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  1. dtwid_iron_aqua.zip Dead at E3M4. I spent the entire map being a sad idiot, despite having beaten it before, and eventually turned into a real Bloodite in one of my all-time best decisions. Category is [2]. My foreknowledge was about to wear off, as I stopped midway through this episode. It was fun barreling through the first two, at least. There are some tense moments in E2, but as long as I have my plasma I'm unstoppable. Well, mostly.
  2. Aquasa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Oscillation

    Died in MAP07, to what I can only assume is the RK fight. I immediately decided to look for cover instead of hitting the switches, and I kind of just let it happen from there. Should be a [2], as I had foreknowledge up to parts of 05. Everything past the yellow door is blind, pretty much. Next to Osiris, this is probably my strongest run so far. I got really nervous a couple times, but I made it through everything pretty smoothly, up until the obligatory instadeath trap. It's really not that bad with carryovers, but still. Yeah, this is a cool wad. Great looks, great fights, great music, pretty much everything I'm looking for. It's kind of underpopulated as far as incidental combat goes, but maybe that was the intention. oscillation_iron_aqua.zip
  3. End Game: Dead on MAP03. Ghost monsters are probably the biggest indication my run is fucked. End Point: MAP01. Alright, I did it. I tried being more aggressive than I ever was in the previous months, just to see what would happen. Not exactly my finest moments. I'll have to look at End Game at least, I was having some good fun there. end_iron_aqua.zip
  4. Aquasa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Osiris

    Survived in 1:08:41. Pretty good, considering I wasn't rushing at all. I had very limited foreknowledge from an old coop playthrough. Some of the map layouts were familiar, but that was about it. Only tight spot was in the first map, where every single shotgunner had it out for me. One problem: At the crusher room in map04, I hit the freelook key without thinking, and quickly shut it off. It's the only time that happens, and I didn't really gain anything from doing it. osiris_iron_aqua.zip
  5. Aquasa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Unholy Realms

    Made it to the last fight in 06. I got distracted by a hellknight sitting right above my cover spot, and so the big boy snuck up and blew some nice big holes in me. I had a good time while it lasted, plenty of fun fights to be had here. It would definitely wear me down for 30 maps straight, so I'm kinda glad it didn't take too long. ur_iron_aqua.zip
  6. I had a pretty interesting time with this one. I got fucked up by The Crusher in 03 but lucked out with 2 health to spare. Then I seemingly stucked myself with glide powers in 04, but narrowly escaped. And finally, an unexpectedly brutal YK trap in 05 tore me up, which would've been okay if I didn't get blocked by a spectre on my way out. I liked the direction this wad was going in towards the end, gonna have to give it a shot with pistol starts. insrtion_iron_aqua.zip
  7. Aquasa

    The DWIronman League dies to: Disturbia

    So I'm pretty good with Viles. 142 dead (not counting me), 2 secrets. I didn't get to see anything super challenging, unfortunately. But the chaingun gimmick makes for an interesting change of pace, which kept me hooked for what little time I was alive in it. distrbia_iron_aqua.zip
  8. It seems like from certain angles the diamond-shaped support thing will just swallow projectiles completely. I've seen similar phenomena in a few older maps (nothing off the top of my head) and even Doom 64 EX, but I've never heard any kind of technical explanation. Maybe some nodebuilding strangeness?
  9. MAP17 UV-Max in 3:25 jp17-325.zip
  10. Aquasa

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    guess I can put this here. Nebula 95: Human Earrings MAP02 UV-Max in 1:40 neb3-140.zip