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  1. Aquasa

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    i'd like this demo to be removed, as i've recorded a new one in the correct complevel to replace it. thanks.
  2. Aquasa

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    map11 nomo in 1:23 map21 nomo in 50 (correct complevel this time) evit11o123.zip evit21o050.zip
  3. Aquasa

    Community Chest Series Demos [Boom, -complevel 9]

    cc2 map32 max in 12:32 c232-1232.zip
  4. Aquasa

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    map13 max in 5:09 map17 max in 3:01 gd13-509.zip gd17-301.zip
  5. Aquasa

    New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    map26 max in 2:46 s226-246.zip
  6. Aquasa

    SIGIL demos [-complevel 3]

    e3m1 max in 1:16 e2m2 max in 1:27 e3m3 max in 2:19 sig1-116.zip sig2-127.zip sig3-219.zip
  7. Aquasa

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    map11 max in 4:24 map28 max in 3:15 map21 nomo in 48 evit11-424.zip evit28-315.zip evit21o048.zip
  8. Aquasa

    Ancient Aliens proofs [-complevel 9]

    map22 max in 5:43 aa22-543.zip
  9. Aquasa

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    map29 max in 12:41 evit29-1241.zip
  10. Aquasa

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    map28 max in 3:32 evit28-332.zip
  11. plutonia map27 max old: 2:07 new: 1:53 pl27-153.zip
  12. Aquasa

    Ancient Aliens proofs [-complevel 9]

    map24 max in 5:27 aa24-527.zip
  13. Aquasa

    NoYe demos [-complevel 9]

    map10 max in 2:19 ny10-219.zip
  14. Aquasa

    NoYe demos [-complevel 9]

    map22 pacifist in 11 ny22p1137.zip
  15. Aquasa

    Eviternity demos [-complevel 11]

    and after a three hour grind, it's still awful. excellent. i can't deal with this thing anymore, so here you go: map29 max in 13:35 evit29-1335.zip