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  1. @kb1 asked me to make a diagram or something detailing how the Boom sector worm works in hopes to eventually add some new linedef types to the Boom+ format he is working towards. After typing stuff up and drawing on screenies, I think some other folk might get a kick out of how grandly tedious this is, yet how interesting and non-Doomy the effect is that it creates.


    I know a handful of people have seen this already, but here's a short video showing the worm:





    The key to understanding this design is looking at it in general terms; while each number here (10, 11, 20, and 21) represent an entire chain of unique tags, all of them are merely segments of the overall worm, so there is only reason to examine one segment of each sector/action/tag. This worm can be broken down into three/four main purposes: to have the floors move up/down in sequence to emulate a worm crawling, to have the lines scroll with the movement, as well as floors to emulate 'moving,' and to be silent in the process (which calls for a second voodoo doll and the 11/21's tags (the floor scrolls could otherwise be on the 10/20's).


    Before getting into the details, a quick flow diagram for the voodoo dolls:




    So while they start off moving directly eastward, once really any trigger is activated the voodoo dolls can be thrust in a different direction, with the only limitation being that they must complete their 'rotation.' I added in an extra 'behavior' for the worm through placement and length of the teleport-to-line lines; because of their positioning and length, they slowly but surely move the voodoo dolls closer and closer to the North/South, causing them to take off on those other paths naturally and simultaneously* after about 35 seconds, which should hopefully be enough time for people to both see the worm and go through the bullcrap in the beginning of the map this is for. About 10-15 seconds after the worm changes path/leaves he "kills" the player (if they haven't escaped their cage yet, because apparently the worm outsmarted the player and trapped them with plans to kill them, so the player must escape the cage and wander around the map seeking a way to find, catch, and probably stomp on the evil worm while under constant pressure from monsters that revive when the worm passes through their area; wow after typing that I can't believe I'm devoting time to this). Point is though: the player makes the move to escape the cage, which aside from if the player were to do nothing and accept death, is what causes the worm to 'make a break for the escape tunnel button and leave.' This basically establishes the proof-of-concept for the remainder of the 'logic' yet to be implemented, such as chasing the worm and how the little guy will evade the player, as well as finally catching the little bugga and murdering him in cold blood, a fitting end to the worm's most dangerous game. The main caveat of this is how the player will interact with the worm in the map proper, which is something only a massive binge of testing will straighten out. But cross bridges when reached; if the idea works then solid execution is only a matter of time and imagination.


    *Note that there is a small chance for Doom to happen and the voodoo dolls will not go as simultaneously down their intersected-paths as might be expected; there are work-arounds for this, but their style depends on the worm's eventual area-to-area 'movement' style. Still, it would be great to find a way to cut the second voodoo doll out.


    Getting back to how it works: with the flow and idea established, here is a breakdown of the triggers:




    Note that "real" means fake, because this whole worm is fake. (in the sense that the playable map sectors never actually move)


    Also note that I marked all scroller movement with purple arrows, including the constant/mapstart ones.


    IIrc, there are only 9 different actions that make up the worm (10 with the button raising the escape hatch), not counting the player's interactions with it. The raise/lower floor height triggers do not actually affect the "real" worm's sectors in order to preserve silence without having to move the control sectors twice as far away, as well as rely on tons of tiny joined sectors scattered all throughout the map which are joined with tons of other tiny sectors scattered very far off the map... just a bad recipe; though I suppose if just one worm were used it might be okay to use joined sectors instead of the extra voodoo doll. Perhaps a silent floor (or ceiling/lift, for that matter) move would be a good addition. The Scroll Wall when Sector Changes Height triggers operate off the same tags as the raise/lower floor height triggers, but their tag number is arbitrary; their tags could be the same as the scroll floor and fake floor tags, or their own unique tags, but due to the sheer number of tags to be involved, it makes the most sense to double them up as much as possible on either set arbitrarily chosen first. I'm just showing it the way I built it, which is influenced by the process it took to nail every effect needed down.


    The first voodoo doll only does the raise/lower floor actions on the dummy sectors (which controls basically everything), while the second voodoo doll only does the change floor texture action on the "real" worm's sectors. If they get off-time, the flats are the only things that are off. After the first voodoo doll crosses a trigger, each of the three control sectors for the worm moves accordingly. The floor-lower triggers for each segment are located several triggers 'behind' the floor-raise triggers for those segments, for obvious reasons.


    The triangles on the far left side are mechanical locks to turn everything on/off; copied over from THT MAP19 where they were needed, but so far uneccesary here.




    The first and second control sectors control the floor and wall scrolling for the worm. These actions unfortunately require 2 exactly identical control sectors, due to the shape of the worm, the scroll-direction needed, and the segment-to-be-scrolled. Tags could be identical as well (once again they just aren't here because I'm too lazy to 'clean up for human-viewing' the lot of them). Perhaps a combination of scroll wall when sector changes height and scroll floor when sector changes height would be a good addition? It would allow me to cut down one massive control sector for each worm-path. These two control sectors require a height difference of 25 to scroll for long enough for the segments to rise, sit for a bit, and fall.




    The third control sector is scaled exactly to the same size and shape of the "real" worm, which actually doesn't matter, but it's easier to copy+paste the same size, though when tweaking for slime trails it would prolly be smarter to match this control sector's size to the 4x ones. The main purpose of the third control sector is to have a space for the fake floor triggers that only moves up/down by 1 pixel instead of the 25 required by the scrollers.


    This is a view of the "real" worm:




    When he decides to take the southern path over the button, the escape tunnel rises out of the ground as he approaches it.


    And some fun 3D-mode views:







    1. rdwpa


      This might be best off in a forum post too. It'd be a shame if it were lost in the statuses forever. 

    2. Kapanyo


      I wholly agree.