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  1. hope you dont mind me using a couple wooden KBOOM_11 textures for a level i am working on, lol.
  2. castevil.wad insane what that mate did in 1994
  3. memento mori 1 and 2
  4. team tnt hated yellow keys so much they didn't even put it in one map
  5. + 1 for nihility i will be very upset if it doesn't get one
  6. part of a project
  7. GMOTA Project MSX The Space Pirate Samsara
  8. you can quicksave on vanilla doom by pressing f6 and quickload with f9
  9. I played through all of the official release, then joe's map. I actually quite enjoyed joe's map. I think that if he were to balance the difficulty after the teleporter and change some textures to more fit the theme of rusty techbase, then it would be a nice addition to this mapset. At its current state, it doesn't seem to be built around the theme at all, but I imagine some creative texture replacements could make it pass. I've seen plenty of improvement in joe's maps and he's interested in making the map better. Ultimately, I think bias should be left out of the inclusion of maps, especially when the former project lead had it in already.
  10. http://www.wad-archive.com/wad/e128ca1d54088b63ec3698f196215259
  11. i whipped up a quick vanilla doom 2 map in about 2 hours http://www.mediafire.com/download/p0196ndn2pl6lwb/speedmap1.wad
  12. I really like what you have done so far. The way you use vanilla textures is very fascinating, especially in map18. The gameplay is also pretty well done. It's not a chore to play what is essentially the same map again because the layouts are changed a bit but it is also plenty more challenging. The only thing i don't like about it is how when you detail some of the areas of your maps, you use sharp edges that use a lot of segments, and looks very weird because the rest of the map keeps a simplistic aesthetic, and seems to make some areas look better without the detail. All in all, this is what I think doom 2 reloaded should have been. What you have here is glorious, and I cannot wait to see how you remaster the other maps. Especially the ones I hate like nirvana and downtown.
  13. Rest in peace, Ty
  14. i played through all of the versions of Grounded. The key differences that I found where in enemy placement and some other odd changed that joe made. For one, the dispersion of monsters is vastly different, where archviles and revenants are in different places entirely, changing the flow of the map for the worse. For some weird ass reason, he made almost every toxic flat move like a conveyer belt which actually breakes the walls of the last part of the map and makes them into some weird hall of mirrors illusion. The change seems to have been made to only accommodate one section where you get pushed off the stairs to the final switch. The last thing that just weirds me out is when he changed the supershotgun secret entirely. In the original, the supershotgun teleports into an area that looks aesthetically pleasing, but then Joe "joe'd" it up by instead making the wall open up and putting the supershotgun on another conveyerbelt toxic flat, which doesn't even make sense. The midi replacement is a little offputting. The original sounded fine, not saying that the new one is bad or anything, but the old one seemed to fit the theme better and loops better too. You seemed to have literally downgraded the map. Is this a joke?