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  1. Development screenie dump:

    Older pics first


    Day 1 of detailing



    Other part of room



    Day 2 of detailing: texture Frankensteinery abounds; all stock Doom 1 textures



    Dk called this light "adorable" on seeing it for the first time; coincidentally so did I when I made it, lol



    Day 3; stuff on ceiling



    Other view



    Other view



    This and the wall conveniently not pictured in the previous shots are the next areas to detail, hopefully with less lines involved, heh


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    2. Fonze


      @Phade102 nah; it just means you gotta find your own style and bring your art into existence. There are many ways to make nice-looking Doom maps; most don't require this much work/lines yet still look as good if not better, so that's something to think about. Just throwing more lines at an area doesn't make it look good; I just do this for fun.

    3. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      Yeah, @Phade102, nothing wrong with minimalism, though no matter what your detail level is, it still takes hard work to make it look good. If you want to make detailed maps, just keep working at it. If you want to develop a style that looks good without relying on a lot of detailing, I'd recommend Reverie and Suspended in Dusk as some good examples to study.

    4. Phade102


      @Fonze @Not Jabba Thank you. I am putting detail into my maps, but its my own sort of detail, its not insane like Fonze, but I would not say my maps are ugly by any means.