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  1. I love that we tend to want to see "more discussion" and yet discussions online (through text) are too often mistaken for arguments, conflagrated by folk with no leg in the race who chime in on something they'll never spend time on. Not talking about anything specific here, just in general; I have no opinions on Revilution at this time.

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    2. Combinebobnt


      i think 40oz just proved you want arguments too. fighting is fun!?

    3. Fonze


      Lol bob! I think you might be right.


      I agree Decay; perhaps it is simply human nature to want to take the path of least resistance (through a lack of debate or questioning their highly held beliefs [read: opinions] in this case) and to some degree many people never quite grow out of the "no" stage of development, building one's own unique self-image as we learn to think for ourselves. But while we might think for ourselves, that doesn't make our thoughts themselves unique. Gotta learn the similarities and then differences, (much akin to assimilation/accommodation/discrimination et al.) but then we must piece them back into perspective. Though we all do want to feel special I suppose and who would I be to say I'm any different, kek. Kinda reminds me of this:




      Us and them, right? Who's to say which of the two idjuts are "right"/smarter/better? But also who's to say the last two guys are any better? Then here we sit reading this seeing all of these stickmen as "them." Who's to say we are any-- *ducks tomato*


      Still though, I can't help but think that when the problem becomes a matter of selection we must wonder at ourselves; is there much difference between "everybody in the world being assholes" and "everybody but my close friends being assholes?" Not to say thats what folk are here, but to phrase the point closer to the old saying/logic.


      Idk what to think of it; perhaps it's just that we take ourselves too serially, or maybe it's more from our blindness to perspectives other than our own. Not that any of this matters; human nature is human nature, but it is nice to try to achieve some better understanding of things outside our control so we can tailor what's in our control (like our words or the way we present ourselves) to better suite what will not accommodate/look-past any holes/flaws in our approach. Fickle thing, lol.

    4. rdwpa



      Re: your question: yes I have one and I'm flattered for the offer; it sounds like fun, but idk if I'd say that I have a voice for radio... one reason I don't tend to do commentary on videos either, but it could be fun for a quick segment or something so I don't bore your listeners ;p


      Your voice is not unpleasant. It's relaxing to listen to, actually, based on the JOM 3 playthrough video.


      I'd be really hesitant to do a radio segment myself, though, because Talking Me is a disorganized mess compared to Writing Me, especially on any topics that are even borderline deep.