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    Made a couple cheesecakes for my coworker who is retiring after tomorrow; I cut my finger while making the stencils for this and also wound up destroying said stencils while the cakes were baking, but without enough time to make new ones, so I freehanded the designs. They didn't turn out particularly well, heh; I'm only as good as my stencils, but I guess it's not too bad for freehanding. Still, half of foods reception is in its presentation, so I'll definitely lose points there, however they turned out well otherwise and taste awesome; I made the standard 1:8oz:1/4cup:1/2+tsp egg:cream cheese:sugar:vanilla mixture for the base layer, took the leftover from that and added in more sugar, more vanilla, and sour cream to make a top layer. I baked the bottom layer for about 25-30 minutes before adding the second layer on top and baking for another 35 at 325F. Cheesecakes are really quick, easy, and impressive treats to make, but they are also really easy to muck up; these wound up with about 1 fair-sized clump per 1-2 big spoonfuls of batter, most likely because I didn't warm the eggs beforehand and added them perhaps a bit too fast for how cold they were, as that can cause slight clumping the same as not warming the cream cheese can. I leave cream cheese on the counter for several hours to warm it up; 30 minutes and even an hour has never proven enough to rid my cakes of lumps. The eggs in this case I stuck in the fridge and forgot to pull out 30-to-an-hour beforehand.


    Keeping in mind they are related to retirement, can anyone tell what they are or are they too messy to tell?

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    2. Lüt


      Best thing an art teacher ever told me: nobody knows what never leaves the drawing board.


      If you hadn't said what you originally wanted to do with them, I would have assumed they ended up the way you wanted and said they looked nice. Just call the bottom one "Salvadore Dali does a clock" and you're good to go.

    3. Fonze


      Lol, that's true, and good advice I'll have to remember, but I like the discussion and sharing the story. Sometimes it is fun to read about others making silly human mistakes and trying to overcome them and sharing stories where I do stupid things hopefully will make some people chuckle once or thrice. I was also kinda nervous upon making them, given how the entire event played/turned out and before bringing them in; I wanted to know basically how bad they looked. Funny that we tend to unconciously phrase things to reflect what we want to find, but I guess it wasn't so bad, which is nice. And thanks :)


      Memfis actually was right on the money with both; I went for a destroyed/melting clock with the numbers falling off because as he said, no need for it anymore, heh. It actually did turn out very close to how I originally wanted it, which was basically decided when they came out of the oven because I spent too long screwing with too-good-a-quality paper plate and a razor blade making and destroying the stencil, as well as cutting up apparently 3 of my fingers, though only one bled, for the other one. I'm admittedly not always the sharpest apple in the race, but I figured my calluses would handle the blade better than that? Also that it wouldn't take so long or require such force and tight grip to cut through that thick plate, heh. Famous last words: "oh this'll be quick!"


      The other one was originally supposed to be an rv in the woods camping by a fire with 2 logs to sit on and a couple trees under the moon; aside from the details being a bit borked, the drawing is similar to what I was gonna make with the stencil. I drew the rv too small on the cheesecake though; it was bigger on the stencil, which itself was already too small for the size of the cheesecake. I also shouldn't have tried to cut the details into the stencil given how small and tightly packed they were, heh; would have been smarter to use another part of the plate for details and just leave outlines on the main part for stability while cutting; I eventually ripped all 4 corners of the rv that I left uncut while I cut even the outline, let alone the details.

    4. kb1


      I was going to say wacky clock and RV before I scrolled down and read further. Another (perhaps not as cool) way to go is a standard clock face without any hands.


      And, this is the second time I've read about you bleeding all over the food in the kitchen! (not really, but close, huh?) Dude, instead of chopping food, imagine your shooting rockets at lost souls, and you'll be set :)


      Actually a thoughtful gift and caring effort: You go, man!