nd gear, so unlikely I went past 35, (the car would have been pushing 5k rpms at that point, which has a certain feel and sound). Still, I was speeding. Before exiting the neighborhood, I came up on a car that was going considerably slower; I slowed a bit to see how fast they were going (and because I'm not actually sure if you can legally pass somebody on a road without lines in a neighborhood, though obviously you can't be speeding up to reckless levels to pass somebody in a neighborhood; I'm just unfamiliar with that particular facet for the very rare situation of somebody driving too slow/slower than the speed limit). After a quick couple seconds (pacing about 10-15 feet back, so not tailgating) I went to pass them. Yeah, I'm an asshole, but not the type of asshole who gets in other people's way. I'm in and gone asap; I don't pass people I don't intend to drive faster than.


    Well, I went to pass this guy (around a bend) and he actually attempted to cut me off, to the point that he wound up in a driveway on the opposite side of the road he started on and I was in the grass, inches from hitting his car and about a foot away from a ditch. Of course I started braking as soon as I saw him fully cut off the road and at the same I knew I was going off-road, which is what saved me. I was honestly in shock at the time that I didn't hit his car. Thinking about it in retrospect, would it be his fault in this situation once it got to the point that I would have hit him in somebody's driveway? I don't know; I'm sure if there were an accident, an officer would issue me a ticket, perhaps reckless driving, but I think it'd be a bit messed up (aka believable) if he walked away without fault or a ticket. Whatever though; idle thoughts on something which didn't happen.


    So there we were stopped in some guy's driveway and yard; the driver got out of the car and started walking towards me. He wasn't saying anything yet, and in my shock over not hitting his car (he looked, heh)  and him getting out like this I didn't say anything either. I looked at him for a moment as he walked up and away from his driver's seat, then I put it in reverse, backed up, and went around him. Get this though, some kid was with him; 18 years old prolly. This kid gets out of the passenger seat and starts walking towards me as I backed up. Just a little threatening when a stranger cuts you off in somebody's yard, then gets out of the car, along with another adult-sized person (yeah they were both bigger than me), and both start walking up on you. Now, neither were big enough for me to assume defeat 1-on-1 (if it came to that), but when I saw the second person I was happily commited to putting it in drive and moving on. As I started to drive forward, the young guy stands in the middle of the available road and holds his hands out, like he's either wanting me to stop or wanting to get some nice hand-prints on my car as I run him down.


    Now, let me stop here to say don't ever, ever, do what this kid did. He was extremely fortunate that I maintained a level head and wasn't experiencing road rage or blinding fear; standing in front of a car who's driver is freaking out over a potential altercation and who was just attempted to be blocked in, or just standing in front of a car who's driver is really pissed off, is the perfect way to get run over. I'm not a saint; I'm an asshole. I maintained a level head because I didn't view it as anything in the first place when I went to pass the guy, because I was freaking out over almost hitting his car when he cut me off, and because I didn't ultimately care enough about the situation to devote time to it, which necessarily meant absolutely not hitting anything. Hell, I didn't even want to devote time to following a slow driver, let alone stand there and argue the morals of driving speeds, passing in neighborhoods, threatening people, and getting hit by cars.


    I managed to get around the kid and I sped right off. I might have lost a bit of time in the process, which kinda sucks, but at least I didn't have to drive behind that guy on approach to the intersection with the main road that people love to balk at, heh. They didn't follow me, or couldn't find me if they tried. Idk; don't matter, they continued with their lives and I continued with mine just the same as if they had just let me pass in the first place. I'll be the first to admit I'm at fault here and that I'm an asshole, but who are they to take it upon themselves to disperse their view of the "law?" Most roads in life are 2-way, and while I should have been patient instead of acting more self-important or whatever people think of speeders, can anyone put their hand over their heart, look another human being in the eye and say that if they were to put themselves in that driver's shoes and I were to have run that kid down for any reason, anger or fear; can anyone say they would feel no responsibility or remorse for their actions? I couldn't, but then again I'm the asshole in this equation, so take my side of the story with a grain of salt ;D

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    2. GarrettChan


      @DragonflyThis reminds me sometimes people like to walk in a row to block the whole sidewalk... It's kind of the same thing. I guess some of the people are not aware of surrounding, or they just simply don't want to. If anyone in the group of cyclist you mentioned has this awareness, probably they wouldn't be so annoying to everyone else.

    3. GarrettChan


      Mostly I don't get offended by slow drivers, and sometimes I tend to drive at my own pace. For example, I just stay at 65 mph on freeways, but I won't go into the inmost lane. However, I often get extremely offended by high beam behind me, and I always have a tendency to slow down and follow that guy and turn on the high beam... Yeah, sounds like an arsehole, I guess.

    4. Fonze


      Nah, high-beams are definitely a dick move; blinding somebody as they drive is just not a smart thing to do. Prolly not worth following the person, but definitely the part where it's time to either speed up and pray for no cops ahead or slow down and get behind them. 

  14. Quote

    Dragonfly said:


    I personally am a total rookie when it comes to Doom multiplayer and am interested in getting more involved,

    Would love to see you around the MP community and in some DMs some time :D


    If you do IRCs, quakenet.org's channel #dmstuff is a great place to dip your feet in the water on the social side of things and also helps with finding matches.

  15. Zand 3.0 DM testing for The /newstuff Chronicles on Morgenstern; come for frags on some beautiful maps; stay because your frame rate is too low to allow you to click "quit!"

    1. riderr3


      Too long to wait when it's be released...

  16. @kb1 asked me to make a diagram or something detailing how the Boom sector worm works in hopes to eventually add some new linedef types to the Boom+ format he is working towards. After typing stuff up and drawing on screenies, I think some other folk might get a kick out of how grandly tedious this is, yet how interesting and non-Doomy the effect is that it creates.


    I know a handful of people have seen this already, but here's a short video showing the worm:





    The key to understanding this design is looking at it in general terms; while each number here (10, 11, 20, and 21) represent an entire chain of unique tags, all of them are merely segments of the overall worm, so there is only reason to examine one segment of each sector/action/tag. This worm can be broken down into three/four main purposes: to have the floors move up/down in sequence to emulate a worm crawling, to have the lines scroll with the movement, as well as floors to emulate 'moving,' and to be silent in the process (which calls for a second voodoo doll and the 11/21's tags (the floor scrolls could otherwise be on the 10/20's).


    Before getting into the details, a quick flow diagram for the voodoo dolls:




    So while they start off moving directly eastward, once really any trigger is activated the voodoo dolls can be thrust in a different direction, with the only limitation being that they must complete their 'rotation.' I added in an extra 'behavior' for the worm through placement and length of the teleport-to-line lines; because of their positioning and length, they slowly but surely move the voodoo dolls closer and closer to the North/South, causing them to take off on those other paths naturally and simultaneously* after about 35 seconds, which should hopefully be enough time for people to both see the worm and go through the bullcrap in the beginning of the map this is for. About 10-15 seconds after the worm changes path/leaves he "kills" the player (if they haven't escaped their cage yet, because apparently the worm outsmarted the player and trapped them with plans to kill them, so the player must escape the cage and wander around the map seeking a way to find, catch, and probably stomp on the evil worm while under constant pressure from monsters that revive when the worm passes through their area; wow after typing that I can't believe I'm devoting time to this). Point is though: the player makes the move to escape the cage, which aside from if the player were to do nothing and accept death, is what causes the worm to 'make a break for the escape tunnel button and leave.' This basically establishes the proof-of-concept for the remainder of the 'logic' yet to be implemented, such as chasing the worm and how the little guy will evade the player, as well as finally catching the little bugga and murdering him in cold blood, a fitting end to the worm's most dangerous game. The main caveat of this is how the player will interact with the worm in the map proper, which is something only a massive binge of testing will straighten out. But cross bridges when reached; if the idea works then solid execution is only a matter of time and imagination.


    *Note that there is a small chance for Doom to happen and the voodoo dolls will not go as simultaneously down their intersected-paths as might be expected; there are work-arounds for this, but their style depends on the worm's eventual area-to-area 'movement' style. Still, it would be great to find a way to cut the second voodoo doll out.


    Getting back to how it works: with the flow and idea established, here is a breakdown of the triggers:




    Note that "real" means fake, because this whole worm is fake. (in the sense that the playable map sectors never actually move)


    Also note that I marked all scroller movement with purple arrows, including the constant/mapstart ones.


    IIrc, there are only 9 different actions that make up the worm (10 with the button raising the escape hatch), not counting the player's interactions with it. The raise/lower floor height triggers do not actually affect the "real" worm's sectors in order to preserve silence without having to move the control sectors twice as far away, as well as rely on tons of tiny joined sectors scattered all throughout the map which are joined with tons of other tiny sectors scattered very far off the map... just a bad recipe; though I suppose if just one worm were used it might be okay to use joined sectors instead of the extra voodoo doll. Perhaps a silent floor (or ceiling/lift, for that matter) move would be a good addition. The Scroll Wall when Sector Changes Height triggers operate off the same tags as the raise/lower floor height triggers, but their tag number is arbitrary; their tags could be the same as the scroll floor and fake floor tags, or their own unique tags, but due to the sheer number of tags to be involved, it makes the most sense to double them up as much as possible on either set arbitrarily chosen first. I'm just showing it the way I built it, which is influenced by the process it took to nail every effect needed down.


    The first voodoo doll only does the raise/lower floor actions on the dummy sectors (which controls basically everything), while the second voodoo doll only does the change floor texture action on the "real" worm's sectors. If they get off-time, the flats are the only things that are off. After the first voodoo doll crosses a trigger, each of the three control sectors for the worm moves accordingly. The floor-lower triggers for each segment are located several triggers 'behind' the floor-raise triggers for those segments, for obvious reasons.


    The triangles on the far left side are mechanical locks to turn everything on/off; copied over from THT MAP19 where they were needed, but so far uneccesary here.




    The first and second control sectors control the floor and wall scrolling for the worm. These actions unfortunately require 2 exactly identical control sectors, due to the shape of the worm, the scroll-direction needed, and the segment-to-be-scrolled. Tags could be identical as well (once again they just aren't here because I'm too lazy to 'clean up for human-viewing' the lot of them). Perhaps a combination of scroll wall when sector changes height and scroll floor when sector changes height would be a good addition? It would allow me to cut down one massive control sector for each worm-path. These two control sectors require a height difference of 25 to scroll for long enough for the segments to rise, sit for a bit, and fall.




    The third control sector is scaled exactly to the same size and shape of the "real" worm, which actually doesn't matter, but it's easier to copy+paste the same size, though when tweaking for slime trails it would prolly be smarter to match this control sector's size to the 4x ones. The main purpose of the third control sector is to have a space for the fake floor triggers that only moves up/down by 1 pixel instead of the 25 required by the scrollers.


    This is a view of the "real" worm:




    When he decides to take the southern path over the button, the escape tunnel rises out of the ground as he approaches it.


    And some fun 3D-mode views:







    1. rdwpa


      This might be best off in a forum post too. It'd be a shame if it were lost in the statuses forever. 

    2. Kapanyo


      I wholly agree.


  17. A quick and easy recipe I haven't made in a while:




    There are few "real" proportions with this recipe, but I'll try to make some up for the sake of communication:


    I start with either some chicken I've previously boiled and pulled or when I'm lazy I'll swing for some of the canned chicken breast, since it's basically just boiled chicken. Little bit of a tuna-y smell to the canned stuff, but heavy spices cover that up well, heh.


    Let's just say 12 oz chicken breast, pulled/shredded

    Add mayo; I eyeball about as much as it would take to cover the bread I'm using. The mayo doesn't do too much anyway but keep the meat moist.

    Add mustard; I'll usually put in a bit more than I put in mayo, but truthfully there is like nothing in mustard and you can add as much as you want without destroying the "healthiness" of this.

    Add tons of oregano. Yep, just keep pouring it on; you'll thank me when you eat it. Obviously don't dump the whole container, or even a really noticeable amount of it, but with all the strong flavors of this, you need that oregano to be at the forefront of the taste.

    Add salt+pepper to taste; once again you can likely add quite a bit of pepper, as with the oregano, but of course you really don't need more than a tiny pinch of salt to bring out the flavor of the meat. 

    Add cheese; I like provolone, but truthfully a more sharp-flavored cheese might match the meal better.

    A couple varieties I've tried over the years that are pretty good: add Worcestershire sauce, add liquid smoke, add parmesan cheese. However by far the best one I've had is adding hot sauce, specifically the somewhat newer Texas Pete brand Sriracha sauce... omg take off the cap and dump it in. Coincidentally, you'd be surprised at how much the mayo, mustard, *bread* and cheese cut down on the heat of the hot sauce. 


    You can also take this and mix it straight into a cheap box of Craft mac n cheese, which is enough to feed 2 hungry men that can eat a lot. I think I may have eaten the whole thing once or twice years ago and regretted the decision, so 'lots of food for cheap' is basically what I'm getting at here.


    I originally made this recipe off input from my pops when I was wrestling in high school, during times when I had to cut weight (and didn't have much money to buy nice food). All of the ingredients, save the mayo and cheese, (and possibly the bread, but let's be honest here, somebody has to eat the bread armies being baked on a daily basis to conquer our world) are healthy. You can prolly leave the mayo out as well, but I found that a bit of mayo compliments the mustard well on keeping things from getting too dry, especially if you eat this out of the mixing bowl and without the bread (which equates to a very high protein, low fat meal). Of course the hot sauce might be able to flat-out take the mayo's place as well.



    Unfortunately I wasn't the only one eyeing the sandwich on the counter...



    1. Marn


      Take that chicken and sautee it in a mixture of olive oil, paprika and very small amounts of lemon pepper and garlic powder.

    2. Ed


      That's a pretty serious looking sandwich.


      I usually boil chicken breast in chicken broth and garlic and that gives it a pretty robust flavor right out of the gate.  Laughing Cow light spreadable swiss is a go-to substitute for mayo if you pair it up with some Dijon mustard.  

  18. Hey I hear that guy Fonze is thinking of pressing "Y." Somebody should deathmatch him in a minute!


    Last spotted on ZD.

    1. Doomkid


      Good DMs, Fonze! Hundreds and hundreds of frags..

    2. Fonze


      GuhGuh's errbody; fun times!

  19. It's been a terrible day today... My mom's birthday; I figured I'd go buy her some flowers and pay a visit. About 18 miles from my house, and another 5-10 away from where she is, I felt a 'pop' from my clutch, at which point the car stopped being able to go into gear. Clutch pedal wasn't stuck, though, and thankfully I was able to push my car to some degree.


    I'm a small guy, so while I can push my car, I cannot push it quickly and making tight turns is extremely difficult for me to do. My car got stuck in the middle lane at a red light. I began to push my car over to the median and another driver got out and helped me get there, which was cool. However, I wasn't in a good place and with the traffic I didn't have the time to get myself into a better place.


    To my luck an officer pulled up. We talked for a bit and he of course wanted me to get towed. I was feeling a bit indecisive and emotional over what was going on, though, and that I still wanted to complete my trip, but I recognized the fact that I couldn't just leave my car there. I began to think about having it towed a block down the road into a parking lot and calling a cab, finishing my trip, then getting a new tow back to the house or to a shop, but (I learned after the officer had called the tow truck, meaning it was too late to turn that bad decision down anyway) the area I was in apparently doesn't have a cab service, meaning that I'd have to pay a cab driver from another area the miles to come down here to give me a ride, in addition to the cost of getting in the cab and the miles we drove.


    So the officer had offered to call the next tow truck driver on his list, to which I asked if that incurred a different cost as compared to me calling them personally; he said it didn't, so I let him call a tow truck for me. (I was planning on using my roadside assistance tow to get home; the tow down the block was kind of just a necessary evil at that point) Turned out that the price indeed is different (as I thought) and, well, there went 135 bucks. Everything happened so fast that I didn't have much time to get my plan down.


    During the tow, I called my insurance agency and got them to send a tow truck; the guy who dropped me off actually wound up being the same guy to tow me; he got the call as we finished payment... some kind of irony there. So at least I was covered for the tow home, but now my trip is incomplete.


    We took my car to a shop and the guys there took a quick look; apparently something in the clutch exploded into fragments, sending rivets likely all throughout to tear the place up. So I need a new clutch and some other piece that my brain is blacking out on now needs to be rotated. That'll be only 350 bucks, which isn't as bad as it could be; luckily my boss is friends with that mechanic, though I do have to pick up the parts myself. In retrospect, I hope he was including the price of the parts in that. I think he was, but as I have time here to sit and understand life backward I can't help but wonder.


    So I went over to the rent-a-car place and now I got a shiny new car that I'm terrified to drive (because with these sudden bills I just can't afford to spend the extra 150 bucks on the insurance, meaning that anything that happens to the car, even if fault of another driver, is on me), but there's another 450 bucks I'll just have to do without. Ironically I'd prolly lose less money overall just calling out of work unpaid 'til my car is fixed.


    And so here I am at home with a bouquet of flowers; I want nothing more than to leave and make the trip but the thought of hitting the wrong type of lottery keeps me grounded.


    A true failing on my part; I'm so sorry.

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @Fonze I liked this for reasons you may deem arbitrary. First off, I liked it because you shared. Second off, I liked it because I like your writing style. Third off, I liked it because I think you're a good person.


      I know it's not much... But there's only so much I can do. I simply hope you can leave this behind soon.

    3. bzzrak


      Ouch... this awesome driving story has a sad background. :[

      Don't feel bad, I'm sure your mom would understand.

    4. Fonze


      @Nine Inch Heels Yes; you're right. Thank you :) And thanks dk as well


      @MrGlide I know enough to have bought an auto-repair manual that tells me how to do everything, but I also know that when it comes to clutch-work, for all intents and purposes there might as well be a unicorn tearing up the place somewhere under the hood that they just haven't caught yet, as some stand-up comedian so elegantly put it a few years ago.


      I took the rent-a-car out for a drive and over there just now, at least finishing the day on a good note :)



  20. Pro Tip: always post screenie(s) whenever speaking about one of your Doom maps if your goal is to get feedback or to be interesting to others. It's okay if the shot doesn't look great, but it at least shows what's there and gives people something to talk about. It also shows progress, which is another great thing to talk about.


    I'd love to see the status updates get used more to show what we're working on and give us a chance to talk more in-depth player-to-author about their work without cluttering up say, the doom pic thread or the other similar thread.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fonze


      I can kinda see it, especially with this area being unfinished; that was a good guess. My inspiration is actually something much more recent; though I've seen many similar things, I just like the way Mechadon presents his grand, complexly intertwining both line- and texture-wise, overarching architecture, stretching across multiple "ground" areas that are cut off from one-another. Really gives a great sense of place. I'm not going to do quite the same thing of course, and the map at this point wouldn't allow it, but I've been studying the way both he and Ed build their maps to work on my sense of making better outside areas. For this area in particular, I have been looking a lot at CounterAttack's MAP02.

    3. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Ah, I can see it. Not the specific reference--unfortunately haven't had time to play Counterattack yet--but in the style and spirit. His penchant for joining areas together through what are oftentimes largely cosmetic features is a key feature of the Mechadon style. He enjoys working on a large scale, and prefers to give everything he builds space to breath, and even if this starts out as largely visual space, his commitment to aesthetic and structural completeness often sees him expanding the space ever outwards, until areas start joining and further connections (and thus further opportunities for sprawl) begin naturally appearing, probably why so many of his maps end up being so large. Not that I'd change a thing, mind you--I love 'em.


      Ed's work is certainly characterized by technical wizardry, often taking the appearance of a later engine than idtech1 when he really gets into his groove, though TBH if you look past the surface the details (which are immaculate) his layouts and gameplay both tend to be a lot more straightforward in pace and pitch. My favorite map he's made in his career, to whit, is "The Colossus Crawls West" from BTSX E1, and while it's certainly a looker it's not as famed as his other recent G/ZDoom works simply because it's naturally not as much of a singular self-contained aesthetic tour de force--plays with a lot more energy than anything else he's made, though! I'm told that his most recent release, "Warphouse", plays more briskly than the couple of annual maps which preceded it, mind, but again, I've not found the time to play it yet. Hopefully sometime in a few months I can start to turn the time budget around and clear some of that massive backlog....

    4. Fonze


      Hopefully so! "Warphouse" does move pretty quickly and provides a fantastic sense of exploration; I'm sure it'd be right up your alley. Another of Ed's maps, "Smothered Hope," is actually among the maps that finally got me to stop being a hermit, mapping for myself, and join the Doom community. It also was partly the reason I wanted to start writing for Doom Wad Station at that time as well: the chance to get to be in the loop with what the coolest stuff currently going on. That paid off, too, as I got to see a few really sweet things during development, as well as make some good connections with mappers that I have a great deal of respect for.


      I miss the days of having both TWID and The /newstuff Chronicles, but I just don't have the time to do TWID on my own anymore (not to say that Bob didn't help with the formatting and getting everything up on the site, but just making the articles, playing, researching, typing, etc. takes a lot of time). I didn't feel so bad about quitting it when we had TnC, but now it's just a really shitty situation. Hopefully we can get something like TWID and TnC soon; if so I'd offer to help as I can, I just don't want to be solely responsible for doing a whole thing so regularly anymore. I know @Bloodshedder is alright, but I'd like to know what's going on there and if I can help, though I'm sure he's been bugged by too many people about that at this point.


      Much as I like the articles to read and screenies to look at, maybe it's time for a streamer instead; I don't know. It'd require a lot less time. If it's to be a one-person job then a lot of things would have to be automated, like downloading the wads (tedious when done individually) and creating the sections on basic info (port targeted/tested in, format, complevel, iWad, name of the map set, name of the author, download link, etc.), perhaps even use a voice-to-speech program to somewhat automate the writing portion of it. If that stuff could be automated perhaps just the playing, typing, screenshotting and researching wouldn't be so bad for one person, but to do so on a weekly basis is just crazy for something that's only a part of a hobby. It leaves no time for building maps, or playing stuff that isn't covered; sometimes, there's not even enough time to play a megawad that is covered and next week there isn't going to be any more time. But now I'm rambling; I just hope this situation reaches a head at some point and more people want to help on a consistent basis.

  21. As we get closer to Mother's Day we should take the time to think of how much she has done for each of us, how we can show our appreciation, and how we can make her life better for spending so much of it on us. For those of us without, we must be reminded that faith is hope/belief in the face of doubt; we'll meet in the end.

    1. Kapanyo


      Wise words. Mothers are one of the few people in our lives who do so much for us unconditionally...

    2. Misty


      Well,in my country Mother's day was last Sunday,but still I agree with you. 

  22. Development screenie dump:

    Older pics first


    Day 1 of detailing



    Other part of room



    Day 2 of detailing: texture Frankensteinery abounds; all stock Doom 1 textures



    Dk called this light "adorable" on seeing it for the first time; coincidentally so did I when I made it, lol



    Day 3; stuff on ceiling



    Other view



    Other view



    This and the wall conveniently not pictured in the previous shots are the next areas to detail, hopefully with less lines involved, heh


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    2. Fonze


      @Phade102 nah; it just means you gotta find your own style and bring your art into existence. There are many ways to make nice-looking Doom maps; most don't require this much work/lines yet still look as good if not better, so that's something to think about. Just throwing more lines at an area doesn't make it look good; I just do this for fun.

    3. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      Yeah, @Phade102, nothing wrong with minimalism, though no matter what your detail level is, it still takes hard work to make it look good. If you want to make detailed maps, just keep working at it. If you want to develop a style that looks good without relying on a lot of detailing, I'd recommend Reverie and Suspended in Dusk as some good examples to study.

    4. Phade102


      @Fonze @Not Jabba Thank you. I am putting detail into my maps, but its my own sort of detail, its not insane like Fonze, but I would not say my maps are ugly by any means.

  23. My contribution to my buddies' J and Meisha's engagement party cookout.




    2 dozen cookies with mini choc chips, white choc chips, coconut, and those crunchy star-shaped rainbow sprinkles that stay crunchy after baking.


    2 bowls of cucumber salsa; 1 hot 1 mild. Cucumbers, avocados, red onion, bell peppers, jalapeno with/without habanero peppers, cilantro, garlic, lime juice, salt... Good stuff ^^



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Fonze


      Assuming you can read my chicken scratch, (my old phone let me zoom in for this type of stuff :/ ) here's the recipe for the salsa:



      That's 3, 2, 1/2, 5-6, 2-3, 4, 6, 0, 2, and 2 on the left side.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Now I know what I'll have tomorrow. <3

    4. Liberation


      Anything with jalapeno's tends to go straight through me, which can be helpful. Cookies look nice!

  24. The story of "Fonze and the Drunken Deer," by Fonze.


    Animals can do crazy things sometimes and aren't always perfect; the following is a story of a brief moment in time where perception matched reality in the most uncanny of ways.


    This story begins a little over a half a decade ago: it was the late 2000's; I was 19-20, working overnight, and going to college during the day. During one of the breaks, I took a trip with some friends over to a big party college. I of course went directly to the library and shut myself in; get your heads out of the gutter.




    We were only there for the weekend, so the first night we stayed in the house and drank; talked to our buddies staying there. The second night we went out to different house parties; I'd like to say each was wilder than the last but to be honest I don't remember much of them. Mostly I just remember drinking a lot and talking to tons of people I'll never meet or remember again, but that's a topic for another time. We were out for a while, then it got to be about that time; we left back for the house, stayed up a bit, then people started crashing. Eventually it was just me awake; I had just finished the bottle and working overnight at that point in my life I wasn't exactly tired. So I made a decision that would forever stick with me as (the first time I truly believed) 'that moment I saw everything' (except this was before that 8-car crash which definitely tops this in shock factor). I decided to go for a drunk walk. Hey, maybe I'd get into a party somewhere.


    A pretty simple concept: get drunk with a bunch of people; when everybody goes to sleep and you're the only one left awake, go for a walk. Don't ask me why, but you have to be drinking with a group for drunk walks to be possible. Don't ever decide to just drink a bunch and then go for a walk; that's how you get picked up by the 5-0, hauled off, and given a fancy yellow piece of paper for drunk in pubic.


    So I set off on my fershnikit way, heading off into the unknown. This apartment coxplex is on a mountain; it had only one road leading in/out to the main road, so that was where I went.


    As I reached the entrance/exit portion of this area, I had just crossed the road when suddenly the 5-0 appeared. For some reason I thought it'd be a good idea to act like I was fiddling with my keys at "my car," so they wouldn't think I was drunk or underage; (yeah wtf was I thinking) luckily they didn't stop. Still, in a way fiddling with keys might look a bit less drunk-in-public-y than stumbling around.


    A little rattled, I continued moving on; at this point it became clear that this wasn't necessarily a good idea. I couldn't, however, return back the way I came because the whole 'one-road throughout this complex' thing, so I took my walk around the back side of the nearby building with hopes to make a loop around somehow.


    As I walked a little way, I came to a clearing between two buildings and noticed a party going on with two guys standing at the door talking to some people inside. Naturally I'm like, 'sweet, I'll get into another party,' and I walk on over. Well about 15-20 feet away from the door my plastered eyes finally begin to make out words on the backs of the jackets of the two men standing at the door. Did it say the name of a college or sports team? I would have liked to think so, but in this case the jackets simply read "POLICE."


    No sooner had I read that than I had turned right back around and walked towards the closest corner; somehow, by some great grace, I wasn't noticed.


    Well, that solved the question of 'where the cops were,' but unfortunately now I was commited to finding a loop around somehow; in my haste to gtfo, I had ducked back behind the next building and my path back was reeeally cut off now. My only option at this point was to follow a road up a big hill towards some houses and see if there was a way around from there.


    I reached the top of the hill; a cul-de-sac of all things, and took a look in the direction of the place I was staying at. To my surprise there was a large clearing in the woods going in kind of the right direction. This clearing was like those places where they clear out 15-20 feet of woods in a long, straight line to give large power cables room.


    I'm walking down this clearing, big drop down (and the way I had to go) to my right and some houses on my left. I was behind them, so their back yards were closest to me, with all of them having a little, 4-foot tall chain link fence bordering their properties. All of a sudden I see a flash in my peripherals over to the left, and I looked over just in time to witness a deer try to jump this tiny little fence and fail epicly.


    You ever get that feeling when you've been drinking that everybody around you is just as drunk as you are, particularly in places where you know for a fact nobody else has been drinking? Well that was how I felt here as I watched that deer slam into the side of the fence... with his side. Maybe he was just practicing for the deer-lympics and their high jump is as unintuitive as ours; I dont know.


    So I see this deer hit that fence and right away he pops on up and runs the opposite direction, going behind a small shed where I couldn't see him. For the next full minute, I stood there entranced by the sound of a chain link fence rattling; long enough for me, in my inebriated state of mind, to go through the following series of thoughts, with pauses in between each:


     "What's that?" "Hey, is that that deer?" "I think it is; maybe he's in trouble." "Maybe I should go help him." "How do I get over this fence?" What if this isn't a good idea?" "What if the owner comes outside?" "He really does sound like he's in trouble." "How do I get over this fence?" "What if he attacks me like in that movie?" "No, I should definitely help him; he'd do the same for me." "Omg this fence, wtf?"


    Finally, the sound stopped; I still hadn't gotten close to surmounting this impossible obstacle before me, tried as I might, but for the next moment all I could do was pause to listen, making no sound, one foot still raised, barely not wedged into place, and both hands still on the fence. No sounds. Now, fortunately I didn't question "what if he died," as I would likely have been in that same spot by the morning, or head-first in the home owner's backyard with like a pant leg caught on the fence or something, or running around in my skivvies. No, I just assumed he was okay and stood there for a few minutes, happy my new friend was okay and wondering what his story was. So many questions; so many things left unsaid.


    The rest of my walk back wasn't very eventful, I soon found a decent path down and walked/hopped/rolled my way to glory and back to the place I never should have left.


    Since then, I've taken many a drunk walk, still looking for that metaphorical deer, even when in a big city. In all the drunk walks I've taken, I've seen some funny things, but I've never seen anything to top the time I saw that deer as I was. Nor have I seen him again, though a man can dream...


    I have a couple tribes of Native American in me floating around somewhere in small doses; perhaps that deer was my spirit guide. Or maybe I haven't seen him since on account of the fact that I accidentally killed Bambi one day while driving down a dark road in the woods with a mid-to-high speed limit. Hey, not a scratch on my car though!


    Lol, apologies; I'm a terrible person. Maybe I'll see some friends in Hell, if it exists ;D

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Fonze


      We don't have to take the same path, as long as we both get to the same place :)


      I don't plan on ever writing a book, but I'd like to hear Decay's proposed titles.

    3. bzzrak


      Hmm, a story about a deer + some bonus rants about religion too? I am very amused.

    4. Decay


      That is not such a huge wall of text. There are lots of things I could say but I find these kinds of discussions better suited for irc or teamspeak or something similar (real time).


      I don't have any nice things to say about religion, to be honest. My thoughts on "Being" are pretty much restricted to understanding interactions, understanding, and experience grounded by the contexts in which individuals understand them, as opposed to understanding purpose in life, which in my opinion is pretty much animalistic and straightforward: seek pleasure, reproduce, die. Anything else in life is simply means to achieve basic functions of life. Understanding the contexts and purposes of spirituality is important in order to have a greater understanding of the people it applies to, the specifics and nuances of particulars is not. It's really a matter of understanding the underlying philosophy in a person's life, though they don't call it that.


      "It is pointless to put ourselves in the shoes of a fantastical being that may or may not exist, but for the simple logical and philosophical exercise of doing it, which can sometimes teach us things."


      Putting yourself in another person's position is an exercise in expanding horizons. What you do with this perspective though is up to you. More often than not people choose not to care or dismiss it unless it can confirm or agree with their own world-view.


      "Respect the neighbor (other people); don't want to end up old and alone, right?"


      In principle this is a nice section but speaks in a way that assumes tit for tat. Unfortunate reality is people can be respectful or friendly and not get respect or pleasantries in return (yes I know I am guilty for this which is why I say it).


      As far as book titles go, lol I am terrible with titles, see exhibit A: all my map names.