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  1. My girlfriend's 22 month old daughter wouldn't let me play some tdm alone... she got her first frag tonight ^^


    Don't tell her mother

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    2. Alfonzo


      Oh, so that's why your marine was jumping up and down on the spot. A fine performance, under the circumstances.

    3. Fonze


      Loool yes, she found the space bar, I jumped over so many ssg's in the match I spectated out of, but major props to either dk or 42% (I think it was 42%, heh) for that frag... I'll never forget it haha (even though I've kinda already forgotten which specific one it was, but it was in the first game on d5m1). Will likely record the demo later for incriminating evidence.

    4. Fonze


      Just got home and saw this note, so I drew up a quick, stupid response to summarize my feelings of getting back so late: