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  1. I made cucumber salsa yesterday; cut up 4 bell peppers, 4 jalapenos, and 4 generic (maybe serano?) hot peppers, plus a bunch of other stuff which prolly didn't help the situation, but ever since then my right hand has been on fire lol. Everything I touch feels great at first, then it begins to feel like it's 150 degrees F. It's not too painful, but this is the first time I've cut peppers (and I've cut lots of peppers) where the burn was still there in close-to full force the next day. I wonder if the avocados helped spread it around and rub it in real good or something, or maybe the limes i squeezed, or the garlic. Maybe the amount of pepper oil on my hands caused the hot stuff to seep in better? I don't think it works like that but who knows.


    I was joking with my new gf as I was making it that I had considered buying a very hot pepper, eating it, then kissing her but I didn't know if she did hot stuff or not so I didn't do it because that would totally also suck for me. She does so that would have been a backfire; a good call Fonze. Maybe this is karma for forgone evil plans... Idk; I thought it was kinda funny though and some people may get a kick out of my self-induced and not-regretted pain. The salsa is so worth it :)

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    2. GarrettChan


      Usually first a couple of days, you need cold water to stop the wound from being worse. When it's OK, warm water helps blood running through the wound and help it recover quicker. Well, this is the theory, but not always apply though. Hope you get better soon.

    3. Fonze


      Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, like the philosophy behind icy-hot patches, heh. There is no wound here though, the skin all looks normal; it's just pepper oil deeply saturated in my skin apparently. Ironically I gave my left thumb a close shave, barely not deep enough of a filet to bleed, and somehow no oil got in on that section of thin skin, lol.

    4. Albertoni


      Washing with alcohol and / or nail polish remover could help the situation, if it was done when the burning started... Probably too late now though.