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  1. I was thinking one day about things. I have concluded this as a possiblity for war in the future.
    today, we have all these people playing FPS games. yeah, a lot of people play these games.
    what if they devised a robot or automoton (or however it is spelled) that followed movements from a computer input? they could be controlled by people playing the FPS interface.

    except when I thought of it, I was thinking that they secretly have the robots hooked up to the everday server and they have robots fighting over and over again in a closed arena. so they are watching our FPS matches in robot form.

    see, that makes sense of no sort.

    1. AirRaid


      Haha. That sounds like a semi-lame story idea for yet another deathmatch game.

    2. Chopkinsca


      what? a game with a description like this?:
      "a fun futuristic action filled game where you take the role of an officer who plays a FPS game to control futuristic battle robots of the future!"

    3. Linguica