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  1. Pro Tip: always post screenie(s) whenever speaking about one of your Doom maps if your goal is to get feedback or to be interesting to others. It's okay if the shot doesn't look great, but it at least shows what's there and gives people something to talk about. It also shows progress, which is another great thing to talk about.


    I'd love to see the status updates get used more to show what we're working on and give us a chance to talk more in-depth player-to-author about their work without cluttering up say, the doom pic thread or the other similar thread.

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    2. Fonze


      I can kinda see it, especially with this area being unfinished; that was a good guess. My inspiration is actually something much more recent; though I've seen many similar things, I just like the way Mechadon presents his grand, complexly intertwining both line- and texture-wise, overarching architecture, stretching across multiple "ground" areas that are cut off from one-another. Really gives a great sense of place. I'm not going to do quite the same thing of course, and the map at this point wouldn't allow it, but I've been studying the way both he and Ed build their maps to work on my sense of making better outside areas. For this area in particular, I have been looking a lot at CounterAttack's MAP02.

    3. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Ah, I can see it. Not the specific reference--unfortunately haven't had time to play Counterattack yet--but in the style and spirit. His penchant for joining areas together through what are oftentimes largely cosmetic features is a key feature of the Mechadon style. He enjoys working on a large scale, and prefers to give everything he builds space to breath, and even if this starts out as largely visual space, his commitment to aesthetic and structural completeness often sees him expanding the space ever outwards, until areas start joining and further connections (and thus further opportunities for sprawl) begin naturally appearing, probably why so many of his maps end up being so large. Not that I'd change a thing, mind you--I love 'em.


      Ed's work is certainly characterized by technical wizardry, often taking the appearance of a later engine than idtech1 when he really gets into his groove, though TBH if you look past the surface the details (which are immaculate) his layouts and gameplay both tend to be a lot more straightforward in pace and pitch. My favorite map he's made in his career, to whit, is "The Colossus Crawls West" from BTSX E1, and while it's certainly a looker it's not as famed as his other recent G/ZDoom works simply because it's naturally not as much of a singular self-contained aesthetic tour de force--plays with a lot more energy than anything else he's made, though! I'm told that his most recent release, "Warphouse", plays more briskly than the couple of annual maps which preceded it, mind, but again, I've not found the time to play it yet. Hopefully sometime in a few months I can start to turn the time budget around and clear some of that massive backlog....

    4. Fonze


      Hopefully so! "Warphouse" does move pretty quickly and provides a fantastic sense of exploration; I'm sure it'd be right up your alley. Another of Ed's maps, "Smothered Hope," is actually among the maps that finally got me to stop being a hermit, mapping for myself, and join the Doom community. It also was partly the reason I wanted to start writing for Doom Wad Station at that time as well: the chance to get to be in the loop with what the coolest stuff currently going on. That paid off, too, as I got to see a few really sweet things during development, as well as make some good connections with mappers that I have a great deal of respect for.


      I miss the days of having both TWID and The /newstuff Chronicles, but I just don't have the time to do TWID on my own anymore (not to say that Bob didn't help with the formatting and getting everything up on the site, but just making the articles, playing, researching, typing, etc. takes a lot of time). I didn't feel so bad about quitting it when we had TnC, but now it's just a really shitty situation. Hopefully we can get something like TWID and TnC soon; if so I'd offer to help as I can, I just don't want to be solely responsible for doing a whole thing so regularly anymore. I know @Bloodshedder is alright, but I'd like to know what's going on there and if I can help, though I'm sure he's been bugged by too many people about that at this point.


      Much as I like the articles to read and screenies to look at, maybe it's time for a streamer instead; I don't know. It'd require a lot less time. If it's to be a one-person job then a lot of things would have to be automated, like downloading the wads (tedious when done individually) and creating the sections on basic info (port targeted/tested in, format, complevel, iWad, name of the map set, name of the author, download link, etc.), perhaps even use a voice-to-speech program to somewhat automate the writing portion of it. If that stuff could be automated perhaps just the playing, typing, screenshotting and researching wouldn't be so bad for one person, but to do so on a weekly basis is just crazy for something that's only a part of a hobby. It leaves no time for building maps, or playing stuff that isn't covered; sometimes, there's not even enough time to play a megawad that is covered and next week there isn't going to be any more time. But now I'm rambling; I just hope this situation reaches a head at some point and more people want to help on a consistent basis.