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  1. Good day, fellow Doom lovers. Today we are going to make a simple meal out of cheap foodstuffs.

    Crispy Minced Pork

    Minced Pork - 1/2 pound
    Chicken Egg - 1 egg
    Bread Flour
    Bacon Lard - 3 spoonfuls
    Kikkoman Soy Sauce

    Now, to begin, we will be putting the Minced Pork in a bowl. Now we add one scrambled egg, and mix it all together. Then we take a handful of bread flour, and toss it in the bowl. We will again mix it all together.

    To cook this, we will use an ordinary frying pan. Add the bacon lard to the pan, and set it to medium heat. When the lard has melted, add your pork mixture to the pan. It doesn't have to resemble a hamburger patty if you don't want it to (you can eat the finished product with your hands).

    Fry for 10-15 minutes or so on medium heat, and when it starts to smell and look like it's "done", take out your soy sauce and sprinkle it all over the pork.

    Stir, briefly, then put it on a plate.

    And viola! ...you now have some meat that doesn't taste like jenkem.

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    2. AndrewB


      This is literally at least 5 times healthier than the average north american meal.

    3. frithiof


      New recipe for today...

      Hispanic Rarebit Pizza


      Flour (or Corn) Tortillas
      Garlic Powder
      Extra Virgin Olive (or Vegetable) Oil (maybe)


      Spray a pan with Pam. Turn the heat up to low-medium, then put a tortilla in the pan. When it appears to be getting warm, flip it over. Melt some velveeta in the microwave. Pour velveeta on the tortilla. Add garlic.

      Put pizza on a plate.

      Eat the pizza. Maybe dip it in some Oil.

      Use napkins if you make a mess.

      Fun Fact: My likeness was used in the videogame known as Halo. My real name is Master Chef.

    4. SYS


      AndrewB said:

      This is literally at least 5 times healthier than the average north american meal.

      True that. You could make it healthier by skipping the bacon lard and letting the fat render out of the minced pork while frying.