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  1. Nothing like seeing Dume in-action every time I turn on my phone :)


    Here are a couple valiant efforts from our beloved Doomguy: apologies on quality; phone comes with a gif recorder but it's only 15 secs max, and it takes a few secs to save and get the next one set up, so some parts are to be left to the imagination, heh.


    Round 1:









    Round 2:




    (Assume death; you can see Doomguy has no evasion here, heh, and that cybie up close always weks him)


    It's a major shame that the author of this wallpaper didn't take the time to make it legal by requiring iwads to be run, as it is not only constantly entertaining, it also is rediculously light on battery use, to the point where I see no difference between having it and having a static one; it is by far way more conservative on battery use than any other live wallpaper that struck my fancy, though the shake em up one was hilarious with the right settings, heh. Still, I nabbed it from the play store when it was up there and I refuse to get rid of it or not redownload to new phones, lol.

    1. Xyzzy01


      That was my first ever wallpaper when I figured out how to get to the app store. I used to play this all the time in school (it's not only interactive, but it's also its own game!) Thanks for bringing back nostalgic memories, Fonze! :D

    2. 40oz


      lol this is awesome