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  1. A quick and easy recipe I haven't made in a while:




    There are few "real" proportions with this recipe, but I'll try to make some up for the sake of communication:


    I start with either some chicken I've previously boiled and pulled or when I'm lazy I'll swing for some of the canned chicken breast, since it's basically just boiled chicken. Little bit of a tuna-y smell to the canned stuff, but heavy spices cover that up well, heh.


    Let's just say 12 oz chicken breast, pulled/shredded

    Add mayo; I eyeball about as much as it would take to cover the bread I'm using. The mayo doesn't do too much anyway but keep the meat moist.

    Add mustard; I'll usually put in a bit more than I put in mayo, but truthfully there is like nothing in mustard and you can add as much as you want without destroying the "healthiness" of this.

    Add tons of oregano. Yep, just keep pouring it on; you'll thank me when you eat it. Obviously don't dump the whole container, or even a really noticeable amount of it, but with all the strong flavors of this, you need that oregano to be at the forefront of the taste.

    Add salt+pepper to taste; once again you can likely add quite a bit of pepper, as with the oregano, but of course you really don't need more than a tiny pinch of salt to bring out the flavor of the meat. 

    Add cheese; I like provolone, but truthfully a more sharp-flavored cheese might match the meal better.

    A couple varieties I've tried over the years that are pretty good: add Worcestershire sauce, add liquid smoke, add parmesan cheese. However by far the best one I've had is adding hot sauce, specifically the somewhat newer Texas Pete brand Sriracha sauce... omg take off the cap and dump it in. Coincidentally, you'd be surprised at how much the mayo, mustard, *bread* and cheese cut down on the heat of the hot sauce. 


    You can also take this and mix it straight into a cheap box of Craft mac n cheese, which is enough to feed 2 hungry men that can eat a lot. I think I may have eaten the whole thing once or twice years ago and regretted the decision, so 'lots of food for cheap' is basically what I'm getting at here.


    I originally made this recipe off input from my pops when I was wrestling in high school, during times when I had to cut weight (and didn't have much money to buy nice food). All of the ingredients, save the mayo and cheese, (and possibly the bread, but let's be honest here, somebody has to eat the bread armies being baked on a daily basis to conquer our world) are healthy. You can prolly leave the mayo out as well, but I found that a bit of mayo compliments the mustard well on keeping things from getting too dry, especially if you eat this out of the mixing bowl and without the bread (which equates to a very high protein, low fat meal). Of course the hot sauce might be able to flat-out take the mayo's place as well.



    Unfortunately I wasn't the only one eyeing the sandwich on the counter...



    1. Marn


      Take that chicken and sautee it in a mixture of olive oil, paprika and very small amounts of lemon pepper and garlic powder.

    2. Ed


      That's a pretty serious looking sandwich.


      I usually boil chicken breast in chicken broth and garlic and that gives it a pretty robust flavor right out of the gate.  Laughing Cow light spreadable swiss is a go-to substitute for mayo if you pair it up with some Dijon mustard.