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  1. For some reason I wanted to play some Roguelikes, so I scoured the webs to find a bunch to play. This is what I found: http://imgur.com/a/QOcpX

    Just wondering, any must plays here, or anything I missed?

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    2. Chopkinsca


      I looked up a guide and found out what the numbers are. Thanks though for the tips though, you mentioned some things that weren't in the guide.

      Now I'm wondering about identifying things. I suppose I could figure it out on my own. So far, read-identifying scrolls hasn't given me anything bad. I know from DCSS, some potions can have bad effects, not sure if Angband has them too (I'd guess yes).

      And Hellbent, nice avatar, it looks very familiar!

    3. darkreaver


      Stock up on Scrolls of Identify when you come across them in the shops, and eventually staves of identify which you can simply recharge. Some potions may have bad effects indeed, also items may be cursed. Towards the mid-end-game your char will be really good at "getting a feeling" for items (weapons and armors) so he/she will almost instantly know if its good/exceptional/magical/special etc when its picked up, and thus if its worth identifying or not. I have a macro/setting turned on that automatically throws away/trashes all items I pick up that are notnot exceptional or special (not recommended in the first to mid game though ;) )

    4. Hellbent


      I ID items by use since scrolls of identify are expensive. Dying is half the fun of roguelikes anyway. A good way to ID potions is to quaff them when you are suffering maladies and are below 100% health (same goes for trying unknown staves). If you use a staff of curing and have nothing to cure (ie. you're not stunned, poisoned or confused) then your staff will simply remain unknown {tried}.

      Hey this reimagined Doom 1 soundtrack is perfect for kicking butt with this amazing weapon I just found! hahahahahaha. :D Morgoth is so dead.