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  1. About a year ago I tried to learn 3D modeling and it didn't really turn out well. I ended up getting overwhelmed and kind of dove into the deep end with learning. I was able to model simple stuff, then I got into a "hey, let's model a car" type of mindset and found it was too much to handle. Looking back, I wish I kept up with it because people have said I have talent.

    One big distraction was WoW. I was convinced to start playing again with some friends. That's probably the biggest reason I played, to play with other people. Played the new expansion a bit and finally was bored of doing the same thing every day.

    All of this time I have been frantically thinking of what I want to do in life. At one point during the summer I picked up photography and enjoyed it. The only downside for a photography career is that you are usually self employed doing contracts and I can't really handle that, I'd rather work with a team.

    About a month ago, I was talking with my employment councilor and he brought up "what have you been doing with game modding? You had talent". Around the same time, I picked up work on Phocas Island 2.5 and looking back on it, I'm quite amazed at what I have achieved with that and realized I *do* have talent.

    Then I had the perfect way to get back into Blender. A friend wanted a simple model for his mod and I gave it a try. I found Blender is like riding a bike and in a short time I was able to make a relatively good model:

    A new version of blender was released since I last used it and at first was intimidated by the changed UI, but as I worked with it, I saw the logic for all the changes and now I prefer the new version. As a simple "get back into things" model, I tried a Barrel (which I could used in PI2.5) and this is the result (I know the planks should be tightly together and the lid should be inside the planks):

    I've been looking at local game companies and there are a few I feel I'd have a chance at. An advantage I have is that my employment councilor can try and get me working for a company for no pay just so I can learn and get used to being part of a team. Not having to be paid will look attractive to a game company should my little portfolio impress them.

    So now I'm just doing tutorials and playing around with blender. I can only get better and someday will achieve a dream I've had since I first played a video game; game designer.

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    2. Use


      Yes, keep making art, weather it be unique Doom levles or 3d models. Can't go wrong there.

    3. printz


      Awesome awesome awesome. Wish I knew how to make models, for Doom 3 mapping.

    4. Chopkinsca


      Thanks for the good comments, they really do mean a lot.

      I tweaked the barrel a bit so it was more realistic. I closed the gaps between planks and moved the lid inside. Only took around 5 minutes to do.